Miscellaneous California Handbills

Last updated 5/2/2023

NOTE: An asterisk (*) next to a description of an item indicates that more than one copy of that item is available.

Carousel Ballroom Handbills and Cards

Steve Miller Band, Kaleidoscope, Youngbloods, 5/10-12/1968, Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco; nice color postcard sized card by Kelley with a stars and stripes based image in background, black border and typically cool lettering, and a center image of a 1930s vintage woman in yellow-green looking at an hourglass against a dark background. Attractive card, 2 copies available, nice NM $25; 1 copy with almost microscopic staple holes in corner, $15.00 (*)

Tuesday Night Jam, circa 6/68, Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco; odd, highly psychedelic airbrushed image by Stanley Mouse wherein a very weird psychedelic pig with an orange polka- dot yellow blue tie graces the label of a fuzzy jar ("Jam") with a blue & gray background. 2 attractive NM color cards, beautiful condition, $30 each. (*)

California Hall Handbills and Cards

Big Brother & the Holding Company, Great Society, Amazing Charlatans, "Thursday" (date uncertain but definitely 1966 based on bands and production company), California Hall, S.F., 11" x 4" horizontal handbill on thin paper; "Bilbo's Birthday Party" presented by San Francisco Calliope Co which did a few early shows, mostly in SF. Dark green on thin yellow paper, "Thursday" in large yellow letters at the top, typewriter-style band lettering, with a Tolkienesque image of an antelope or deer with its own foot in its mouth. Great NM condition for such an early item, $75.

Michael McClure, "The Beard" (stage play), 2/22-26/67, California Hall, San Francisco, 8.5" x 11" red and blue on thin white paper with images of Jean Harlow and Billy the Kid, printed by Bindweed Press; very nice NM- copy, $50.

Charles Lloyd Quartet, Big Brother & the Holding Co., the Wildflower, 4/23/67, California Hall; nice card with yellow and black background' pyxis studios art; weird cartoonish image; neat for illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 2.151. 4 NM copies 30each. (*)

Big Brother & The Holding Co., Big Mama Thornton, The Weeds, 4/28-29/67, California Hall, S.F.; color card with pink background, yellow and blue lettering and cartoonish image; Pyxis studios; for illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 2.152, 4 NM copies, $35 each, 1 NM-/VG+ copy mint but with minor ink line in order, $25 (*)

Country Joe & the Fish; Big Brother & the Holding Co., The Candy Store, 5/12-13/67, California Hall; yellow background with pink and black bat-like wings, white lettering; art by Pyxis Studios. Similar to the other Ramlala/Green Joynt posters illustrated in The Art of Rock, pretty decent art; 1 VG postcard, corner pinholes and a little bit of overall age. $12. (*)

Steve Miller Blues Band, Sparrow, 6/9-10/67, California Hall, SF; orange, pink and blue affair with cartoon caricature of planet, surrounded by flying saucers; for illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 2.157. 2 NM/NM- cards, $20 each. (*)

Blue Cheer, Sopwith Camel, 7/7-8/67, California Hall, SF; classic "Spirit of '67" image with famous Uncle Sam Wants You portrait in the center, surrounded by psychedelic colors. For illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 2.149. nice NM copy, $35.00 last one.

Steve Miller Blues Band, Sunshine Co., Anonymous Artists of America, 7/14-15/1967, California Hall, SF; attractive Greg Irons image with red to yellow split fountain background and drawing of some guy's head opening up to reveal all kind of weird stuff and images; for illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 2.138. I have 1 beautiful NM/NM- copy, very nice $45.

Matrix Handbills and Cards

Big Brother & the Holding Co., 11/1-6/66, Matrix, SF; classic early 8.5" x 11" handbill by Stanley Mouse, featuring central diamond with drawing of band members including Janis Joplin, class early Mouse lettering surrounds it. For illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 2.111. Very strong VG+; 1 very small pinhole in each upper corner, colors strong and bold, very nice copy that would please almost anybody, $350.

The Charlatans, Quicksilver Messenger Service, 3/17-19/1967, Matrix, SF; 8.5" x 11" handbill, B & W on thin paper with photo of the Charlatans, pillars on the edges, and simple line art with typeset lettering; nice image; for illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 2.117. Nice NM-/VG+ copy, no pinholes or other damage, faint paper age. $195.

