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Last updated 7/25/2017

NOTE: An asterisk (*) next to a description of an item indicates that more than one copy of that item is available.


When you get tired of looking at all those posters and handbills, how about a book or two on ...well, posters, handbills, and other topics guaranteed to interest the poster collector:

The Dead Book, by Hank Harrison, subtitled "A Social History of the Grateful Dead," ORIGINAL SOFTBOUND PRINTING, 1973, with b & w drawing of dragon eating itself. COMPLETE WITH ORIGINAL NEAL CASSIDY FLEXI-DISK, "NEAL CASSADY RAPS," very rare in this condition, most of 'em have the disk removed. Condition VG+; intact; some wear to cover, some age marks, diagonal creas in lower corner, 3/4" split at top junction of cover and spine; interior excellent; decent condition overall. Very rare complete example of the first book about the Dead. $125.

Thunderbitch, Women Designers in Northwest Rock, 1966-2010, 40-page softbound color catalog for 2010 exhibition at Tether Design Gallery, Seattle, featuring color illustrations by Catherine Weinstein, including a few offered on this website; Ms. Weinstein was a highly talented graphic designer who has not attained the reputation of some of her contemporaries; for a nice overview of her work and career, and illustrations of some other work by subsequent female counterculture artists up to 2010, check this out. I have 5 copies of this catalog, will put them out at $12.50 each. (*)

Garcia, An American Life, by Blair Jackson (Penguin Viking 1999), 498 pp; hardbound with dust jacket, new condition. Semi-official biography; haven't read this one yet but it is on the list as soon as I get a little free time; well-received book. Publisher's list price $34.95; have unused copy left, $20 postpaid (includes book rate shipping; priority mail shipping $6 extra).

Captain Trips, A Biography of Jerry Garcia, by Sandy Troy (Thunder's Mouth Press 1994), 288pp. Biography of Jerry Garcia with lots of information about his early years, photos, etc., published prior to Jerry's untimely death. A good recap of Jerry's career, nice item for the library of any collector of San Francisco rock posters. First edition, hardbound; hardbound edition now unavailable and out of print. Publisher's list price $22.95, but I have about 9 copies available for $14.50 each postpaid (book rate).

Light My Fire, My Life with the Doors, by Ray Manzarek (Putnam 1998), 352 pp; hardbound. Ray Manzarek's observations on life with the Doors; have 2 new hardbound copies available for $17.50 each postpaid (book rate) (*)

Playing in the Band, by David Gans and Peter Simon, updated memorial edition, forward by Phil Lesh, 1996, 200+ page photo & text history of the Dead by an expert, for those who can=t get enough...nice condition except for one crease at bottom of front cover, $9.95.

Still Eatin= It , by Dana Crumb and illustrated by R. Crumb ( 1996) 114 page softbound recipe book, the sequel to her 1970s version, great color cover and lots of b & w cartoon illustrations by Crumb on the inside, and some fun recipies and good reading too, softbound $8.50. (*)


Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #28, Inverview with Michaelangelo Antonioni and Zabriskie Point, special report from Japan on Rockin' in the Land of the Rising Sun, also article on Zap Comix and R. Crumb. Nice early issue in very nice above average condition, $20.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #32, 5/13/69, Steve Winwood cove photo, lead article is "A Last Look at Traffic," "Morrison Surrenders," "Fillmore West to close up"; fairly good condition overall with usual storage wear and age on outer pages, $17.50.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #41, 9/6/69, Joe Cocker cover photo, article and inside cover photo of Peter Fonda; complete and in good condition with minor overall paper age, $15.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #147, 11/8/73; Watergate-era issue contains interview with Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers. Back cover has full color ad for release of the Grateful Dead's Wake of the Flood LP; back cover has some wrinkles, otherwise clean, $5.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #149, 12/6/73, feature issue is article "The Allman Bros. Story"; nice cover with painting of Gregg Allman; also contains Ralph Steadman art of Dallas '73; Bob Dylan tour, and Part II of the Daniel Ellsberg interview. Nice and clean, but with minor wrinkles at bottom front and back covers, $8.50. (*)

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #310, 2/7/80, Fleetwood Mac article and cover with Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks, articles on the Police and Dustin Hoffman; small tear in upper margin of back cover; otherwise clean $5.00.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #335, 1/22/81, John Lenon memorial issue published shortly after his death, cover featuring a nude John hugging Yoko; lots of reminiscences about John's death. Front cover nice, back cover has paper age and a missing corner piece, otherwise clean. Important issue. $6.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #380, 10/4/82, John Lennon / Yoko Ono cover issu; articles on John Lennon's "private years," the US festival, the Who, Springsteen, others. Nice condition, minor paper age $6.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #415, 2/16/84, special Beatles anniversary issue with nice color cover featuring vintage photo of the Fab Four; inside articles on Beatles, Beatlemania, other Beatles-related items. Nice condition $6.

Life Magazine, 4/26/1971 cover date, Nice cover head-shot B & W photo of an unsmiling Paul and Linda McCartney with faces together, with headline "Paul McCartney -- The Ex-Beatle Tells His Story," with inside article based on McCartney interview wherein he discusses the Beatles breakup, his suit against Apple and the rest of the band, and other stuff. Probably no new content here, as this topic has been analyzed so much in the intervening years, but nevertheless a nice original copy of this famous issue, nice, clean copy with original Life subscription mailing label on the front, $20.

Berkeley Barb, a very radical "smash the state" type magazine from the late 60s/early 70s, normally I don't bother with them because the haven't really aged that well, but here's a couple that have more interesting counterculture/graphic arts interest: