Condition of Items Described in Lists

Many of the items on this list were never produced for commercial sale or have been unavailable commercially for many years. Some have been painstakingly rescued from walls, trunks, attics, etc., and as a result are in less than perfect condition. The condition of each item is described; the following grading system is used. Note that I don't grade anything "Mint" or "Perfect" because there is no such thing. There are defects in everything; it is just a matter of how closely you want to look. My standards for "near mint" are in accord with those of most knowledgeable dealers and serious collectors and my grading system been used and adopted by many others in the hobby. Overemphasis on insignificant defects usually makes an item sound much worse than it really is and in my opinion is almost as bad as overgrading. My grades are based on the overall appearance of the item. As noted below, I also offer a return privilege in the event I make a mistake (it happens...) or you're not satisfied with the condition of an item.

Near Mint--near-perfect; no pinholes, dings, or the like. Items described as NM- are basically near mint, but may have minor defects that I feel will be insignificant to the average collector. Nothing that I grade NM- or better will have pinholes in it!
Very Good Plus--clean, but with minor defects such as light pinholing, slight paper age, minor creases or dings, and so on. A "clean used copy."
Very Good--Still minor defects, but to a greater degree or more of them, such as more prominent pinholing, creasing, age, etc. An "average used copy."
Very Good Minus--Image essentially intact, but clearly shows age; may have corner damage, significant discoloration, spotting or stains in the image, and so on. A "well worn copy."
Good--A bit of a misnomer, since this really means a poster that is not so hot. OK to put on a wall or for a collection copy if the item is an especially rare or valuable one. A "thrashed copy."

GUARANTEE: If you are dissatisfied with an item for any reason, you may return it within 7 calendar days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price. I have to place a time limit on returns to allow me to pay consignors in a timely manner. However, all items come with a permanent guarantee of authenticity, and may be returned at any time should it be later discovered that they are not authentic.

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