Quicksilver Messenger Service, Congress of Wonders, 5/2-4/1967, Matrix; 8.5" x 11" black on yellow/goldenrod stock with nice photo of QMS (all 5, including Jim Murray) sitting on a fence or wall; and hand lettering, nice vintage QMS item, very nice NM- copy, $160.

Euphoria/Pepperland (San Rafael) Handbills and Cards

Big Brother & the Holding Co (post-Janis), A.B. Skhy, Joy of Cooking, 7/3-5/1970, Euphoria, San Rafael, CA, green, orange, and black card by Randy Tuten with weird photo in the center (can't make it out clearly) and lettering that is somewhat reminscent of Mouse's early style. Nice NM card, $30.

Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention, Tim Buckley, Kindred, 9/25-26/1970, Pepperland, San Rafael, CA; small color 3.5" x 5.5" color card by Mark T. Behrens featuring a smiling photo of a woman; could almost pass for a Moscoso design; for illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 4.86. 1 NM, $45; 1 NM- (very minor ding in upper LH corner, otherwise clean), $40. (*)

Elvin Bishop Band, Cold Blood, Clover, 2/9/73(?), Pepperland, San Rafael, CA; postcard- sized card with purple background and neon-sign style lettering with split fountain yellow to green colors; no art or artist credit. Date works out to 1973 on a universal calendar but as far as I know Pepperland was gone by then, so it might be 1971, or possibly 1972. NM-; very minor scuff to purple; otherwise clean, $18,

Steve Miller Band, John Lee Hooker, Bronze Hog 3/5-6/71; Lee Michaels, Joy of Cooking, The Fourth Way, 3/12-13/71, Pepperland, San Rafael, CA; nice 6 x 8 card by Mark Behrens in blue and orange with image of some guy in a gas mask holding a big laboratory-type bottle of who-knows-what, nice NM copy $ 35.

Miscellaneous California Handbills

No. #, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Big Brother & the Holding Co., "Tuesday 27th" (date uncertain), Avalon; produced by the students of Lick-Wilmerding High School, San Francisco; not a Family Dog show. Approx. 5.25" x 8.25" (irregular dimensions) on thin white paper with image of San Francisco Victorian house on the left and crude swirly psychedelic lettering on the right. For illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 2.17; reverse side has a paragraph about Lick-Wilmerding. First one of these I've had in a while, overall condition about VG-; front shows some visible age and a tack rip top center that has been taped over on the back side with no loss of paper; reverse has 4 unsightly tape stains in the corners which mercifully do not show through onto the front. Interesting item for the Avalon Ballroom completist, $ 75.

Electric Prunes, Teddy & His Patches, New Delhi River Band, 2/25/67, Continental Ballroom, Santa Clara, CA, nice B & W 5.75" x 8.5" handbill with artwork by "Cannon" who did a number of other nice posters/handbills for this classic South Bay venue; this one has Wes Wilson influenced lettering with a tribal-looking head wearing huge look earrings. I have collected stuff from this venue for many years and cannot recall having seen a poster-size version of this one, although I would not be surprised if one turned up. Super nice NM copy, $60.

Sparrow, Wildflower, Living Children, Immediate Family, 2/10/67, Regency Ballroom, Leamington Hotel, Oakland, CA; 5 x 7 handbill on thin paper; classic vintage art by Stanley Mouse with the caption "This Is It. Psychedelic Happenings Are Here. The New World Has Hit Oakland. Image of an old timey band in the center, in green; border of pale blue with red to orange to yellow split fountain inner background. For illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 2.261. Fairly common handbill at one time, now the stash has been dissipated; here's a nice NM- copy most likely from that original stash, asking $80.

Big Brother & the Holding Co., 12/21/1967, Sokol Hall, San Francisco, CA; 2nd Annual Christmas Party; 8.5" x 11"; black on goldenrod yellow paper; image of a couple in Renaissance garb under a tree; image OK but not great; have seen these offered for more money but I have seen enough of them around that I'll price this NM copy reasonably at $50.

Country Joe & the Fish, 10/10-16/1966, Jabberwock, Berkeley, CA; this is the well-known Joel Beck image featuring a bunch of hip cat musicians encountering a beautiful nude woman riding a brontosaurus. For illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 2.282. Printed by Bindweed Press. The handbill is 8.5" x 11" and full color like the poster. Not common anymore, and this is a beautiful NM/NM- copy that will make some collector very happy, asking $200.

