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Last updated 2/17/2023

NOTE: An asterisk (*) next to a description of an item indicates that more than one copy of that item is available.


When you get tired of looking at all those posters and handbills, how about a book or two on ...well, posters, handbills, and other topics guaranteed to interest the poster collector:

The Dead Book, by Hank Harrison, subtitled "A Social History of the Grateful Dead," ORIGINAL SOFTBOUND PRINTING, 1973, with b & w drawing of dragon eating itself. COMPLETE WITH ORIGINAL NEAL CASSIDY FLEXI-DISK, "NEAL CASSADY RAPS," very rare in this condition, most of 'em have the disk removed. Condition VG+; intact; some wear to cover, some age marks, diagonal creas in lower corner, 3/4" split at top junction of cover and spine; interior excellent; decent condition overall. Very rare complete example of the first book about the Dead. $125.

Art of Rock, MINI-EDITION, this is a miniature 4" x 4.5" version of Paul Grushkin's groundbreaking book which basically launched the modern poster hobby on the road it is still on today. This miniature image was produced in about 1987 to follow up on the success of the original and as far as I am aware has never been reproduced since then. Approx 350pp; each page illustrates one poster in color; abridged edition so not all the posters are here, but most of the key ones are. Cover is the same as the full sized version. Nice little memento for poster collectors, even if you already have the full size volume. Here's a nice copy, reasonably clean with a hint of wear on the cover, very minor, $25.

Thunderbitch, Women Designers in Northwest Rock, 1966-2010, 40-page softbound color catalog for 2010 exhibition at Tether Design Gallery, Seattle, featuring color illustrations by Catherine Weinstein, including a few offered on this website; Ms. Weinstein was a highly talented graphic designer who has not attained the reputation of some of her contemporaries; for a nice overview of her work and career, and illustrations of some other work by subsequent female counterculture artists up to 2010, check this out. I have 5 copies of this catalog, will put them out at $12.50 each. (*)

Garcia, An American Life, by Blair Jackson (Penguin Viking 1999), 498 pp; hardbound with dust jacket, new condition. Semi-official biography; haven't read this one yet but it is on the list as soon as I get a little free time; well-received book. Publisher's list price $34.95; have unused copy left, $20 postpaid (includes book rate shipping; priority mail shipping $6 extra).

Captain Trips, A Biography of Jerry Garcia, by Sandy Troy (Thunder's Mouth Press 1994), 288pp. Biography of Jerry Garcia with lots of information about his early years, photos, etc., published prior to Jerry's untimely death. A good recap of Jerry's career, nice item for the library of any collector of San Francisco rock posters. First edition, hardbound; hardbound edition now unavailable and out of print. Publisher's list price $22.95, but I have about 9 copies available for $14.50 each postpaid (book rate).

Light My Fire, My Life with the Doors, by Ray Manzarek (Putnam 1998), 352 pp; hardbound. Ray Manzarek's observations on life with the Doors; have 2 new hardbound copies available for $17.50 each postpaid (book rate) (*)

Still Eatin' It , by Dana Crumb and illustrated by R. Crumb ( 1996) 114 page softbound recipe book, the sequel to her 1970s version, great color cover and lots of b & w cartoon illustrations by Crumb on the inside, and some fun recipies and good reading too, softbound $8.50. (*)

The Underground Comix Family Album (first edition 1998), 120pp softbound publication that a photo and a brief bio of most of the major artists who were associated with the underground comix movement. Each artist gets a 1-page bio and a 1-page photo. Many if not nearly all of the artists will be familiar to poster collectors, including Rick Griffin, R. Crumb, Greg Irons, Dave Sheridan, Dan O'Neill, and many others. Light cover wear, otherwise clean $12.00

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, "Endless Life: Selected Poems," paperback New Directions Publishing, second edition circa 1981, SIGNED BY FERLINGHETTI ON FIRST PAGE. Average wear, light cover corner crease and slight cover age. I'm not really a book collector so please feel free to ask any questions. Nice autographed item from one of the founding fathers of the San Francisco Beat Movement, $58.


Look Magazine, 6/28/1966 cover date, this is an issue focused on California, "a new game with new rules," not a rock and roll or counterculture issue per se, but all about what the editors perceive about the California lifestyle articles on Berkeley, Watts, technology, attitudes, etc. Sadly it does not deal with 1966 music issues or show posters, but nevertheless and interesting vintage look at California life, from what strikes me as a somewhat east coast perspective. Interesting nevertheless. Have not had a copy of this before. A bit of wear to cover, and a mailing sticker on front, average wear but not too bad and definitely readable, $12.

