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Last updated 10/30/2023

NOTE: An asterisk (*) next to a description of an item indicates that more than one copy of that item is available.

Pat Paulsen, 1968, "Past Paulsen for President" button, 2" size with image of an American Eagle with Paulson's sour-looking face where its head should be. For those who don't recall or weren't around at the time, Paulsen was a brilliant comedian and satirist who regularly appeared on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour doing monologues of the political situation of the day using his inimitable sardonic wit. He was so popular that the show started a "Pat Paulsen for President" campaign that included, in addition to his "political" speeches on the show, an LP record that's well worth a listen, a campaign-style paperbook, and this button. The guy was great! The button is $10. I'd vote for him today if he was still around!

US Festival, 1982 (not absolutely sure, might be 83), access buttons for this event; these were sort of like passes and come in various colors for different types of access, they are 2.25" in diameter and have the interlocking "US" logo that looks like guitar strings, I know this logo was used in 83 but this does not have the "83" at the right like most of the logos for the second festival do, so I am assuming that these are from the first festival in 1982. One of the is bright yellow with "Guest" in black above the logo; The other is hot dayglo pink with a number "6" above the logo; I don't know what the significance of that is. Both nice condition, $30 each or $50 for the pair, very historic badges for the "Woodstock of the 80s."

Genesis, 8/26/7?, Ulm, Germany; 9/1, Koln, Germany; 9/3 Saarbrucken, Germany, "Open Air Festival," nice 2.25Z" button, yellow background with green, leafy outer accents and a couple of pink and blue butterflies, red block lettering, nice unusual European festival button, $20.

Rick Wakeman (Yes), promo button for his 1970s LP "The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table," 2.25" button with red and black background, white medieval lettering and sword, blue ribbon in the back, nice promo type item, NM $15.

The Tubes, mid-1970s I think, small red plastic pin in the shape of a "T" made out of round plastic with "The Tubes" printed on it in white letters. Kinda hard to describe, but neat, with safety pin catch on back, $7.00.

Yes, 1977 Tour, very nice 2.25" promotional button with "Yesshows" in classic Roger Dean lettering in the center against a black background and "World Tour 1977" in smaller letters. Attractive vintage tour button for this popular 70's band. $10.

Ramones, "Rocket to Russia," 1977; original 3" Sire Records promotional button for this very influential release; has B & W photo of the band from the LP and the name of the group and album in bright pink. Nice NM copy, $29.50.

The Beatles, "Reel Music," 1982, 1" black & silver promotional button for the LP of this title, with a film reel in the center and the name around the edge. $5.00.

"Dance Your Ass Off," promotional button for popular 1970s San Francisco; large 3.5" promotional button; white with black background shows cartoon image of a boogeying disco lady (with big hair and platform shoes) boogeying so hard that her derriere has become datched from the upper half of her torso. Humorous button for this popular "Frisco Disco" located on Columbus Ave. in the City. Nice NM- condition, $12.

Blues Brothers, 1978, original 1.5" white promotional button for one of their early LPs with famous outline images of Belushi and Aykroyd with Blues Brothers hats and shades; later used as a logo for Aykroyd's House of Blues. Highly collectible, totally cool button, $25.

Grateful Dead, Branford Marsalis, Rebirth, New Years' Eve, 1990-91, Oakland Coliseum, nice little button for this event; says "Happy New Year" across the top, then lists bands and venue; 17" across; have one copy that's goldenrod and a second copy that's bright pink; your choice, $10 each. (*)

Papa John Creach, date unknown but probably 1970s; 2.25" promotional button with his name written in script and an image of a fiddle below, $8.00.

Bruce Springsteen, "Born to Run" vintage 1.25" promotional B & W button with name in script and a pair of sneakers at the bottom, $5.00.

The Beatles, 1995, Capitol records promotional buttons for the Beatles Anthology LP release; black and white 1.5" size buttons are half black, half white with a famous Beatles line on the top and the Beatles logo at the bottom. Nice little Beatles promotional items, have four different ones, all in NM condition, cool items $10.00 each (quantities available indicated in parentheses):

Rolling Stones, 6/22-25/75, New York, 2.25" button for tour, sponsored by WPLJ radio; very attractive button with flying eagle tour logo, give dates of NY gig. $25.

Rolling Stones, 6/75, Philadelphia, 2.25" button, identical to NY button listed immediately above but sponsored by WIBG radio, Philly. Another nice item specific to a particular stones gig. $25.

Rolling Stones, 11/4-5/89, Oakland Coliseum; nice 2.25" red, blue & black button on white background with B & W photo of the Stones and words "Steel Wheels Tour '89." Nice event- specific button; 4 available, NM $10.50 each. (*)

Muse Concert for a Non-Nuclear Future, Madison Square Garden, NY, 9/19-22/79; 2.5" round button with brown lettering and statue of liberty and listing of artists, who included Jackson Browne, Tom Petty, Bonnie Raitt, Doobie Brothers, Graham Nash, Bruce Springsteen, Peter Tosh, James Taylor. Nice unusual button, $20.

Rod Stewart, World Tour 1978-79; rectangular pin approximately 1" by 3/4"; made of gold colored metal with red enamel and facsimile signature. Pin back. $6.00.

Black Crowes, "The Black Crowes Love You," date unknown, 1.5" promotional button, black block letters on orange background, reminiscent of the original Jefferson Airplane Loves you button, most likely intentionally so, but a little bit larger;. Nice clean condition, $5.

George Thorogood, fairly early promotional button, 2" size, red heart shaped background with the name of the band and the words "Who do You Love" in the centere. Nice little item for Thorogood fans, asking $10.

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