Country Joe & the Fish, Big Brother & the Holding Co, Melvyn Q. Watchpocket, 2/19- 11/1967, Golden Sheaf Bakery, Berkeley, CA, 5" x 8" handbill on thin paper; art by Loren Rehbock; red, black and pale yellow with photo of woman with stylized lettering at bottom; similar style to poster illustrated in The Art of Rock, pl 2.270 but not identical, nice NM copy $35.

The Seeds, The Tame Greens, Blue Light District, 1/27/68 (possibly also 67), Concord Armory (East Bay), California; Golden Star Promotions, 5.5" x 8.5" black on thin paper with classic garage band psychedelic lettering and image of woman pouring what looks like smoke out of a water jar, 3 NM copies, $35 each (*).

Iron Butterfly, Canned Heat, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Vanilla Fudge, Sandy Bull, Sweet Rush, West, Wedge, Kai Moore, 7/12/68, Cow Palace, San Francisco; "Harmony Benefit 9 Hours of Music!"; 5" x 7.5" black on goldenrod light card stock; busy, somewhat crude desigh on a big flower in the center with band names on the flower petals; crude but a good lineup; NM- $25.

"Invisible Circus," 2/24/1967, Glide Church, San Francisco, an "environmental community happening" sponsored by the Diggers, Artists' Liberation Front, and Glide Foundation; there is some interesting historical information on this event at the Diggers Archives Website, http://diggers.org/diggers/incircus.html. This image has been featured at both the de Young Museum's "Summer of Love" exhibit and the "Road to the Summer of Love" exhibit at the California Historical Society in San Francisco. The handbill is 8.5" x 11" and has a colorful rendering of a circus wagon in bright orange, blue, and yellow colors. Illustrated on the Diggers website. Popular image. I have sold these in the past for as much as $100 but have been fortunate to acquire a small stash of them, so I can offer them now at $60 each, all are basically NM-, a good opportunity to pick up a copy of this at a fairly low price. (*)

"The Old House Passing; James Burroughs' "The Pleasure Garden," 6/18/1967, Canyon Cinema, Glide Church Fellowship Hall, San Francisco, CA; 8.5" x 11" blue and brick red on light pink paper, border image that looks like it was taken from Wes Wilson's BG 32 poster; center photo of a statue, nice hand lettering. This was right smack dab in the middle of the Summer of Love, so a lot of non-music events also featured hippie-influenced art, including this one which is a rather nice and fairly obscure item. I have 5 copies of this, basically NM/ NM-, early birds get the best copies. $25 each. (*)

The Crabs, Allmen Joy, Shag, The Womb, Cleveland Wrecking Company, Sons of Champlin, 3/30/1969, Speedway Meadows, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco; 8.5" x 11" handbill, medium green on yellow stock, advertising "Teddy Bears' Picnic," crudely hand lettered semi-psychedelic lettering, no art; I had never seen this one before, very scarce, nice NM $145; odd obscure item for the completist.

Cleveland Wrecking Company, Last Mile, Boogie, 4/26/69, Avenue Theatre, S.F., presented by Sounds Unlimited; scarce obscure handbill for this short-lived SF venue featuring local acts; 8.5" x 11, black on goldenrod stock; hand lettering with image of flag waving from a flagpole atop a building, pretty simple, VG+ $75.

The Charlatans, Cleveland Wrecking Co., Uncut Balloon; 6/14-15/67, Straight Theatre, SF; very attractive color card by Terre with bottle of patent medicine labeled "Charlatans patented cure-all", spoon, and stopwatch. For illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 2.229. NM/NM- copy $25.

Dance "Le Rock", 2/18/67, Pauley Ballroom, U.C. Berkeley; "Les Hard Les Soft" sound with The New Mass; 8.5" x 11" red and black crudely drawn on pale blue stock; must have been presented by the French club or something, crudely drawn Eiffel tower at upper left. For the connoisseurs of truly obscure East Bay items. VG+ $15.

David Crosby & Graham Nash, 12/14/74, S.F. Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, benefit for Project Jonah and the United Farm Workers; nice 8" x 8.5" handbill by Randy Tuten on thin paper, mostly B & W except that the UFW flags are in red; upper panel shows 5 whales lined up with the upper parts of their torsos out of water; bottom panel shows farmworkers marching with UFW flags. Attractive image and lettering (I keep thinking this one was illustrated in The Art of Rock, but I can't find it), nice NM/NM- copy, $25.00.