Life Magazine, 8/28/1964 cover date, well known issue with color cover portrait of the Beatles in suites and ties, smiling. Classic early photo of the Beatles dressed in matching suite and smiling. Cover caption: "The Beatles: They're Here Again and What a Ruckus"; address label in lower LH corner; otherwise in excellent condition, great item for any music collector, $ 45.00.

Life Magazine, 9/1/1967 cover date, the famous "poster issue" with cover featuring collage of posters, and inside article and 6-page color spread on the poster phenomenon includes great vintage photos of Moscoso, Wilson, Griffin, Mouse, and Peter Max with their work. Every poster collector should have a copy of this in their collection. Decent VG+ copy, intact with minor cover sear (minor corner and lower edge creases, basically clean). Has original address label at left edge, addressed to someone in San Francisco, of course! $30.00.

Life Magazine, 4/26/1971 cover date, Nice cover head-shot B & W photo of an unsmiling Paul and Linda McCartney with faces together, with headline "Paul McCartney -- The Ex-Beatle Tells His Story," with inside article based on McCartney interview wherein he discusses the Beatles breakup, his suit against Apple and the rest of the band, and other stuff. Probably no new content here, as this topic has been analyzed so much in the intervening years, but nevertheless a nice original copy of this famous issue, nice, clean copy with original Life subscription mailing label on the front, $20.

Saturday Evening Post, 8/27/1966 cover date, color cover photo of the Beatles dressed up in elegant matador outfits; address label in lower RH corner, otherwise in nice condition; nice cover $35.

San Francisco Express Times, v. 1 No. 11 (April 4, 1968); San Francisco counterculture newspaper with a political event but also contains some interesting counterculture stuff; cover photo with article "Country Joe Takes A Wife" with photo of Joe in a fancy suit and top hat with his bride, sitting in front of a church, below the heading "Who Killed LBJ". Rick Griffin did the masthead for this newspaper; classic Griffin lettering; good condition $27.00.

Avant Garde Magazine, Issue #10 (jan. 1970), nice Thomas Weir cover and inner B & W spread of his work. Weir was the person who designed the back covers of the Dead's "Anthem of the Sun" and "Aoxomoxoa" LPs. VG+ with minor wear, $15.

Ramparts Magazine, Aug. 1972; contains article/review of the Rolling Stones circa 1972; also extensive article by Tom Hayden on the state of the Vietnam War at that point in time; VG+; light wear but overall in very good condition, $12.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue # 5, 2/10/1968 (wide format issue), series of photos of Jim Morrison singing on cover; lead articles "Pigpen to Meet Pope," "Beatles Zap USA Ltd," "Monterey Film Bummer," "Doors Up for Movie." Very rare super early issue from when the magazine was in a newspaper format. Excellent condition with just a hint of wear along edges of interior pages. $150; second copy almost as nice, slight edge fraying on one protruding page, otherwise very clean, $125 (*).

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #6 (2/24/1968) (wide format issue), cover photo of Janis Joplin with a cat; headline "Monterey Show on, Rome Show Off' regarding pending festivals; article "Bob Dylan Comes Out at Woody Memorial" about Dylan's first performance in 18 months at the Woody Guthrie Memorial Concert in Carnegie Hall; excellent condition, very clean with very light paper aging, very nice copy of this early issue, $125.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue # 8, 4/6/1968 (first quarter-folded issue), cover photo of Lou Adler and John Phillips with headline photo reading "Bloody Battle Rages in Monterey over return of the Pop Festival; very light paper browning, overall excellent condition, $100.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #18, 9/28/68, all-black reverse image cover with photo and interview featuring Peter Townshend, articles "Janis Leaves Big Brother," "Where the Hell is the Stones New Album," "A Rock and Roll Guide to Politics," good condition overall with slight cracking to interior pages at bottom; early hard to find issue, $50.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue 19, 10/12/1968, cover photo of Mick Jagger, and featuring Rolling Stone interview with Jagger; inside article "Stones, the banned album." Excellent condition with usual light paper age, $55.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #20, 10/26/1968, cover with mini-covers featuring individual photos of the Beatles, article on "the Beatles today" and Rolling Stone interview with Cass Elliot' excellent condition, nice copy of an early Beatles issue, $45.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #22, 11/23/1968, famous cover photo of nude John & Yoko (rear view) holding hands while looking back at the camera, Rolling Stones interview with John Lennon, "Inside: The complete John & Yoko Record Cover," "Big Brother and Cream in their last days," "Forty Pages full of Dope, sex, and Cheap Thrills," excellent condition with original mailing label at bottom, nice copy of a historic issue, $65.00.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #24, 12/31/68, cover photo of the Beatles informally lounging around on a carpet with a shaggy dog, articles "Ramblin Notes on the New Beatles Album, With Photos from the Record Sessions," "Rolling Stones to Tour USA in April 1969," Door's Riot in Phoenix," plus Lou Adler, Richard Brautigan....nice condition with slight cracking to paper at upper margin, $35.00

