If you have vintage rock posters or handbills to sell, I may be interested in buying them or accepting them on consignment for this website. To get things started, you will need to make a list of your posters. The critical information is:

I will need the above information in order to make a preliminary determination about whether or not I am interested in your collection. Additional descriptive information can be helpful but this is the critical stuff.

Once you've gotten your list together, email it to me. I will get back to you by email and let you know if I need additional information and what the next step should be. In some cases I will need to see a photo or digital image of the item to make a determination of its value, or possibly even the item itself.

I will either purchase items outright or accept them for consignment. In some cases, consignment may be the only available option. Consignment can be advantageous to the seller because he or she can realize proceeds in excess of what a dealer's "buy" price would be.

PLEASE DON'T CONTACT ME FOR VALUATION INFORMATION UNLESS YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT SELLING YOUR POSTERS AT REALISTIC PRICES. If you have an idea of what price you want, please tell me up front. I have little tolerance for price games. Accurately grading and pricing collectibles of any kind can require research and in the case of large collections can be time consuming. This is especially true with rock posters because of the difficulty of determining authenticity and rarity, and because prices for the same item can vary widely from one seller to the next. If you feel compelled to "shop" your collection, please don't come to me until you are willing to make a deal. If you don't know what your collection is worth, and aren't willing to trust my expertise, educate yourself by looking at the prices of items on my website and the sites and price lists put out by other dealers and collectors. There is nothing more frustrating than spending time and effort researching items only to find that the seller was simply looking for a free appraisal. If you simply want to find out what your posters are worth, I will be happy to provide a formal appraisal for a fee, or recommend other qualified persons who can provide an impartial appraisal.

If you're willing to play it straight and be realistic, we can probably strike a deal. I'm actually pretty easy to deal with.

TRADES: If your looking to trade, I need to know what you have and what you want. I'm always happy to talk realistic trades, but the emphasis here is on "realistic."

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