War, Elvin Bishop Group, 8/13/72, Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA, approx. 5.5" x 7" B & W handbill on thin paper with photo of 3 biplanes flying in formation and lettering by Randy Tuten alias "Flo-Eze studios. 2 NM copies, $12 each. (*)

Big Brother & the Holding Co., Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Gladstones, Bill Ham's light show, 7/2-3/1966, Monterey Fairgrounds Dance Hall, Monterey, CA; this is an 8.5 x 11 handbill with purple ink on white paper, mandala-type drawing (sort of) with psychedelic lettering forming the lids of an eye or semi-circle. This one is in the "crude but cool" category. Top says "Take A Trip to Monterey"; presented by Karma Productions and Brotherhood of the Spirit--whew!! This event was sort of a prequel to the famous Monterey Pop Festival held at the same location about a year later, nice early lineup featuring key San Francisco bands. 1 copy basically VG+/VG; clean but with a burn mark in the lower RH corner outside the image, $60.

Chambers Brothers, A.B. Skhy Blues Band, 7/19-20/68, Sound Factory, Sacramento, CA; nice red to yellow split fountain design by San Andreas Fault with blue lettering featuring an image of what looks like a Roman massacre scene in green, nice striking card, condition VG+ with tack holes in 3 corners; otherwise clean. $30; second copy with general minor age, $25.00 (*)

Electric Flag, Santana Blues Band, 7/26-27/1968, Sound Factory, Sacramento, CA; postcard by San Andreas Fault, with red and black background featuring a huge sun or moon with a crowd or mob of people raising their arms or something. Blue lettering with yellow accents. Carg VG- ; has several large unattractive tack holes at top center, otherwise fairly clean, $20.

Santana, Taj Mahal, Bo Diddley, Albert Collins, Kaleidoscope, Al Wilson, Southwind, Ike & Tina Turner, Sons of Champlin, Country Weather, Cold Blood, John Fahey, Linn County, 10/4/1969, Lake Amador, CA; "Gold Rush" festival, B & W card on card stock with image of a Civil War vintage soldier with a rifle; image comes in color as well as black on various stock sizes, this one is black on white stock as noted; nice image. 2 copies, NM- $ 30 each. Also I have a different handbill for the same event; this one is 5.5" x 8.5" on cream card stock with the same image of the Civil War soldier with a wood grain background and brown and orange lettering; no band listing; printed by Jellyroll Press; reverse has a hand saying "Do You Want a Poster" and a mail-away address; 2 copies, $20 each. Finally, I have a 4" x 7" gold sticker with the same lettering (no soldier) and directions about where to by tickets and how to get to the gig, 3 copies $10 each (*).

Sons of Champlin, West, Womb, 3/28/1969, Veterans Memorial Hall, Santa Rosa, 5" x 6.75" card, gray background with purple lettering and center image of a series of concentric circles fanning out from a yin-yang symbol in the center; decent but not spectacular artwork, NM card $25.00.

Bronze Hog, Euphonious Wail, 8/29/2970, Redwood Empire Arena, Santa Rosa; attractive 7" x 10" handbill for this event featuring local North Bay bands; features a partially orange, mostly pink background featuring an image of a pig riding a whale (seriously...) with a balloon saying "take me to the arena." The upper left shows a red and orange sum with black rays against an orange background. Lettering is typeset not hand drawn; still in all an unusual and fairly attractive image. Apparently the venue, which opened in 1969, was an ice rink that was built and owned by Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schultz, locally known (at least today) as "Snoopy's home ice." First one of these I've had, nice NM copy, $55.00.

"Golden State Country Bluegrass Festival," 4/16-28/1974, Marin Veterans Memorial Building & Grounds, San Rafael, CA; featuring the following listed artists: Vassar Clements, Doc & Merle Watson, Jim & Jesse, Ralph Stanley, Jimmy Martin, Merle Travis, Doug Dillard, Frank Wakefield, numerous other acts, plus "surprise guest stars," who were in fact Jerry Garcia's bluegrass band Old and In the Way, although not listed on the poster. Poster is 5.5" x 8.25" on card stock, art by Rick Shubb with color border in yellow, greeen, light blue and goldenrod with images of poppies in the corner, B & W drawings of bluegrass instruments and illustrations of Vassar Clements and some of the other performers, not sure I can identify which ones, with color lettering and image of Golden Gate Bridge, nice image and artwork, 3 copies, 2 are NM $50; VG+, minor wrinkle in lower LH corner, otherwise clean, $40. (*)

Clover (early Huey Lewis), Flying Circus, Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen, Half Pint & the Six Pack, Hereford Heartstrings, 4/8/1971, Brown's Hall, Mill Valley, CA; 8.5" x 11" B & W lyer with typeset lettering in various fonts and photo of man and woman in Mexican sombrero's; Brown's Hall was a much remembered local Marin venue, have 5 copies of this unusual flyer, basically NM-/VG+ minor storage wear, $15 each (*).