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #28, Intverview with Michaelangelo Antonioni and Zabriskie Point, special report from Japan on Rockin' in the Land of the Rising Sun, also article on Zap Comix and R. Crumb. Nice early issue in very nice above average condition, $20; second copy in excellent shape with original address mailing label at bottom cover, $22.50. (*).

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #29, 3/15/69, cover photo of Janis Joplin standing at a microphone with a bouquet of flowers in her hand, articles "A Report on Janis Joplin: The Judy Garland of Rock," "New Bob Dylan Album Finished," "Words about Timothy Leary," sports article on roller derbys. Very nice condition, $40.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #32, 5/13/69, Steve Winwood cove photo, lead article is "A Last Look at Traffic," "Morrison Surrenders," "Fillmore West to close up"; fairly good condition overall with usual storage wear and age on outer pages, $17.50.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #34, 5/31/69, cover photo of Jimi Hendrix walking along among a crowd of people, articles "Hendrix Busted in Toronto," "Dylan's Nashville TV Trip," "Johnny Cash at San Quentin," "Muddy Waters' Boffo Mojo," "U.C. Jazz Festival," and "Venice Erupts." Excellent condition, $35.00

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #35, 6/14/69, Chuck Berry cover, articles on Berry, People's Park in Berkeley, and "Jonathan Cott interviews Jean-Luc Goddard," excellent condition with original mailing list label, $17.50

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #37, 7/12/69, cover photo of Elvis Presley clad in leather singing into a microphone, articles on "Elvis in Hollywood," "Townsend on Tommy," and "Beatles New LP." Excellent condition $18.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #38, 7/26/69, great cover photo of a shirtless Jim Morrison with sunglasses, against a pink background. Includes Rolling Stone interview with Jim Morrison and article "Rock, Teargas and Festivals." Excellent condition with original mailing label, $65.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #40, 8/23/69, cover photo of smiling bearded Jerry Garcia in leather jacket, articles "the dope crisis" and "Good Old Grateful Dead"; some staining to cover and missing paper along cover edge margin intruding into border but not affecting photo; $15.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #41, 9/6/69, Joe Cocker cover photo, article and inside cover photo of Peter Fonda; complete and in good condition with minor overall paper age, $15; second copy with mailing label in excellent condition, $17.50. (*)

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #44, 10/18/69, David Crosby cover photo, article on CSNY and "The Fifties," some staining to cover and general age, $10.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #46, 11/15/69, cover photo of bearded and long-haired Beatles standing on a wall; articles "inside Apple Corpse" , "Paul is Not Dead," and "Stones in LA," excellent condition, really nice $40.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #47, 11/29/69, second anniversary issue, Bob Dylan cover, Rolling Stone interview with Bob Dylan, good oerall condition with slight cracking to inside pages along bottom edge; important issue $37.00.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #50, 1/21/70, the Altamont issue with cover photo and caption "Let It Bleed," excellent condition with original mailing list label at bottom front cover; historic issue $55.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #52, 2/21/70, Creedence Clearwater Revival cover, John Fogerty interview, basically good condition with slight edge cracking, $17.50

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #54, 3/19/70, Sly & the Family Stone cover photo, article on "The Rolling Stone Circus and their New LP," excellent condition $17.50

