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NOTE: An asterisk (*) next to a description of an item indicates that more than one copy of that item is available.


Grateful Dead, 2/27/90, Oakland Coliseum Arena, cloth backstage pass, unused; black with collage of classic GD images, red lettering. NM- $12.

38 Special, Tour De Force, no date given, but early 80's is probably right; nice green pass with black, blue and red horse logo "Long Island" stamped at bottom; unused. $6.00.

Bob Seeger & the Silver Bullet Band, The Distance Tour '83; Local/House/Promoter/Guest, unused pass $5.00.

David Grisman Quintet, 3/24/1996, Warfield, San Francisco; standard generic cloth pass for venue with "3-2496 All Access" stamped in ink, $8.50.

The Cars, 3/25/82, Meadowlands, Shake It Up '82, all area access, unused pass $5.00.

Doobie Bros, date unknown, probably '82-83, name written in magic marker; light green Doobies logo, unused. $3.00.

The Who, Long Live Rock, 12/2/79, Pittsburgh Civic Arena, Backstage, unused, $10.

The Who, 12/2/79, Pittsburgh Civic Arena, pink backstage pass with photos of the band members on it; unused with one minor discoloration mark, $15.

Charlie Daniels, Volunteer Jam IX; Nashville, TN, 1/22/83, Working Backstage pass; nice color art with raccoon in overalls and cowboy boots; unused $6.00.

Elton John, 1980 tour, Stage Crew, color; unused, $6.00.

Rolling Stones, Buffalo, NY; 8/8/?--not sure what tour this is, but is shows the logo that has a flying eagle with jet engine pods protruding from under its wings; dark red; nice image, guest pass with space for holder's name and authorization. 1 that is NM-, $12; 1 with more pronounced folding, $8.00. (*)

Rod Stewart, The Concert (date unknown), backstage/no onstage pass, brown image, "cardiff 1" written in magic marker; unused, $5.00.

Rod Stewart, The Concert, State Free Access, orange photo of Rod, unused $7.00.

Joe Satriani, c. early 1990's(?); laminate (not cloth) backstage pass from Time Machine tour; front has a cool yellow-green background with Satriani jumping from one warped clock face to the next and a bunch more of them (clock faces) in the sky. $10.


Jim Marshall photo of Chet Helms, original 6" x 9" B & W photo, mounted on 11" x 14" mat board, SIGNED "Jim Marshall - 80 -" Image depicts image of a young, long haired, smiling Chet Helms, from what looks like the Avalon Ballroom days, 1980 or so. Photo uses the kaleidoscope effect that was popular in those days with a central images surrounded by circular lighter images in the background. Great photo as you'd expect from Marshall, arguably the most influential and iconic counterculture photographer of the 1960s. Very hard to price this asking prices for signed Marshall photos on the Internet can run well into the thousands of dollars. I'm going to put it out at $350 which seems like it should be a good deal for someone out there a fair price for an original signed photograph of one deceased 60's icon by another.

SOME THINGS YOU ALMOST HATE TO LET GO. Here's one that falls into that category: Zap Comics Issue #14, UNCUT PRINTER'S PROOF OF FRONT AND BACK COVER SHEETS by VICTOR MOSCOSO, machine folded and printed on reverse, but not trimmed and with printer registration marks. This issue, done after Rick Griffin's untimely death, features Moscoso's tribute to Rick Griffin on the front cover. This is easily the best artistic tribute to Griffin that I've seen to date, and is one of the nicest examples of Moscoso's art I've seen in a long, long time....maybe ever! The covers have a "heaven and hell" theme, with the front featuring a Griffin-like character with a halo surfing down a giant wave, with a paintbrush for a surfboard, accompanied by a teeny flying eyeball on a pencil, flashing the peace sign. The reverse has a similar image, but this time the wave is reversed so that it is blood red with a flaming crest, the surfer has tiny horns and bat wings, and is riding a rapidograph. All of this is rendered in brilliant colors. When you open the front and back together, the effect is doubly striking, in fact, just fantastic. For illustration of the image, click here. I was fortunate to purchase a small batch of these awhile back and was able to get Victor Moscoso to sign 7 copies at the TRPS poster show last fall. When Victor saw them, he said that he had never seen an uncut cover sheet of this issue before and that the 7 he signed are the only ones he's even been asked to sign (he does not attend a lot of signing events anymore so there are limited opportunities to obtain his signature). I am offering 1 of the signed ones (illustrated) for $300 each. I also am offering 1 unsigned one for $125. (*)

