Posters--Family Dog (Avalon Ballroom) and Related

Last updated 10/22/2018

NOTE: An asterisk (*) next to a description of an item indicates that more than one copy of that item is available.

FD #2, Great Society, Grass Roots, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Quicksilver Messenger Service; 2/26/66, Fillmore Aud., "King Kong" poster with photo of disgustingly obese orangutan; crude. VG+ 2d printing, one very small scuff in image, $25, beats trading your house and car for an original if you can find one...

FD #3, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Quicksilver Messenger Service, 3/25-27/66, Fillmore; black & white image by Wes Wilson with photo of shirtless man holding hands on forehead; third printing. NM-/VG+ $25.

FD #4, Love, Sons of Adam, The Charlatans, 4/8-9/66, Fillmore; early black & white poster by Wes Wilson, featuring early psychedelic lettering and old time image of reveling dancers. Nice NM third printing, $35.

FD #5, Blues Project, Great Society, 4/22-23/66, Avalon; red, white and blue "stars and stripes" background with center logo of Family Dog Indian; Wes Wilson design. First Avalon show, NM third printing, $25.00.

FD #7, Daily Flash, Rising Sons, Big Brother & the Holding Co., The Charlatans, 5/6-7/66, Avalon; "Euphoria" poster by Wes Wilson with odd dancing figure. third printing, NM $25; beats paying $4,000 for an original copy!

FD #8, Blues Project, Sons of Adam, Quicksilver Messenger Service, 5/13-14/66; Wes Wilson's "Laugh Cure" poster; third printing, clean but with tape pull at very top of image, $10.00.

FD #9, Love, Captain Beefheart, Big Brother & the Holding Co., 5/20-22/66, "Hupmobile 8" poster by Wes Wilson; green and black with old-time photo of dancing girl; second printing nice NM $30. Also have a nice ORIGINAL copy, restored to a very nice VG+, restoration is not extensive and the result is very nice and clean, $450. Good price for an original copy of this early poster in visually pleasing condition.

FD #11, Grassroots, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Buddha from Muir Beach, 6/3-4/66, Avalon; "Stone Facade" poster; Victor Moscoso's first poster; atypical B & W with photo of gargoyle from the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. I am fortunate to be able to offer two ORIGINAL PRINTINGS of this poster. Copy #1 has had light restoration; pinhole cleanup, one small piece of paper replaced in the corner, and general paper cleaning. It has been restored to a very attractive VG+ and overall has a very pleasing appearance; if you are looking for a collection copy of this rare poster, this could be the one for you. Asking $1200. Copy 2, overall, colors and paper are good, nothing missing. It looks like a few pinholes in the corner outside the image may have been repaired at some point, leaving only a couple of very small rust spots, most likely from thumb tack holes. In the distant past, the poster was folded into quarters; however, the folds have been largely pressed out and are visible mainly on the reverse; the image obscures most of it on the image side. The overall appearance is very good. Asking $1000 for this copy. Or, for the budget conscious, I have a nice NM- second printing for only $20. (*)

FD #13, Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band, Oxford Circle, 6/17-18/66, Avalon; red background with black image of steer over heart, by Stanley Mouse. This was Stanley's first rock poster; NM 3d printing $30. Also have an ORIGINAL printing of this early poster, restored to VG+/VG; this is one of those copies that has the red printed slightly off register resulting in a pale "ghost image" to the right of the logo and letters. Asking $295 for this copy, very reasonable for an original copy of this poster.

FD #14, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Quicksilver Messenger Service, 6/24-25/66, Avalon; Mouse's early classic "Zig-Zag Man"; image like a zig-zag cigarette paper wrapper. I'm offering a scarce "original bootleg" of this poster, circa 1966. See Eric King's guide for information on the history of the early bootlegs of this poster, and how the Family Dog did some "self-help" by invading the store that was selling them. This is what I call a "type 1" bootleg that most closely resembles the original but has the smudged area centered on the second "e" in Bindweed", etc.; close enough to the original that it might fool someone who was unfamiliar with it. Does not have a Family Dog "Genuine Counterfeit" stamp. Many advanced collectors, including yours truly, keep copies of the 2 early bootlegs of this poster in their collections due to the history involved. Even the bootlegs are hard to find. Overall condition of this one is VG+/VG; corner tack holds and a bit of general overall age, pretty decent. Asking $250 for this copy.