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #56, 4/16/70, Dennis Hopper cover, "The Unvarnished Truty as Written by John Lennon," Commander Cody article, excellent condition, $15.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #70, 11/12/70, Grace Slick interview with great cover profile photo of an introspective Grace. Great item for any Jefferson Airplane fan. Cover in good shape with typical paper age, Some of the inner pages show a bit of edge cracking from careless refolding, overall pretty decent; typical condition for an old RS issue, $20.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issues #74 (1/21/71) and 75, (2/4/71), nice cover photos of John Lennon and John & Yoko. Contains the complete Rolling Stone interview with John Lennon, Parts 1 and 2. Very nice overall condition, usual age to inner newsprint pages, cover nice. Also contains article on Creedence Clearwater and other stuff. Important issues, SOLD AS A SET ONLY. $65.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #100, 1/20/72; important 100th issue featuring cover photo of a smiling Jerry Garcia laying in the sand on a beach; this issue contains the first installment of the definitive Garcia interview By Jann Wenner and Charles Reich, later published as a book by Straight Arrow Productions. Also has a sneak peek at The Godfather and an exclusive interview with Stanley Kubrick. Good overall condition with a small round piece of paper missing in the bottom margin of the front cover; not a big deal. $35.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #147, 11/8/73; Watergate-era issue contains interview with Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers. Back cover has full color ad for release of the Grateful Dead's Wake of the Flood LP; back cover has some wrinkles, otherwise clean, $5.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #149, 12/6/73, feature issue is article "The Allman Bros. Story"; nice cover with painting of Gregg Allman; also contains Ralph Steadman art of Dallas '73; Bob Dylan tour, and Part II of the Daniel Ellsberg interview. Nice and clean, but with minor wrinkles at bottom front and back covers, $8.50. (*)

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #310, 2/7/80, Fleetwood Mac article and cover with Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks, articles on the Police and Dustin Hoffman; small tear in upper margin of back cover; otherwise clean $5.00.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #335, 1/22/81, John Lenon memorial issue published shortly after his death, cover featuring a nude John hugging Yoko; lots of reminiscences about John's death. Front cover nice, back cover has paper age and a missing corner piece, otherwise clean. Important issue. $6.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue #415, 2/16/84, special Beatles anniversary issue with nice color cover featuring vintage photo of the Fab Four; inside articles on Beatles, Beatlemania, other Beatles-related items. Nice condition $6.

Berkeley Barb, vol 4, No 16, April 21-27, 1967; earlier and more interesting issue, front featuring photo of not particularly attractive nude woman at a nude beach; usual politically oriented articles; as usual I think the ads are the most interesting part, includes places such as the Print Mint, Michael McClure's "The Beard," and back page has a nice handbill-size B & W card sized reproduction of the FD 58 "Gold Rush" image by Rick Griffin for a Quicksilver show at the Avalon Ballroom. Good condition, $15.00.

Berkeley Barb, vo1 14, No 2, 1/14-20/1972, Issue focusing on Joseph Alioto taking over as mayor of San Francisco; usual political stuff that typified the Barb at this time, basically in good shape, usual yellowing and light fraying on some of the inner pages from careless re-folding, one small tear in center of cover but all paper is present; $10.00.

The Black Panther Black Community News Service, vol 2, #30, April 20, 1969, newspaper published by the Black Panther Party, cover photos of Huey Newton and Eldridge Cleaver, lots of articles on the Panther's views on things at the time, very radical, this came in a batch of other 60s paper so I'll put it out here for collectors of 60s political stuff. I have seen prices all over the spectrum on these, so I'll put a mid range price of $65 on it and see what happens.

Rock Magazine, fairly early music magazine in foldover format like vintage Rolling Stone, but more focused on just music.

Sundaze, local Santa Cruz counterculture newspaper published weekly from 1970 to1972, with usual mixture of local events, some interesting art, usual counterculture rants, and local event calendars; these apparently were distributed locally and are rather uncommon, I had not seen this publication before:

Trouser Press Collectors' Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 2, Nov/Dec 1978; early record collector's magazine; newspaper-type format; feature article on "colored vinyl--a chronological survey." 2 copies, nice condition, slight paper age but clean, $3.00 each. (*)

Aardvark Papers #1, 1970, underground comix magazine published in Salt Lake City, Utah; underground comic tabloid featuring black and white artwork by Rob Brown (artist of the 1970 Salt Lake City Pink Floyd, Traffic, Moody Blues concert posters, as well as plenty of late 60s Berkeley Barb covers & comix, Yellow Dog #15, Promethean Enterprises with Griffin, Moscoso, Irons, Shubb, etc.), Neil Passey (created a huge number of SLC concert posters along with a few illos in Promethean Enterprises #3, etc.), Pat Eddington (front and back covers), Mike Evans, Al Davoren (Promethean Enterprises, etc.) and others...- Aging in the paper, otherwise clean; first / only printing, only 2,000 or so printed. NM $ 75.00.