Rhino Records / Solid Smoke records, 1980s vintage, plastic record divider used to divide records and facilitate identification of the artist or label you were looking for; approximately 12 x 15," made of white plastic, with a real cool die cut image at the top of a 1950s Cadillac and a listing of all the then-current Rhino releases at the bottom, great artists like the Turtles, Monkees, Everly Brothers, Chocolate Watchband, Nazz, Richie Valens, Yardbirds, and so on. For illustration of the image showing a complete listing of all the artists, click here, $15 (must be shipped flat at moderate additional cost).

Journey, 1979 World Tour, uncut sheet of 4 stickers featuring spectacular art by Kelley & Mouse; the whole sheet is about 11 x 16" with registration marks in the corners; the individual stickers are about 5" across; nice condition and an item not usually encountered, $30.

The Harbinger Complex, circa 1966, original 8.5" x 11" B & W publicity photo; great vintage photo of the band looking like a real garage band of the period, which of course they were. Name and management info are at the bottom; management was Bill Quarry's Teens n Twenties, which produced numerous early dances in the East and South Bay areas, featuring these guys and other legendary garage bands. If you haven't heard the Harbinger Complex, their one official 45 has a sound strongly reminiscent of the early Stones, with a garage-ier feel. Nice NM original from a stash, $35.

Sons of Champlin, circa 1966-67, early 8" x 10" B&W promotional photo on slick stock; very early photo with mod-length hair; has "Trident Productions" name at lower RH corner, presumably dates from the period when they did the "Fat City" 45 on Verve, before they signed with Capitol. 2 available; nice item. $25 each. (*)

Bee Gees, original 8.5" x 11" ATCO black & white promotional photo circa 1969 or possibly earlier -- VERY EARLY official promo photo with ATCO name and logo at the bottom, shows the 5 band members looking very "mod" standing in an urban pose with the New York Stock exchange in the background! Neat original promotional photo, a few pinholes on the edges, otherwise clean and in good shape, $20.

Dinosaurs, circa mid-1980s, original official 8 x 10 glossy promotional photo of the band during the Merl Saunders era, inluding John Cipollina, Barry Melton, Merl Saunders, Peter Albin, and Spencer Dryden. Name of band and band members' biographies are at bottom. Nice memento of this excellent San Francisco band, the majority of whose members are now sadly deceased. Uncommon publicity photo as these guys were not exactly commercial mainstream. 2 NM copies, $15 each. (*)

Fleetwood Mac, circa mid-1970s, original B & W 8" x 10" promotional photo of the band during its most popular incarnation, with a very serious looking Stevie Nicks as well as the rest of the crew, posing on the steps of someone's house, nice clean original photo, $17.50.

Grateful Dead, official band stationery with "skull and roses" logo at top, circa early 1970s, 8.5 x 111" white paper; unused; cool vintage Dead item; 1 sheet with light crease (minor) across center, $15.

Kingfish LP (with Bob Weir), 1975, uncut album slick, front and back covers with outstanding "Poseidon" art by Phillip Garris; nice NM- $15.

"Five Summer Strories Plus Four" (surfing movie, late 1970s); great 5" x 8" handbill (blank, no show info) with fabulous color airbrush art by the great RICK GRIFFIN; shows the original art with a surfer holding a piece of glowing purple surf was in the middle of a psychedelic "5"; with a larger image of a "4" wiht a center image of a psychedelic nude woman surfing down a waive. Beautiful NM item, $27.50.

