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Last updated 6/25/2021

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Continental Club, Austin Texas, February 1983, ORIGINAL HAND DRAWN B & W ARTWORK for a monthly calendar flyer for this legendary Austin music club. Artists featured that month include Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble, Butch Hancock, Leroi Brothers, bluesman W.C. Clark, and others. Artwork is 18" x 24" black india ink on art paper, all hand lettered with some cartoon drawing including one of George Washington(!). Artist's credit is "Ranza and Barbara Inc. In Friona." For an illustration, click here. This is a rather remarkable item from the heyday of the Austin club scene, featuring its most famous bar band player (Stevie Ray Vaughn) in one of the most legendary clubs in a town full of them. Asking $600 for this item; truly one of a kind.

Savoy Brown, Atomic Rooster, Chicken Shack, 11/8/1971, Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX; very attractive and scarce poster by Austin artist Bill Narum. Size approx 17.5" x 22.5" on fairly thin off-white stock, pink background with dark, purple-blue border, nice background of concentric circles with stars in the center, and a drawing of a woman in the center, sort of 40s cartoon style, dangling a cigarette with a quotation baloon saying "wang dang doodle." Very nicely done. Poster is basically NM but for a very teeny worn spot in the lower LH corner, far outside the image where a little corner paper has worn away. Hardly noticeable at all and very unobtrusive, would be invisible if framed. Nice poster, asking $325.

"Inner Tube" Surf Shop, 1974, Austin; Texas; promotional poster for "Austin's Only Surf Shop" by Texas Artist Rick Turner; kinda funny, but this is a really nice poster, folks--about 12 x 18; with central image of tropical island, palm trees and surfer. Clearly a strong Rick Griffin incluence, especially in the choice and blending of colors, but distinctive too. A really fine image; $50.

New Riders of the Purple Sage, 3/1-2/1974, Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX; 11.5" x 17.5" B & W image by Michael Arth with a drawing of Mt. Rushmore with the New Riders faces on the mountain; nice mid-70s NRPS poster, NM/NM- $60.

Greezy Wheels, Too Smooth, 10/31-11/1, Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX; 11 x 17 image by Jim Franklin with pale orange background; B & W center image with cross-hatched drawing of orange pumpkin carved with the image of an armadillo; cool poster, NM $60.

Asleep at the Wheel, Greezy Wheels, 12/31/1975, New Years Eve, Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX; 11.5" x 17.5" on glossy poster stock; cool image by Danny Garrett of a vehicle that appears to be a hybrid between an old Western stagecoach and a modern chopper motorcycle with a load of speakers on top. Purple drawing with orange to yellow horizontal split fountain over the lettering. Cool poster, NM $70.00.

Uranium Savages, 5/29/1976, Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX, "3rd Annual George Majewski Look Alike contest, 12" x 18" B & W poster with great images by Kerry Awn of Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Newman, one standard image and a second of Alfred E with long hair and a beard. Neat drawing. Light restoration, corner repair etc, looks like a clean VG+ poster as restored, Asking $65.

Bob Weir (Grateful Dead), 7/27/1978, Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX, 11.5" x 17.5" nice black and dark yellow image by Guy Juke with great line drawing of Bobby Weir looking handsome and pensive, very nice and detailed, with nice lettering in a faintly art-deco style, not sure exactly how to describe it, very nice vintage portrait of Weir is the cool thing. Condition VG/VG+; some overall paper age and a few bits of damage in the margin area single tack hole in corners, couple of spots where tape was carefully removed, minor margin ding at top. Decent copy overall, $235.

Austin Chronicle Music Awards, Austin, Texas, 3/3/1983, Club Foot, Austin, TX, featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Ely, Joe "King" Carrasco, Paul Ray, others; 11.5" x 15" on thick poster stock; image by Guy Juke featuring piano keys on left, and yellow/green/blue split fountain on the right with white-on black lettering featuring this who's who of vintage Austin music. NM-; very faint discoloration in upper LH and lower LH corner area, otherwise very clean. Rare poster for this important annual awards event. $295.

Clifton Chenier, 9/26-30/1978, Antone's, Austin, TX; 11 x 17 poster by Danny Garret; reverse image of Chenier playing his accordion, with black background and orange-to-green split fountain lettering at the top for Antone's and date. Original poster (Antone's has reprinted a lot of stuff), VG+; minor surface wear, but overall nice, no pinholes, $165.00.