Vedette Rock, Vol. 1, No 5 (10/78), French Rock Magazine with articles in French on Alice Cooper, Clapton, Johnny Cash, Yes, UK ... $8.00

Mucchio Selvaggio, Italian rock magazine; text in Italian

Record World magazine, 12/20/80 cover date; features color cover of John Lennon 1940-80; published very soon after his death, $4.50.

City Miner Magazine (Berkeley, CA), Vol. 3, #1 (Issue #8), 1978, fairly short-lived and obscure music/culture magazine out of Berkeley; this issue is cool because it has Country Joe McDonald on the cover and contains an exclusive interview with Joe as well as the usual bits about the music/cultural scene in the East Bay at the time. Neat item the first one of these periodicals that I have had, very nice VG++ condition, $12.00.

BAM Magazine (Bay Area Music), Issue #43 (11/17/78); great Grateful Dead issue of this local free magazine that chronicled the local San Francisco music scene for many years. Has great color cover with image of a skeleton stepping over the pyramids; includes article by Mickey Hart on the 1978 Egypt Tour, also article on "The Magical Art of Kelley and Mouse" by Jack McDonough; reviews of records, and so on. Interesting reading. Have 2 very clean copies of this issue, $15 each. (*)

Guitar Player Magazine

Thunder Road, Vol. I, Number II, Nov. 1978; early Springsteen fanzine; B & W magazine format with photos; probably had a pretty limited distribution; nice clean copy $10.

Backstreets Magazine, magazine devoted to Bruce Springsteen, loads of articles and pix on the Boss. Have the following issues available; your choice $6 each:

Photo Album: Special annual photo issue put out by Relix Magazine: contains current and vintage photos of rock bands and artists; lots of nice photography here. Have the following issues available, your choice $7.00 each:

Relix Magazine, back issues your choice $6.00 each. These are in really nice condition from an old collection:

Strange Things Happening, Vol. 1, No 2 (June 1988) UK music magazine with feature article on Iggy & the Stooges, also Giant Sand, The Shamen, Richard Brautigan, Wire, others, record reviews, the usual. Nice magazine, interesting and well done, clean with minimal wear, $12.

Creem Magazine, Sept. 1988, Rod Stewart cover and feature article, also articles on the Georgia Satellites, Thomas Dolby, and "The Uncensored Iggy Pop." Minor wear, $5.00.

Kulture, Vol. 1, No. 2, (San Diego-based, mid learning1990s). Interesting locally produced magazine with lots of color and graphics; Iggy Pop cover with articles on Iggy, Combustible Edison, Meat Puppets, others. Don't think this mag lasted very long; nice interesting item, $10.

City Paper (Pittsburgh, PA) Vol 5, Issue #26 (6/28-7/7/1995), local Pittsburgh news & entertainment free paper, featuring article on the Grateful Dead who were playing some summer tour gigs in Pittsburgh at the time; nice color Dead-themed cover with a pseudo-poster for the gig and articles on the Dead's 30th anniversary tour; interesting perspective from another part of the country; good condition with minor paper discoloration, $10.

Southland Blues magazine, V 8 #7 (June 1997) local blues mag with cover photo of "Bay Area guitar hero" Tommy Castro, $5.00

Southland Blues magazine, V 8 #9 (Sept. 1997) local blues mag with cover photo of Texas guatar sinter Long John Hunter, $5.00.

Blue Suede News, V2 #2 (April 1987), roots rock mag from the Pacific Norothwest; blues and rock calendars for the month, feature article on the Neville Brothers, others on the Duckcs, Sun Jay records, whatever. NM $5.00

Living Blues magazine, V 2 #5 (Sept. 1971); early issue of this respected blues magazine with B & W cover photo of the great Lowell Fulson; articles on Skip James, Robert Johnson, King Biscuit Time, and Pepper's Lounge; very nice condition, $20.