Steve Miller Band, Sir Douglas Quintet, Sons of Champlin, 1/31-2/1/1969, Longshoreman's Hall, San Francisco, "Medieval Happening" produced by Aquarius Productions; crude 5 x 6.5" card with peace sign at top and simple lettering, no real art. NM-/VG+; hard to find vintage San Francisco concert handbill, $20.

Janis Ian, Country Joe & the Fish, Doc Watson, Gary Davis, Kaleidoscope, "6 More bands"; 7/4/1967 (not sure of exact year, could be 68 based on band lineup); Berkeley Folk Music Festival; 8.5" x 11" on thin dark yellow/goldenrod paper with background photo of Janis Ian holding a hat like she's begging for contributions; bottom part is a blank order form for requesting a free festival brochure and schedule. This copy has three old vertical folds and one horizontal fold; noticeable but not bad when pressed out; no pinholes or other significant damage, asking $17.50.

State Theater, Martinez, CA (East Bay) "Opening Soon" 1971, very attractive design by David Singer, standard card sized with black border, silver-gray background, and orange red accents with center image of a somewhat sinister looking human face, typical attractive lettering; nice design that will appeal to any David Singer fan, NM $18.

Van Morrison, Tower of Power, Joy of Cooking, 9/25/71, Fairgrounds Expo Hall, San Jose, CA; 5.5" x 8.5" B & W on thin white stock with center photo of Van Morrison and lettering by Randy Tuten, nice NM copy $12.00

Bo Diddley, West, E.T. Hooey, 6/13-14/1969, Rose Palace, Pasadena, CA; size approximately 6" x 8.75" on thin paper, split fountain grown to orange printing with image of alchemist looking chemical signs, and typeset lettering. Similar to the other handbills in the Rose Palace series, NM- $30.

Lee Michaels, Paul Butterfield, Elvin Bishop, 3/13/? (1969-71), Cal Expo, Sacramento, 5.5 x 8.5 handbill with photo of Teddy Roosevelt giving a speech in front of a huge American flag, caption "a night of American music." See description of previous item; I also had a stash of these re-consigned to me after almost 20 years. 1 copy available, $10.

Berkeley Folk Festival, 6/23-27/65, U.C. Berkeley; foldover-type program for the event with discussion of the program; featured artists included Mississippi Fred Mc Dowell, Tom Paxton, Sam Hinton, Mike Seeger, the Hackberry Rambles, and others; printed in black on yellow paper, has photos and description of the artists and other music-professor types who were holding seminars in conjunction with this event; lists performers and schedule of program events; cool front cover image with western style lettering and image of old hillbilly playing fiddle; original mailing list item; next to impossible to find, $60.

Delmark record catalog, has a handwritten date 2/68 but I have no way of verifying that; would have thought it to be a bit earlier; foldover; olive drab on pale blue-gray stock; lists many classic blues LPs produced by Delmark at that time, with artists such as Sleepy John Estes, Junior Wells, Little Brother Montgomery, Big Joe Williams, Roosevelt Sykes, Yank Rachell, Woody Guthrie & Jack Elliot; cool item; nice NM- condition; hard to find item. $25.

Ten Years After, Hoyt Axton, Hedge and Donna, Butterfield Blues Band. Spirit, 7/12- 8/19/68; Golden Bear, Huntington Beach (Orange County), CA; 5.5 x 8.5; B & W on card stock; crude psychedelic lettering for band names; bear with sunglasses, no art per se. The Golden Bear was a legendary club on Highway 101 next to the beach, near Huntington Beach; everybody from Dylan to the Doors to the Dead played there in the early years; I have seen virtually no Golden Bear stuff in years of collecting but recently a stash came to light with this and some other vintage So Cal items; nice NM copy, $100. Youngbloods, Jeffery Cain, High Country, 9/10-12/70, Friends and Relations Hall (formerly Family Dog on the Great Highway), San Francisco; 7" x 8.5", black on goldenrod paper with nice photo of the then-incarnation of the Youngbloods (4 of them) and typeset script lettering. Overall appearance rather nice. Nice NM copy. Nice period of time for the Youngbloods; although they didn't have any hits to speak of at this time, fans of the band usually consider this period to have included some of their best work. $25.