FD #15, Grass Roots, Daily Flash, Sopwith Camel, 7/1-3/66, Avalon; Wes Wilson's "Wonderland" poster with pink rays and jumping figure.....2d printing, NM $20. Also have a damaged ORIGINAL copy, was extremely tattered but restored somewhat, restoration was extensive and poster still has overall paper browning and remains of some tape stains. A filler copy until you find that perfect one for a bargain price...$100.

FD #18, Bo Diddley, Quicksilver Messenger Service, 7/28-30/66, Avalon; "His Master's Voice" with Nipper listening to gramophone emitting the lettering for the bands; cute. Second printing, NM- or so, $35.00

FD #21, Bo Diddley, Big Brother & the Holding Co., 8/12-13/66, Avalon; "Earthquake" poster by Stanley Mouse in blue and red with central photo of people standing in front of collapsed building. This is the common third printing, NM- but for some brown gunk in about a 1" area in the RH margin; possibly removable but I haven't tried, $15.00.

FD #25, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Great Society, 9/9-10/66, Avalon; brown photo of an old Indian with odd hair style; red lettering; Mouse Studios art. First printing, restored to about VG+ (minor restoration), $200 (good price); Nice NM third printing; $20. (*)

FD #27, Howlin' Wolf, Big Brother & the Holding Co., 9/23-24/66 (cancelled concert), Avalon, SF; the classic Mouse design featuring a snarling work with classic early Mouse lettering; cancelled concert; never reprinted. I am pleased to offer a beautiful NM/NM- copy of this sought-after poster. Asking $1800. This is considerably under the prices being asked for this item elsewhere, and prices realized in auctions, both of which have run well over $3000 in some cases. This is a good price for a very rare and desirable item and no doubt it will find a home somewhere soon.

FD #29, Jim Kweskin Jug Band, Big Brother & the Holding Co, Electric Train, 10/7-8/66, Avalon; Mouse's classic "Girl With Green Hair"; based on famous Alphonse Mucha Art Nouveau posted. Third printing, nice copy for framing instead of an expensive original, $55.

FD #30, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Sir Douglas Quintet, 10/15-16/66, Avalon; beautiful classic Mouse in red and purple on white background with center photo of actress Gloria Swanson. FIRST PRINTING, basically VG+/VG; clean with minor staple holes in the corners and light overall paper discoloration due to age; $295. Also have a third printing, strong VG+ with minor rippling on RH margin outside image, otherwise clean, $25. (good price)

FD #31, Daily Flash, Country Joe & the Fish, 10/20-21/66, Avalon; B & W poster with Stanley Mouse with photo of Edgar Allen Poe; first version with incorrect dates, NM-/VG+ (no pinholes), $275; VG+.

FD #32, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Sons of Champlin, Blackburn & Snow, 10/28- 29/66, Avalon; Victor Moscoso's "chicken" poster; pink and black with chicken on unicycle. Nice, very clean VG+ copy, very minor almost invisible staple holes in outer corners, diagonal crease across lower RH corner, nice copy, $350. Second copy, VG+; a couple of staple holes in upper corner area and a bit of light overall paper age, $300. (*).

FD #35, Daily Flash, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Country Joe & the Fish, 11/18-19/66, Mouse poster with blue background, red and white vertical stripes, and center image with old- time engraving of balloon decked out in American flags. Nice NM first printing, $225. Second copy, first printing, clean with no pinholes, one small light brown stain in image, $100; third copy, also a first printing, basically an average used copy with large tack holes in each corner, a little other basic general age, otherwise OK, would grade VG+/VG, $75 good price for a first printing. Also have a third printing, basically a NM poster that was shrink wrapped too tight at some point, resulting in some minor corner wrinkling so must downgrade it to VG+, asking $25. (*)

FD #36, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Country Joe & Fish, 11/25-26/66, Avalon; nice early Moscoso design with purple background and red floral design. A printing with orange-red ticket block, NM-/VG+ (no pinholes, colors strong, minor age), $100.

FD #37, Buffalo Springfield, Daily Flash, Congress of Wonders, 12/2-3/66, Avalon, San Francisco; pink background with yellow lettering, forming 3 stylized mountains (I think), one for each band, with a dancer on tip. Artwork by Ned Lamont. NM- copy, $150.

FD #38, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Oxford Circle, 12/9-10/66, Avalon; classic Moscoso red, white & blue image with Family Dog Indian with swirling pinwheel eyes. First printing, restored to VG+; clean now except for a light stain spot in RH margin, outside image; couple filled pinholes and repairs to other minor issues, looks good now $200.