"Biggest Rock and Roll Show of 56," presented by Super Attraction, featuring early R & R pioneers including Bill Haley & the Comets, the Platters, Clyde Mc Phatter, La Vern Baker, Joe Turner, The Teenagers featuring Frankie Lymon, The Teen Queens, Bo Diddley, the Drifters, and others; 24-pp souvenir program with photos and bios of all the artists, plus color cardboard coves with photos, great images and graphics and in excellent condition, asking $100. For illustrations, click here, here, here, and here.

Herman's Hermits, 1966 Tour Book, 28 pp tour book for 1966 tour, 12 x 12 color covers with the usual black and white photos and add information included along with it, includes torn off TICKET STUB for show at San Jose Civic Auditorium on 7/2/1966! Tape marks in upper corner of front cover where original owner taped the ticket stub on to it, otherwise VG+ or so overall, $25.

Fillmore East program booklet, 12/27-28/1968 featuring Butterfield Blues Band, Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Sweetwater, Mike Bloomfield/Al Kooper & Friends Super session, standard Fillmore East type program with David Byrd cover, inside has band bios & ads for various performers of the day; slight age but basically in good shape, $25.

Allman Brothers Band / Gregg Allman Band, original Capricorn records official promotional packet circa early-mid 1970s; in cream colored folder with Capricory logo on front, inside contains a 1972 vintage promotional bio of the Allman Brothers band (post-Duane, but includes Berry Oakley and all the other original members) and another of the Gregg Allman band, slightly later. Also contains 3 original 8 x 10 B&W promo photos, one of the ABB, one of the Gregg Allman band, and one of just Greg. Everything is very nice condition, a great item for Allman collectors, $60.

Richard (Dickey) Betts, 1974, original Capricorn / Peaches records promotional package; consists of Capricorn / Peaches cover with promotional bio of Betts inside; probably had photos with it but they weren't in the package when I got it; still a nice item for an Allmans fan, excellend condition $10.

Metallica with San Francisco Symphony, 4/21-22/1999, Berkeley Community Theatre, 8.5" 11 B & W fold-over program; front page on glossy stock with reverse image logos and lettering; angular design, not bad; interior has info on the performers and show selections; typical program fare; these were handed out at the shows. 1 copy, NM- $20.

Metallica, Moonalice, 9/11/2009, Marin Veterans' Memorial Auditorium, San Rafael, CA; nice program for the special benefit concert given by Metallica to benefit the now-defunct "Marin Rocks" project developed by the Marin History Museum which ultimately became a big local scandal due to inadequate funding and poor management. Nice 5.5" x 7" program with cover image of one of the show posters and insert with credits, show info, etc. Nice souvenir for this very local benefit featuring one of Marin's best known resident bands, 7 NM copies available, $20.00 each. (*)

Jerry Garcia Band, 10/15/87, Lunt-Fontaine Theatre, Broadway, New York; "Playbill" theatre program for this famous round of "Jerry Garcia on Broadway" shows; cover has photo of Garcia dressed in Magician's robes and a guitar neck rising from a hat; inside has info on the band, and other NY theatre articles; nice and popular Garcia collectible, NM condition, $50.

Beatles, USA Limited 1965 Tour Program, 30 pages (incl. covers), black border on front cover with color photo of the band; I am not a Beatles expert by any means so this is identified based on internet sources; I don't know whether or not this was ever reprinted or bootlegged, can't find anything on line saying that it was ever reprinted, but it has the look and feel of the real thing, condition would be a solid VG+ with light edge wear on the covers, otherwise clean. Cool item, asking $45,

Paul McCartney, World Tour 1989, this is actually more like a magazine than a traditional tour book, almost 100 pages of text, ads, photos, much more meat in this than the typical tour book, copy is used, looks like it has been read a bit, with cover wear and some minor cover creases; 3 copies NM/NM-; $10. (*)

The Rolling Stones, 1973 Tour in Hawaii; tour book with front cover of airbrushed tropical clouds, sky and palm trees; inside the usual photos typical in souvenir tour books. This one must be a fairly uncommon tour book as the Stones played only a few gigs in Hawaii in 1973; 2 copies left, 1 NM $35, 1 with a bit of cover wear and a scuff line on cover, otherwise clean, $17. (*)

Rolling Stones, 1975 Tour of the Americas, nice 9" x 14" 28-page tour program, color cover with great photo of Mick at the mike, back cover with the tour logo of a flying eagle with jet engines; black and white photos and tour info inside; one pinhole through top of program, couple of little dirt smudges on the back, otherwise clean, nice mid-70's Stones tour item, $15.