Blue Gravy with Nick Gravenites and Count Talent [Michael Bloomfield], 1/19/73, The Village, San Francisco. 5.5 x 8.5 card; black on yellow card stock; Gilbert Johnson image of woman with angel wings holding up a mystical sign of some kind. Spare but decent art work. Art-deco lettering. Very nice item for Mike Bloomfield collectors from a time when he was playing local bars and small venues in San Francisco under the pseudonym of "Count Talent." NM copy; first one of these I've seen, $20.

Hot Tuna, John Mayall, Honk, Sons of Champlin, Les Moore, 6/13/19075, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim (Orange County), California; Anaheim Youth Benefit. 5.5" x 8.5" handbill by the great Rick Griffin, B & W with border of oranges, center image of two cartoon characters kissing not Griffin's best image, but something to pick up if you collect Rick's work. The poster version of this is illustrated in The Art of Rock, pl. 4.123, and was done in a two color format, but the handbill version was simple black and white and rather cheaply produced. Nice NM copy, $ 12.

The Byrds, the Seeds, Bola Sete, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Butterfield Blues Band, Arlo Guthrie, 12/16/67-2/18/68 (various gigs), Golden Bear, Huntington Beach, CA; see preceding item for info on this famous So Cal club; this flyer is an 8.5 x 11 card folded over like a Christmas card; done in black and 2 shades of brick red, one panel shows a cartoon bear in a Santa Claus suit playing a guitar; two other sides have Christmas presents that list the upcoming gigs as noted above; the 4th side has a bulk rate stamp and space for an address. This is a very cool item; condition VG+ overall, no pinholes, a bit of general age and a small name in black ink on one of the sides. Asking $250.

The Sons (of Champlin), Moby Grape, 9/6/1974, San Jose State University Student Union Hall, San Jose, CA; 8.5 x 11" B & W handbill with cool cartoon drawing of Mickey Mouse playing a guitar; not psychedelic but kinda neat item for this later show. 3 copies NM/NM-, S20 each. (*)

Cyrcuit, Albatross Landing, Bombay Glass Works, 5/25/1968, Hayward, I.D.E.S. Hall; 8.5 x 11 & W flyer for these local bands, has sort of a tiki-like figure in the center with a large head containing visions of skulls, swirls, faces, a topless girl, etc. Decent for fans of these kind of local vintage gigs, 3 copies $10 each. (*)

Iron Butterfly, Blues Image, 12/12/70(?), Robertson Gym, University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), 5.75" x 8.5" light purple handbill on thin paper; mushroom and odd bat-winged manta ray-butterfly creature, mostly typeset lettering. VG+/VG; center tack hole at top, light overall paper age (not bad); tape pull on back that doesn't show through, uncommon Santa Barbara handbill, $60.00.

Cannonball Adderly, Joe Williams, Urbie Green, 10/6/1972; Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Lamb, Azteca, 10/7/72; Ray Price, B. J. Thomas, Buffie Sainte-Marie, 10/8/72, Cow Palace; San Francisco; 3-day "National Music & Hi-Fi Expo"; very nice color 7 x 11 card by Randy Tuten with red background, very nice lettering, image of the earth like a music note; yellow background with black and silver-gray lettering for groups; nice attractive handbill; NM-; one small margin ding at bottom, $35.

Creedence Clearwater Revival, circa 1968 or so, promotional card with photo of the band in a wheat field; purple border and background, black photo; nice. Has printed signatures of each band member (not personally signed, sorry...wish they were!). Back is blank but most of them have doodling, lists, music biz stuff, phone numbers, that kind of stuff written on the back....the story I heard is that these were thrown out by Stu Cook a number of years back and recovered by someone, but who knows, that could be BS. In any case, someone in the music biz used them for scratch paper early on. Other than the writing on the back, most of them are NM on the front. I have a quantity of these and am offering them for now at $10 each. (*)

Creedence Clearwater Revival, 1971; promotional handout from Fantasy Records; 8.5 x 11; 4 page; brown on off-brown paper. Page 1 has group name in big letters and 3 die-cut windows with the photos of the 3 band members (minus Tom Fogerty) showing through. Page 2 contains a detailed history of the band from 1967 to July 1971, "Sweet Hitch Hiker" to be released, hence date of item; page 3 has history of the band and short bios of its individual members (again, minus Tom Fogerty, who had left the band by then). Page 4 just has the Fantasy logo. Entire item is in NM/NM- condition; great vintage promotional item for Creedence/John Fogerty fans. $25.