Albert Collins, Albert King, 11/4-5/1983, Antone's, Austin, TX.; 11 x 17 poster by Danny Garret for these two blues legends at an equally legendary blues club; B & W on thick glossy poster stock with very nice drawings of both artists and faintly art-deco lettering, like a 1940s style poster. Original (Antones has reprinted a lot of stuff). NM-/VG+; $165.00

Farm Aid II, 7/4/1986, Memorial Stadium, University of Texas, Austin, TX; 11"x 17" typeset poster in red, white, and blue with image of a tractor with a musical note as the rear wheel, with an American flag flying from the stem of the note. Small typeset list of a gazillion major bands and artists, including Neil Young, The Blasters, Dave Mason, X, Brian Setzer, Steppenwolf, Los Lobos, Stevie Ray Vaughan, the Fabulous T-Birds, Roger McGuinn, Arlo Guthrie, Kris Kristofferson, John Bon Jovi, Nils Lofgren, Taj Mahal, Ron Wood & Keith Richards, Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Sissy Spacek, Tommy Lee Jones, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and... Bob Dylan! This is only a partial listing, there are a LOT more artists, including a lot of them from Texas; check the internet for a complete list of artists who actually played this event (not sure all of them did, but the vast majority of those listed appear to have actually played there). Anyway, here's a VG+ copy of this important poster; single tack hole top & bottom center; otherwise clean. $395.

Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Ruth Brown, The Clovers, Chuck Jackson, Bonnie Raitt, mc Margot Kidder, 10/14-15/1988, Austin Opera House, Austin, TX; "R & B Benefit Concert," benefit for the Rhythm and Blues Foundation. very large approx 25" x 29 " B & W poster with nice image of a dancing woman in an old style country or almost flamenco dress, by Julie Speed, signed by the artist, very nice Stevie Ray Vaughn item with classic Austin lineup from the peak of his career. NM $325.

John Fogerty, 8/10/2004, Austin City Limits, KLRU Studio 6A, Austin, TX; fabulous limited edition poster commemorating the 30th anniversary of this long running TV show; approx. 15" x 24." Silkscreened on thick stock brilliant yellow to red split fountain center background; center image of a skeleton with a sombrero playing a guitar, purple rays spread out to an ornate border. Limited edition signed and numbered by the artist, Brian Salvador Curley, this poster is numbered 36/150 and is in beautiful NM condition, $175.00.

The Stooges, Spoon, Kings of Leon, Paolo Nutini, A Fine Frenzy, 3/17/2007, Stubbs, Austin, TX (SXSW 2007). Although fairly recent, this poster is really cool and one of the best Iggy posters I've seen, ever. 15" x 20" on thick cardboard stock, background has small black and red circular bands radiating from the center, with a brown and black image of Iggy taken from a photo; in the front is what looks like a spiked dog collar dangling from a chain, with the lettering in red in the center. Asking $225; great item for framing.


Grateful Dead, 9/14-16/78, Great Pyramid, EGYPT; this is an original copy of Alton Kelley's masterpiece with the Great Pyramid in the center and a winged face (I forget what the correct term for this figure is) all rendered in exquisite detail and in beautiful full psychedelic color. Lettering in English and Arabic at the bottom. And it is personally signed in sharpie by Bobby Weir of the Grateful Dead, nice signature at the bottom in the block area containing the Arabic lettering. (Note that I do not purport to be a handwriting expert, but I have seen Weir signatures in the past and the handwriting is similar to this one, plus here on the Dead's home turf in Marin County there is not reason to think that this would not be authentic as Dead signatures are not infrequently encountered here.) Condition-wise, the front is very nice NM/NM- with bold colors; oddly the reverse shows noticeable paper browning, like maybe this poster was stored upside down with the back exposed to light, or possibly put into contact with acid paper in storage. In any case, it is a nice copy of this iconic poster, one of Kelley's finest, asking $650.

MC5, Chuck Berry, Sun Ra, Dr. John the Night Tripper, Johnny Winter, Stooges, Terry Reid, Amboy Dukes, Rationals, James Gang, numerous others, 5/30-31/1969, Michigan State Fairgrounds, "Detroit Rock & Roll Revival" poster by Gary Grimshaw; 17" x 22" poster by the late Gary Grimshaw; one of Gary's real masterpieces with color shading and lettering and a center design reminiscent of Rick Griffin's Aoxomoxoa poster. For illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 3.138. This copy grades about VG; no pinholes but several creases from careless rolling and a 2" tear that someone tried to fix with some tape on the reverse side, not too noticeable. Colors are strong and bold and this copy would frame up very nicely. An uncommon poster and very attractive, asking $375.