The Rolling Stones in Concert, 1982, by Linda Martin (Crescent Books); Hardcover book of photos of the Stones from all their various periods in chronological order, arranged by time period; many nice photos, with text, list of concert tours since the beginning, and a discography. Nice hardbound volume, excellent shape, $16.00.

Bob Dylan and Santana, Europe 1984 tour program, nice 9.5" x 13" 28 page tour book with lots of photos of the artists by Jim Marshall and other photographers, some text, list of tour dates, etc. Nice cover credited to David Costa but very reminiscent of David Singer's style, Minor age shading along lower edge of front cover, otherewise very clean, $14.50.

Ronnie Lane appeal for ARMS, North American Tour 1983, nice 9.25" x 14" 24 pp glossy color program for these multpile sclerosis benefit tours that featured Lane, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimmie Page, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Joe Cocker, and others--shows were held in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. Very nice program for this all star group, $20.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer, souvenir tour program 1977, black "ELP" cover like the album released at that time; inside has usual photos, info. on the band and the tour. $12.00.

Yes, 1980 "Yesshows" Tour (US/Canada/UK), 24 page color program with Roger Dean lettering on cover and scene of desert in purple shades with light beige rocks jutting in distance, NM $12.

Yes, 1984, North American Tour, 20-pp color program with brick red color and blue map of US, nice program, NM- $15.

Genesis, 1983-84, "The Mama Tour," US, nice color 24-page full color program, NM- condition, $12.

Phil Collins, 1985, "No Jacket Required" Tour, World Tour, 30-pp color program, mostly color, NM-/VG+ very slight cover wear, $10.

Moody Blues, 1979(?) (Possibly 78 or 80), "Octave" Tour; color/b&w 20 pp tour book with photo of band on cover, inside notes 30-city tour in support of "Octave" LP but does not give dates or cities. NM- $12.

Journey, 1981 "Escape" Tour, Japanese-Language version, 30 pp, mostly b & w inside with some color, great cover art by Kelley & Mouse, NM- $25.

Steve Miller Band, 1977 tour book, 40 pp with color cover color by Kelley & Mouse featuring the famous "Pegasus" design, inside with lots of photos, partial diagonal cover crease in lower RH corner, $10.

J. Geils Band, Freeze Frame Tour, 1981, 24-pp. oversize tour book for this tour at the peak of this band's popularity. Nice color cover with film strip theme., NM- $12.

Bruce Springsteen, World Tour 1984-1985, 9 x 12 32 page color program with the usual tour info, photos of the Boss knockin' 'em dead, and so on. Nice condition, $12.50.

Bruce Springsteen, 1984, "Born in the USA Tour," nice oversize 30 pp tour book for this famous tour; cover with photo of jumping Springsteen over an American Flag background, inside mixed color/B & W with text detailing chronology of the band, $15.

Bruce Springsteen, Visions of America, by Adam Sweeting, 1985; another softcover 62-pp trade publication, in softcover format; bios, photos of the Boss. $5.00.

The Boss, A Special Souvenir Tribute to Bruce Springsteen, circa 1985; still another softbound souvenir-type publication with bio information, color photos, nice high quality stock; British publication, very nice NM condition $7.00.

"Heroes of Rock and Roll" TV special, 1979, this is an 8-sheet 8.5 x 11" blue, black and white program on stiff cardboard that publicized a TV special hosted by Jeff Bridges on ABC- TV on 2/9/1979, with photos of the greats from Berry to Bowie...probably some kind of a promo item. NM $6.00.


Rolling Stones, 1965, original sheet music for "I Can't Get No Satifaction," great blue and black cover with photos of all the original Stones, including Brian Jones. List price 75 cents, so an early printing in absolutely beautiful condition, NM/NM- $50.

Joni Mitchell/Crosby Stills Nash & Young, 1969-70, original sheet music for "Woodstock" as performed by CSNY; nice ohoto of CSNY on the front; 3-hole punched for inclusion in a music binder; otherwise average age, nice remembrance of the original Woodstock festival, $12.00

Led Zeppelin, 1972, original sheet music for "Stairway to Heaven," full complete, has blue cover with photo of each member of Zeppelin. Great Zepp item. Unfortunately it has 3 holes drilled at LH for insertion into a 3-ring binder; not sure whether or not it came that way but probably not, otherwise excellent condition. $50.