Dave Mason & Mama Cass, Ballin' Jack, Redeye, Buffalo Bob Smith, 1/7-9/71, Winterland, horizontal card with background photo of colorful sunrise over bare trees with snowy ground; purple Randy Tuten lettering. 5 NM cards, $5.00 each. (*)

Jazz Crusaders, Johnny Otis Show w. Shuggie Otis, Sweet Salvation, 10/14/72, Berkeley Community Theatre; 8 x 10 B & W Randy Tuten Art with photo; typical. NM $2.00. (*)

Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band, Ellis/Liebman Band, 4/21-22/1972, Keystone Berkeley; 4/23/73, Keystone Palo Alto; 8.5" c 11" black on white paper with photo of Capt. Beefheart and typeset lettering; no art. 1 old horizontal fold across center; otherwise NM-, $25.00.

Tower of Power, Wayne Cochran & the CC Riders, 7/25/72, Keystone Berkeley; simple B & W 8 x 11 flyer with typeset lettering; no art; NM- $4.00.

Esther Phillips, 7/26-29/73, Woody Shaw/Bobby Hutcherson, 8/2-5/1972; Charles Lloyd, 8/8-12/73; Airto, 8/13-18/73; Keystone Corner, San Francisco; 8.5" x 11" flyer for the popular jazz club in North Beach; color image with in bright orange and off blue on white stock featuring 4 panels with stylized drawings of roses; nice; for image, click here. No piholes but has a water stain along the right edge out of the image, see the illustration. Attractive and unusual handbill, $20. First extra of this one I have had.

Cold Blood, 1970 or so, promotional postcard for release of Cold Blood's first LP, from San Francisco Records, mailer with address of recipient on back and rendering of LP cover by Rick Griffin on front. 1 copy NM- with mailing list name on back, horizontal fold from mailing, $20.

Beserkley Records, 1974, 5.5" x 9" orange postcard/flyer; typewriter style lettering. Side 1 lists release dates of 45 RPM records by East Bay Bands Earth Quake, and Son of Pette & the Muffdivers ( !); side 2 lists upcoming gig dates for Earth Quake and the Rubinoos, all local small club gigs in the Bay Area; this card was mailed by the record company to radio station KMET in Los Angeles, on 7/12/74; neat little item $10.

Michael Bloomfield w. George Rains, Roger "Jellyroll" Troy, and Howard Wales, 3/18/74 (most likely date), Inn of the Beginning, Cotati, CA; 8.5 x 11 black on white paper; typeset lettering; no art; obscure local Sonoma County gig featuring a great lineup; 2 copies, both have an ugly rust mark in the upper LH corner from where someone paper clipped them together and then they rusted, cleaner copy $14, lesser copy $10. (*)

Elvin Bishop Group; Aum, 1970 or so, promotional postcard for the release of Elvin Bishop's first LP on Fillmore records and Aum's "Resurrection" LP on the same label; mailed to those in the Fillmore mailing list. 2 mailers with name on back, 1 NM $10; 1 VG+ $5.00. (*)

George Carlin Show with Kenny Rankin, 4/21/73, Marin Veterans' Memorial; San Rafael, CA; 5 x 7 black on bright yellow with typeset lettering and drawing of arm holding jester's mask. Only Carlin item I've ever had; good souvenir for anyone who collects his stuff. NM $4.00. (*) Moliere's Les Fourberies de Scapin (stage play; must be heavy duty 'cause the title sure is a mouthful); 2/15/69, Veterans' Aud., SF, normally I don't deal in theatrical handbills but this one came in a stash of stuff and it has a pretty psychedelic appearance; front has psychedelic pink and blue wavy lines in background with photo of what is probably some of the characters from the play; back contains ticket ordering information. What the heck, somebody might want these. NM $5.00. (*)

McGuinness-Flint, 1971 promotional card for this British band; this card was one of a series done in 1971 by San Francisco poster artist Randy Tuten for Capitol Records, promoting various bands releasing LPs on that label at the time. This is a very attractive card with orange and blue lettering and a nice photo of the band; have 2 copies of this card, $5 each. (*)

Genesis 1 Film Evolution, 6/12-13/1969, Cal. State Hayward Music Building (East Bay); not a music flyer but definitely "of the period" featuring front color art by the great Neon Park; full color with red and blue background, red and blue center panel with flaming letters, looks a bit like Bob Fried's style, or maybe faintly Moscoso's. Reverse side has info on the Hayward showing with quotes from local newspapers. NM $ 28.00.