Turner Falls Pop Festival, 8/879/1970, Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma, listing performers including The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, Mason Proffit, Bloodrock, Pacific Gas & Electric, Sugarloaf, Others; 14.5" x 22" B & W on thick cardboard stock, like a boxing style poster. Big hand flashing the peace sign at the lower corner, with the words "2 days of Peace and Music" (yes, this was shortly after Woodstock....). Another one I keep thinking was in the AOR but I can't find it now. Very rare and interesting poster because this festival was cancelled and never happened. There's an interesting article on it that I found online. Meanwhile, here's a very rare poster, clean except for minor paper age and a 1" by one-half inch or so missing piece of board in the diagonal corner. Asking $400 for this, probably aren't many of these still left around.

Movie Poster, "Go Go Mania," 1965, American International Pictures (AIP), large format movie poster for this music-oriented movie featuring The Beatles, Spencer Davis Group, Matt Monro, The Animals, Herman's Hermits, The Rockin' Berries, The Four Pennies, The Nashville Teens, The Fourmost, The Honeycombs, Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas, Peter and Gordon, Billie Davis Sounds Incorporated, and Tommy Quickly and the San Remo Four....whew!!! "The International Beat That's Rockin' the World." Top shows views of four mop-top kids from the eyes up, reverse white on black lettering for the groups, go-go girls at the sides and bottoms. Neat period piece. Folded in eighths for distribution but otherwise in good shape, VG+ or so overall. Would look great framed for a room with a British Invasion or 60's hipster theme. $100.

Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan, 11/28/1989, Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque, NM; great 19" x 26" silkscreen poster on thick black stock; silver-gray inner border and center lettering in dark blue, with guitars showing Indian symbols and other Indian motifs. Signed and numbered by artist Brian Salvador Curley, #34/100. NM-, a few minor storage wrinkles, not bad overall, asking $225.00

Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention, Eleventh House featuring Larry Coryell, 11/18/1975, Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor, MI.; 11x 17 poster; white lettering and photo on purplish wine-colored background, cool close-up photo of Zappa's face, with a hand reaching out twirling his mustache, I guess...nice NM- copy, slight insignificant corner crease in lower RH corner, otherwise very clean. First copy of this poster I've seen, $225.

Cream, MC5, Rationals, 10/14/1967, the late Gary Grimshaw's masterpiece, sometimes known as the "Creamsickle" poster, featuring a yellow background, psychedelic green lettering and photo of the band members, pink center background, a classic; originals are super rare and go for thousands of dollars. For illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 3.132. Gary reprinted this poster in 1992 in conjunction with L'Imagerie Gallery in Southern California; this is a really nice NM copy of this authorized reprint, personally signed by Gary; would frame beautifully or fill that hole in your collection until you win the lottery and can afford to bid on an original next time one comes up at auction, this copy only $100.

Mike Bloomfield, If, Grease Ball Boogie, 9/12/1973, Halifax Forum, Halifax, Nova Scotia; presented by Dalhousie Student Union; 18 x 22; light purple on thin white paper, mostly just typeset lettering with a graphic at top; one horizontal fold across center. Otherwise clean. Unusual venue, $32.00

War with Lee Oskar, Quicksilver Messenger Service, John Mayall, Mahogany Rush, Journey, Buddy Miles and His Earth Rockers, Danny Cox, Gran Max, 7/10/1971(?), -America Fairground, Topeka, Kansas; date assigment is not certain; possibly also 1976 but 1971 seems to fit better with Quicksilver although $8 admission fee is a bit steep for that year. 11"x 17" d lettering on white poster stock mixture of typeset and had lettering; top has drawing of long haired guy with a big hat and a T-Shirt saying "Boogie on it kicking out his very long legs. Good band lineup; unusual venue. 4 copies NM- or so, $48.00 each. (*)

"Celebration for Young Americans," 1/21/1989, Washington, DC, this was a special concert billed as a tribute to rhythm and blues artists, in connection with the "bicentennial presidential inaugural" of Bush I (I kid you not!) in 1989, and featured an incredible lineup of artists including Ruth Brown, Steve Cropper, Joe Cocker, Albert Collins, Bo Diddley, Willie Dixon. Donald "Duck" Dunn, Anton Fig, Eddie Floyd, Chuck Jackson, Etta James, Dr. John, Delbert McClinton, Sam Moore, the New Jersey Horns, Billy Preston, Percy Sledge, Koko Taylor, Jimmy Vaughn, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble, Joe Louis Walker, and Ron Wood, with other artists including Lafayette Leake, Cash McCall.....an incredible lineup. Supposedly the video of this event, once thought lost, is available via internet sources. This is an 18" x 24" poster, nice scratchboard-type image with white stars on black sky and white instruments, with ribbon lettering spelling out R & BG; typeset lettering at the bottom. Very nice poster for an incredible lineup, NM- $150.