Gypsy, 1970, original sheet music book for this obscure album and band, now considered a collectible LP. Containing music and lyrics for the entire album, this book features a beautiful Cover featuring Alphonse Much art, similar to the album cover. Very nice and scarce item; excellentt VG++ condition, $15.

Doobie Brothers, 1973, original sheet music for "Long Train Runnin'" VG/VG+ with some general age; some one has added some musical annotations on the music in pencil which could be erased if desired, I suppose, but is kind of interesting as is. Asking $7.

Fleetwood Mac, 1982, original sheet music for "Gypsy," color cover photo of Christine and Stevie embracing Lindsey Buckingham, $5.

Fleedwood Mac, 1982, original sheet music for "Hold Me"; color portrait of band by Lindsey Buckingham from a band photo, NM; 3 copies available $5 each. (*)

Stevie Nicks, 1986, original sheet music for "I Can't Wait" featuring a turquoise cover with a B & W photo of Stevie with big hair singing aggressively into a microphone, 2 NM copies $5 each. (*)

Fleetwood Mac, 1987, original sheet music for "Seven Wonders," odd color photo of the band on the front; NM condition, $5.


Grateful Dead Almanac, lot of 29 issues, mostly from the 1990s with some duplication in dates; these are the periodic newspapers that the Dead would send out to advertise new merchandise, and other ventures; more than just a product list, with bits of news and whatever else they think seems to fit. Nice set, hard to find runs of them like this; SOLD AS A LOT ONLY. Nice condition, interesting. Asking $90.

Yazoo Records catalog - "The Most Comprehensive Collection of Historical Acoustic Blues." Original issue (circa early 90's to 1993); 8 3/8" x 10 27/32" with 20 pages of slick paper. Front cover features five or six R. Crumb acoustic blues LP covers in full color along with several non-Crumb acoustic blues covers, deep blue background / border. Interior black and white pages includes many LP covers with artwork by Robert Crumb (R. Crumb) along with plenty of black and white photos of the blues greats Charley Patton, Mississippi John Hurt, Big Bill Broonzy, Bo Cart, Reverend Gary Davis, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Furry Lewis, Blind Boy Fuller, Charlie Patton, Lightnin' Hopkins, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Tampa Red, Ma Rainey, Albert King, etc. Would be a nice addition to the library of a country blues fan or record collector; nice NM $20.

Firesign Theatre, circa 1993, flyer/program from their 25th Anniversary Reunion Tour; 5 x 7 B & W 4-page foldover; front cover has a drawing of the 4 of them dressed up like animals; inside has program info and ads for Bear Whiz Beer, Loosner's Castor Oil Flakes, Ralph Spoilsport Motors, and other legendary figures from the Firesign Theatre. 2 copies NM- $6.00 each (*)

Monster Company, 1973-75; this was Stanley Mouse's T-Shirt company through which he produced and sold his fantastic early T-Shirt designs. For a couple of years, Monster issued catalogs with color illustrations of the shirts offered; these are cool mini-compendiums of Stanley's T-Shirt designs. 1973 full size catalog, NM $7.00 (Catalog #2) (*)

THE GOSPEL OF JOHN - 24 Page Christian Publication featuring numerous full color and black and white illustrations by Rick Griffin - Originally published as a newsprint tabloid, this is the later slick paper version which first appeared in 1980 - This copy is from one of the later printings (possibly from the 1990's or early 2000's, since it has a website listed on the back cover) that appeared prior to the recent republication of the work as a hardcover book and smaller booklet - 8 1/4" x 10 57/64" - Full color front and back covers by Rick Griffin, full color "Hosanna" illustration in the centerfold along with Rick Griffin illustrations on every page within (that makes 24 pages with Rick Griffin artwork, integrated into the text - Quality paper and printing - Uncommon & getting scarcer in this format since the new editions came out in 2008. A really beautiful example of Rick Griffin's art, NM, 25.00.

Steve Miller, 1988, program/flyer for "Born 2B Blue" tour; color with photo of Miller in suit and tie playing guitar on cover; lotsa info, ads, and tour dates inside. Very commerical. VG/VG+ $1.25.

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