"Secret Cinema," 7th Street, San Francisco, June 1968, B & W card with nice op art image of a tiger and op-art circles, reverse has list of films being shown that month, NM-, slight wrinkling $7.00.

The Prophets (clothing store), 1967, "Haberdasher for the Man in Orbit"; 5.5" x 8.5" B & W on card stock with nice psychedelic art by ex-Hells Angel "Gut"; printed by Double-H Press; poster is in color but the card is B & W and somewhat harder to find than the poster; for image, click here. Nice obscure Haight-Ashbury related item with decent art. VG+ with one tack hole in top margin and very light overall paper age; $37.50.

Bally Lo, circa 1967, promotional card for this clothing store that was also a Fillmore ticket outlet. Black and gray, 5x7 with photo of models; almost looks like a negative image. Back of card gives address of store. Apparently was also used as a business card as there are different printed names on the back. Have 1 copies that say "Mike" on the back and 2 copies that say "Phil" on the back. Your choice $5.00 each; inexpensive fun item for those who collect period memorabilia. (*)

St. Elizabeth High School, Oakland, CA

Here's a truly unusual offering of handbills from St. Elizabeth High School, Oakland. This is a prestigious high end private parochial high school that was founded in 1921 and apparently in the 1960s they sponsored a series of dances, featuring some of the better bands in the Bay Area. The handbills for these were mostly done on what appears to have been an old time school mimeograph machine, so the images are very pale in some cases and the colors not very strong, but nevertheless they actually did what looks like multi-colored mimeographs which isn't something you usually see. I believe these are from the summer of 1968; unfortunately the day and date don't appear on any of them, making dating difficult, but based on the bands and the dates for Friday night dances, I'm going to go with 68 until proven otherwise. These are in excellent shape and are absolutely positively authentic from an old original stash of someone who was associated with the shows. Check them out.

Friend, Sons of Champlin, 7/26/68, St. Elizabeth High School, Oakland, CA; nice 5.5 x 8.5 with multicolored mimeograph image of a sunflower with an eye in the center, lettering in the Wes Wilson style. Although the image colors are light due to the process described above, this is a very unusual Sons handbill for fans of that band. I have 1 on goldenrod stock and1 on pale yellow stock, your choice $45 each. (*)

Mint Tattoo (Blue Cheer related), Fog, 8/23/68, St. Elizabeth High School, Oakland, CA, nice 6.5 x 8.5 handbill, red on thin white paper with images of the band member's faces on snail's bodies; typically crude as described above. 2 copies, basically NM/NM-, $30 each. (*)

Linda Tillery & Loading Zone, Pink Wedge, 9/6/1968, St Elizabeth High School, Oakland, CA, 5.5 8 8.5 with decent blue image of Linda Tillery and psychedelic lettering, appealingly crude as described above; I have 2 copies on white stock, in the NM/NM- range, $30 each. (*)

"Keep on Truckin'" timeless, but probably dates back to sometime in 1969; this is a B & W 8.5" x 10.5" piece of paper handbill, flyer, whatever that has a 5-panel R. Crumb cartoon with the famous "Keep on Truckin" image of a bunch of cartoon characters shufflin' along; panel 2 says "truckin' on down the line" and features guy in a plaid suit with a cane and hat shufflin' down a city street, panel 3 is captioned "hey, hey" and shows another guy walking in the opposite direction, panel 4 shows to goofily dressed kids walking down a residential street with the caption "I said keep on truckin'" and panel 5 shows 2 businessmen-types raising their hats in unison as they truck down the street, with the caption "truckin' my blues away." Whew. I've seen this cartoon before, probably in a Zap comix book or similar source, but this does not appear to have been torn out of anything, but rather separately printed not photocopied, so it seems it was reproduced for distribution, purpose and/or event unknown. Grades about VG+/VG overall, not pinholes but basic paper age and one noticeable but not awful dark spot in the center, probably could be cleaned up if desired. $20.

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