"Grand Ole' Opry," "Direct From Nashville, Tennessee," with Leroy Van Dyke, Susan Haney, the Auctioneers Band, and Clem Appleknocker, 7/7/1962 or 1973, Norman County Fair, Ada, OK; classic boxing-style poster with black and orange background, photos of all the performers, event dates and location at the top. For an image of this poster, click here. There are internet references to these folks playing together in 1973 at another venue, but the poster looks like something from the mid-60s so I am not entirely sure which date it is. Asking $150, reasonable for an old boxing style poster. Extra shipping charge as must be shipped flat.

Denny's Music, 1970 Promotional poster for Portland music equipment store - Artwork by late, great Catherine E. Weinstein (aka Thunderbitch aka Hedda Goldspace), 21 3/16" x 15" - Low print run due to the electric spectrum of vibrant colors, likely only 200 to 500 max. This copy came from Weinstein's personal archive following her demise in 2003. VG/VG+ clean but has a 9" diagonal crease at upper left corner of image area. $200.00.

The Outer Edge, circa 1968-1969, promotional poster for Oregon band / A&M Enterprises for Headwater Booking - 17 1/2" x 23" - Artwork by "Hedda Goldspace, The Cosmic Galootess" (the late, great Catherine E. Weinstein aka Thunderbitch); untrimmed - full colors! (yellow, dark purple, light purple, dark turquoise, orange, white and black). Shows Photo of band surrounded by artwork & artistic lettering, NM-/VG+ condition, $235.00

Cold Blood, Stoneground, 6/20-21/1971, Springer's, Portland, OR; 12"x 21.5" design by the late Bruce Weber, arguably his best/most colorful image with collage featuring old-timey image of women and young girls, with the famous photo of Geronimo in the background. This one shows a lot of influence from Randy Tuten's style. These two copies are from the 1989 limited edition second printing of 300 done by Weber and were PERSONALLY SIGNED by Weber "copyright Bruce F. Weber 1971" vertically in the yellow margin. One is a standard trimmed version and the other has a 1/4" white margin around the edge, very nice image, NM- $200 each. (*)

The Band, 11/9/1983, Glenn Miller Ballroom, Boulder, CO; 11.25 x 17.7" advertising poster for what is billed as a "reunion tour" show, with B & W image of the group in the middle and typeset lettering on brown stock. Nondescript typical commercial advertising poster, with school posting stamp in in upper center image, front VG, back has numerous old tape pulls and stains, one of which shows through slightly when placed over a dark background; basically an unusual Band item for collectors of that band, $35.

Theo Bikel, 5/3-4/63, Lisner Auditorium, George Washington University, Washington, DC; presented by Sol Hurok; 14" x 22" poster on thick cardboard stock with photo of Bikel playing guitar and boxing-style imprint letters. printed by Artcraft Litho, New York. For illustration of the image, click here. Nice VG+ condition with corner pinholes and slight general age; nice overall. Interesting very early, very rare poster for this jazz/folk artist. Asking $160. This includes charge for flat rate shipping since this will have to be shipped flat rather than rolled in a tube.

Ann Arbor Blues Festival, 20th Anniversary Celebration, 1972-1992, featuring Bonnie Raitt, Archie Shepp, Al Green, Charles Brown, James Cotton, Maria Muldaur, Son Seals, Snooky Pryor, Sonny Rollins, Robert Jr. Lockwood, and many others, 9/11-13/1992, various venues around Ann Arbor, Mich; nice poster by Gary Grimshaw, similar to the posters he did for the first Ann Arbor festivals in the early 1970s, dark blue outer border, orange accent line and purplish iner border, with photos of the best known performers and typeset lettering at the bottom. This copy is NM and is SIGNED in person by the late Gary Grimshaw in silver ink at the bottom. Nice attractive poster and signature, $65.

Bob Gibson, Tom Paxton, Odetta, Peter Rowan, John Sebastian, Jeremy Steig, Happy Traum, Peter Yarrow, Ram Dass, others, 9/20/80, Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, "Sing Out for Sight" benefit for SEVA foundation, 17.5" x 23" black & white poster featuring blown up Rick Griffin drawing (not credited, but unmistakeable) image of three eyeballs playing guitar, autoharp, and banjo, cool item, strong VG+ $75.