No #, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Big Brother & the Holding Co., 12/27/1966, Lick- Wilmerding School benefit, 13"x 2"; somewhat crudely screened in black and yellow on khaki colored card stock, shows image of two dancers in bright yello against a black background with the words "Trip the light fantastic." and band/ show info at the bottom. Has two torn corners; upper LH has a 1" jagged piece missing roughly along the corner diagonal; lower LH has a smaller piece missing, maybe 1/4" x 3/4" along the LH margin. Minor pinholing in other 2 corners. Unusual poster, asking $275.

FD #46, Country Joe & the Fish, Sparrow, Kaleidoscope, 2/3-4/67, Avalon; "Dance of the 5 moons"; beautiful poster by Victor Moscoso with blue background & green moon figures surrounded by orange lettering--nice early image. 2 NM/NM- copy, appears to be 3d printing based on paper thickness, per Eric King's book, $50 each (*).

FD #48, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Quicksilver Messenger Service. Oxford Circle, 2/17-18/67, Avalon; 2d annual Tribal Stomp; classic brown & black poster with lettering by Stanley Mouse and photo of James Gurley with feather in hair in center. 1 NM- copy, second printing per Eric King's book, $35.00.

FD ## 63, 77, 71, SET OF THE 3 CHARLATANS POSTERS: FD #63, Charlatans, Salvation Army Band, Blue Cheer, 5/26-28/66, Avalon; Rick Griffin image with brown border and photo of Mike Wilhelm and Dan Hicks; FD #67, Charlatans, 13th Floor Elevators, 6/22- 25/67, Avalon; 2d poster of the Charlatans trio with the lettering "RLA", brown image by Rick Griffin, with Herb Greene photo; FD #71, Charlatans, Youngbloods, Other Half, 7/13-16/67, Avalon, third and final image in the "Charlatans" series, spells out "TANS" with photo of Richard Olsen. When lined up together, these form a complete set or series with all members of the band. I have one FULL SET of these 3 posters, all second printings (vintage 60s printings) so they are much more reasonably priced than a full set of first printings would be, for those inclined to frame up a set; condition is NM-; some of them have very minor defects on the reverse edge from removal of some supposedly "archival" tape--images are clean, colors bold. Asking $225 for the set, don't want to break them up.

FD #87, Captain Beefheart, Blue Cheer, 10/13-15/67, Avalon; very nice, somewhat unusual color design by Jack Hatfield featuring lion and snow-capped mountain in background; 2 NM- copies, $57.50 each. (*)

FD #97, Siegel-Schwall, Blue Cheer, Soul Survivors, 12/21-23/67, Avalon; ugly collage with background photo of Yosemite Nat'l Park, moon, dressed-up cat, snarling black panther. Real meaningful. 2 NM copies $ 40.00 each (*)

FD #98, Jim Kweskin, Country Joe & the Fish, Lee Michaels, Blue Cheer, 12/28-30/67, Avalon; oversize long poster by Bob Schnepf featuring photo of nude woman in frog stance; green border, purple center with figure and lettering in orange and yellow. This and the next poster are harder to find in clean condition than some people realize. Because they are oversize, the majority of them tend to have dinged and damaged ends, corners and so on. 1 NM- copy (front NM, reverse has insignificant marks from removal of supposedly "archival" tape), $85.

FD #99, Blue Cheer, Country Joe & the Fish, Flamin' Groovies, Mad River, Mt. Rushmore, 12/31/67, Avalon; oversize long poster by Bob Schnepf, bright green background, pink and purple circular lettering, center photo of nude woman in forest. Strong VG+ with very teeny pinholes (literally, pin size) in upper corners, $62.50.

FD #100, Youngbloods, Ace of Cups, 1/5-7/66, Avalon; nice color tree/mushroom cloud with photos of the Youngbloods in the center, NM $40, last copy.

FD #107, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Buddy Guy, Son House, 2/23-25./68; cartoonish drawing of lots of figures in front of mountain, sky and colors in background; so-so design; 1 NM poster $55.00.

FD #108, Blues Project, Taj Mahal, Genesis, 3/1-3/68, Avalon; yellow, green, & blue art by Neon Park with floating cloud-like images. NM poster $50.