Grateful Dead, 1987, Grateful Dead computer MOUSE PAD, approximately 8" x. 9.5", thick rubber-like material typically used for mouse pads, with modified Steal Your Face logo (roses at bottom of skull, earth and stars in the space in the skull, nice GD lettering at the top; copyright GDM (Grateful Dead Merchandising) 1987, reminiscent of Stanley Mouse's art but not sure it is. STILL SEALED in original plastic bag from Computer Expressions (company that made it), a bit of age to the bag, pad itself perfect. $20.

Grateful Dead, 1987, Grateful Dead "wrist rest" style computer MOUSE PAD, approximately 8" x 11.5", thick rubber-like material typically used for mouse pads, with a wrist rest feature so your wrist gets a break from all those hours of computer use. Design features modified Steal Your Face logo (roses at bottom of skull, earth and stars in the space in the skull, nice GD lettering at the top; copyright GDM (Grateful Dead Merchandising) 1987, reminiscent of Stanley Mouse's art but not sure it is. STILL SEALED in original plastic bag from Computer Expressions (company that made it), nice NM condition. $20.

Family Dog, 1995, color window sticker version of the Family Dog logo, done by Jim Phillips from the original Wes Wilson logo; has the Family Dog Indian in the center, etc. Approximately 5" high x 3.75" long; clear plastic peel-off adhesive background. Cool item for a card window or anywhere else. NM $5.

Hippie School Work cover, 1970, like the old Pee-Chee folders that kids still use, only with a great vintage hippie theme; says "Rap Wrap" on the outside and has lots of color flower power Age of Aquarius type drawings on the cover, peace signs, all that stuff; more swirly psychedelic flower-power stuff on the inside. My then-16-year-old daughter absolutely loved these and snagged a couple for her school work; made a hit with the local kids as a great "retro"item...$5 each; quantity available. (*)

Mr. Natural address book, (2007); I kid you not! This is a small 3.75" x 5" spiral bound "name and address" notebook with a red cover featuring a Crumb drawing of Mr. Natural driving a smiling red tractor through a field of growing plants with the cover title "Twas Ever Thus." Published in 2007 by Pomegranite Press of Petaluma, CA; not sure if they are still commercially available or not, but a neat little item; this one unused and in NM- condition, $8.00.

Grateful Dead, 1972, original promotional "Europe '72" postcards with a stretched-out version of the album cover with the Mouse's "Ice Cream Kid" design. Attractive item for Grateful Dead or Mouse collectors; have 7 nice NM/NM- cards, $15 each. (*)

Grateful Dead, 1973,"Wake of the Floood" promotional stickers, have the image of the Rick Griffin painting used on the LP cover, approx. 4.25" square; unused; 1 VG+ (slight wrinkle at top) $5.00. (*)

Grateful Dead "Blues for Allah" circa 1976, color 4 x 4 sticker with famous Philip Garris image of skeleton playing the violin; black background. U4 available, unused $5.00 each (*).

Grateful Dead, 1978, classic skull & roses sticker, full color, similar but not quite identical to the one that came in the 1971 double LP redone by popular demand a few years later. Hard to find now, nice NM copy $15.00.

Quicksilver, "What About Me," promotional card for this 1971 LP by Randy Tuten, part of s series he did for Capitol Records and definitely the nicest of the series, with very old-style western engraver-type lettering and a photo of a topless woman with her back turned. Done in severalshades of blue and blue/green with orange accents. Very nice NM copy, $15.

The Tubes, circa mid-1970s, "Tubes Rock" bumper sticker, approximately 3" x 15" size, orange dayglo with bright blue paintbrush-style lettering spelling out "Tubes Rock." For illustration of the image, click here. From the days when this San Francisco glitz-punk-disco-satirical band was at the top of the charts.... have a small quantity of these NM stickers, $8.00 each (*).

"Keep on Truckin'"; Early 70s, most likely '70 or '71; Fasson, crack n' peel bumper stickers; Red background on vinyl sticker stock, with black and white artwork of this familiar R.Crumb image from Zap Comics; Vintage bootleg / knock off stickers from ca. early 1970's; high quality image; cool item; NM- $25.00.

"Keep On Truckin" embroidered 2" x 4" cloth patch, with a yellow-gold background and flower-power lettering in bright blue, with an outline image of R. Crumb characters trucking along...you probably remember these. Probably circa early 1970's or whenever these things started being issues. Vintage $8.00 each, 11 of them available from an old head shop stash. (*)

Mr. Natural address book, (2007); I kid you not! This is a small 3.75" x 5" spiral bound "name and address" notebook with a red cover featuring a Crumb drawing of Mr. Natural driving a smiling red tractor through a field of growing plants with the cover title "Twas Ever Thus." Published in 2007 by Pomegranite Press of Petaluma, CA; not sure if they are still commercially available or not, but a neat little item; this one unused and in NM- condition, $8.00.

Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, late 70s, early 80s; 4" x 3" embroidered batch, white and blue lettering using the standard logo for the band, against a blue background, 2 available, $10 each. (*)

Grace Slick, circa 1968 or so, 8.5 x 11 B & W photo of Grace standing at a microphone at a gig wearing a bandana and a white jacket with long fringe. Must have been produced as a promotional photo; several copies available, $5.00 each. (*)

Marty Balin, circa 1968 or so, 8.5 x 11 B & W photo of Marty looking very cool with long sideburns, open shirt, etc. Must have been produced as a promotional photo; several copies available, $5.00 each. (*)

Bruce Springsteen, circa late 1970s-mid 1980s, unused bumper sticker for radio station "WBRUCE 102.3"; 3.25" x 11.5"; dark yellow on black background, presumably for some kind of specific radio station promotion; have about 5 nice NM copies, $6 each. (*)

Rolling Stones, 1981 tour, bumper sticker printed by radio station KMEL, San Francisco; with station's "camel" logo by Victor Moscoso and legend "salutes Rolling Stones 1981 Tour." Nice locally produced tour item for Stones collectors, 7 copies $6.00 each. ( *)

Bob Dylan/Grateful Dead, 1987, promotional bumper sticker for the "Dylan & the Dead" LP; black background with bright red and yellow lettering similar to the cover of the LP. No artist credit, but appears to be Rick Griffin lettering as it is very similar to his work on the LP cover. Promo item from CBS records with small Columbia Records logo in lower LH corner, have 3 copies, $8.50 each. (*)

Tribute to Chet Helms, 4/30/94, Maritime Hall, SF; Contributor's badge; nice laminate pass on bright orange-pink stock with lettering reminiscent of Stanley Mouse's early lettering giving the date and place of the event and a stamped serial number; this one is #174.. These passes were given out to people who paid $100 for premium tickets which gave them access to parts of the hall not available to the general public; they could hang out downstairs, etc. This was the first benefit for the late Chet Helms, when he needed money for medical bills or something. A bunch of people like Moby Grape played at this event, as I recall, and Ken Kesey was giving a reading downstairs. Nice, unusual item; not too many of these around. $7.50.

Artista Gang-Fest, 10/13/80, Sausalito Food Co. (Marin County) CA; uncut sheet of invite for event and 4 cards with reverse caption "you have just been assisted by a member of Artista"; this was the so-called "Artist's Gang" formed by Kelley et al. Image is beautiful full-color smiling dragon holding lightning bolt; Artista logo above. Printed on high quality glossy stock against black background. Uncut sheets $15 each; set of 1 sheet and 1 partial printing (blue background instead of black, $22. Have a couple of each. (*)

2d Rock Art Expo, 10/23/93, Hall of Flowers, Golden Gate Park, SF; red and purple Wes Wilson card for this event; many of the attendees remember these shows fondly. NM $2.00 each; dealer special 8 for $10.

Grateful Dead, 1970's, "good old Grateful Dead" stickers; these are printed on metal with an adhesive backing. NM condition. They come in 2 sizes: 1.5" $ 3.50; 3" $6.00. These aren't available commercially anymore. (*)

Steve Miller, 1988, program/flyer for "Born 2B Blue" tour; color with photo of Miller in suit and tie playing guitar on cover; lotsa info, ads, and tour dates inside. Very commerical. VG/VG+ $1.25.

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