FD #111, Siegel/Schwall, Kaleidoscope, Savage Resurrection, 3/22-24/68, Avalon; brightly colored art by San Andreas fault with red, pink background, face in blue dots,. palm trees and reclining woman at bottom in yellow and green; decent art. VG+ copy, light general age, slightly "used" look but not bad,$20.

FD #116, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Charlatans, It's A Beautiful Day, 4/26-28/68, Avalon; Kelley's "It's A Gas" poster with photo of a bunch of men wearing gas masks; great colors. NM $60.

FD #120, Youngbloods, Kaleidoscope, Hour Glass, 5/24-26/68, Avalon; John Thompson design featuring top half of topless woman; blue building made out of bricks and columns in the background; psychedelic sky. Nice NM- poster, $60

FD #123, Frumious Bandersnatch, Buddy Guy, Clear Light, 6/14-15/68, Avalon; unattractive B & W poster with photo of woman superimposed over mandala. NM- $25.

FD #130, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Howlin Wolf, Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, 7/26- 28/68, Avalon, B & W poster featuring a negative-image photo of a hippie dude havin' a smoke. 5 NM copies, $40.00 each. (*)

FD #132, Steppenwolf, Siegel-Schwall, Santana, 8/9-11/68, Avalon; yucko B & W poster with photo of cross in graveyard. NM- $30.

FD #133, Bill Haley & the Comets, the Drifters, Flamin' Groovies, 8/16-18/68, Avalon; photo of DJ Tom Donahue standing by an old gramophone with a poster on it showing the show info. VG+; minor tape removal pulls in upper corners, otherwise intact and clean. $25 good price.

FD #134, Spirit, Sir Douglas Quintet + 2, Notes From the Underground, 8/23-25/68, Avalon; Stanley Mouse design with light brown paper, art-nouveau type photo of woman holding up lettering reading "Spirit"; VG+; clean except for " tear in top center margin, does not intrude into image, and one pinhole in same location, also in margin. Otherwise clean and attractive, $30; good price.

FD #135, Youngbloods, It's A Beautiful Day, Initial Shock, 8/29-31/68, Avalon; B & W photo of odd drawing of leaves, butterflies, face, other stuff: ho-hum. NM/NM- copy $35.00

FD #138, Steve Miller Band, Muddy Waters, A.B. Sky Blues Band, 9/20-22/68, Avalon; B & W horizontal image with distorted photo of face, slightly off centered, a lot of white in the background. NM $40.

FD #D-11, The Other Half, Sons of Champlin, 11/10-11/67, Denver, CO; Stanley Mouse poster with central portrait of Alfred E. Newman flanked by a mushroom on one side and a mushroom cloud on the other. NM $60, 1 VG+ (tape stains in corners), $27.50.

Paul Butterfield Blues Band reunion, Country Joe & the Fish, It Was A Beautiful Day, Canned Heat, Lee Michaels, Allen Ginsberg, Michael McClure, Lenore Kandel, Diane Di Prima, Wavy Gravy, 10/1/1978, Greek Theatre, U.C. Berkeley, Family Dog "Tribal Stomp" reunion concert, poster by Stanley Mouse with green to blue split fountain background, orange border and lettering, and center brown-tone photo of a lot of the old band members circa 1966 standing in front of an old car. Cool poster for this fun event (I was there...). Nice NM $45.

Paul Butterfield Blues Band reunion, Country Joe & the Fish, It Was A Beautiful Day, Canned Heat, Lee Michaels, Allen Ginsberg, Michael McClure, Lenore Kandel, Diane Di Prima, Wavy Gravy, 10/1/1978, Greek Theatre, U.C. Berkeley, Family Dog "Tribal Stomp" reunion concert, there were several different posters or other items produced for this event; this one is a program poster that was handed out at the event (that's where I got my own copy); 11 5/16" x 17"; front has a great color Gilbert Shelton cartoon drawing of the Greek Theatre from the stage looking out to the trees in the background, with a band onstage and the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers in the corner saying "This Must Be The Place." It is one of my favorite Gilbert Shelton images. The right side has an add for KSAN featuring another Shelton image of a geeky looking guy with a briefcase confronting a big radio with little hands and feet, spouting the words "Long Live Rock and Roll!!" with an ad for KSAN down at the bottom. The reverse side, which could be folded in half (these are unfolded) contains the order of performance on one side and some spacy poetic rap on the other. A certain big overpriced website offers these at $75 each BUT WAIT!! I have 5 of them, all NM/NM- and am putting them out at $25 each. Very cool artwork. (*)

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