Beatles, "Let It Be" movie promotional poster, circa 1971; 14 x 21 poster in red and black with photos of the beatles from the LP of same name and red lettering against a black background. Says "Apple An Abkco Managed Company Presents Let It Be'"; United Artists logo at bottome, printed in Belgium but text and logos are all in English. I don't know much about Beatles memorabilia but perhaps one of you readers has more infomation on this item and will let me know. Definitely looks vintage, though. Nice NM- condition; asking $200.

Kris Kristofferson, Billy Swan, 3/20/80(?)--a guess--could also be 1975 or 1986, Tipitina's, New Orleans, classic 14 x 22 boxing style poster from this famous venue for this folk-singer- turned-movie-star; read & blue lettering on white cardboard stock with a vintage photo of a smiling Kris (a little grey in his beard, but mostly dark haired at this point). Super cool looking poster and a must-have for any fans or collectors of his material. Condition VG+/VG; a couple of staple pull marks; this one literally must have been pulled off a telephone pole, but the overall condition is nice and the staple pulls give it somewhat of an air of authenticity. Very cool poster, $85. Ask for a photo if you're interested in it...

Eric Clapton/Delaney & Bonnie, circa 1970; generic European Tour poster; large size typical for these posters, featuring old timey photo of Delaney & Bonnie and lettering that looks a little like Randy Tuten. Poster is for Lippmann + Rau concerts. No specific gig imprinted. This is a pretty neat poster and a real score for any Clapton fan; 1 copy NM $300.

Rolling Stones, American Tour 1972, large European-sized tour poster featuring Airplane tail with Stones' "lips" logo on it; for illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 4.263. 2 copies available; #1 has a 1" tear in left margin and a stain in the lower corner area outside the image; $200; copy #2 is cleaner but has a wrinkled & worn area in the upper LH corner which to my way of thinking detracts more than the stuff on the first copy, only $125. (*)

Led Zeppelin, 1977?, movie poster for movie "The Song Remains the Same," large movie- poster size with black background, Zeppelin lettering like on the LP, and drawing featuring airplrt, airplane, guitarist, other things. Folded as is typical for movie posters, otherwise VG+ or so; a few minor storage flaws, $100.

The Doors, 3/1/1969 (1986 reprint), Dinner Key Auditorium, Miami, FL; approx 12.5" x 19.5"; great classic photo of the Doors from one of the early LPs; dark blue & white in the faces, red background. 1982 copyright indicates that it is a later printing; $50.

National Marijuana Day Sixth Annual Great Atlanta Pop Festival, 4/1/1995, Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA, featuring Black Uhuru, Cypress Hill, The Grapes, Nuclear Boy, Pusher, and Mojo Nixon (acoustic). Attractive 14" x 19.75" poster featuring color image of a h and holding a microphone and lit joint, for illustration of the image, click here; first one of these I've seen; basically a NM- poster but has two very teeny pinholes top and bottom; scarce and interesting item for collectors of marijuana-related stuff, $85.


King Crimson, "Discipline," circa 1981 original 20" x 25" promotional poster; brick red background with LP name in large back typeset letters and a Celtic geometric circle in black and silver ink in the upper RH portion of the image; condition basically VG+/VG with pinholes and minor ripples but colors are strong and would frame beautifully. Great item for a King Crimson collector. $40.00.

Led Zeppelin, 2018, official issue 50th anniversary promotional poster. 11" x 17" on thick poster stock with the Zep winged figure logo in white against a black background with "50th Anniversary in white and gold/brown ink. Reverse has the Zeppelin alchemist's symbols against a brown/gold background. This has the Atlantic Records and Swan Song logos in the lower corners and I believe was a promotional poster distributed to stores etc to promote sale of the Zepellin catalog in connection with the 50th anniversary. I checked the Zeppelin website and did not see this poster listed there as a merchandise item, so I'm inclined to think it was distributed just for promotional purposes (but am not absolutely certain). Attractive little poster for fans of the band who do not want to shell ouit a small fortune for vintage Zeppelin posters. 3 copies available, NM/NM-, $25 each. (*)

Neil Young, 1989, "Freedom" LP promotional die cut cardboard standup for record store distribution; size approx 20" x 25", with large color photo like the album cover, nice and probably very hard to find; back folds out to standup, but this copy is unused. Very nice Neil Young item $75,00. NOTE: Very thick cardboard stock must be shipped flat packed which will run extra cost. Ask if this is a concern.

Alligator Records, 20th Anniversary Collection; advertising poster for the 2-CD set issued by this great neo-blues label to commemorate their 1971-1991 anniversary; 20" x 21 7/8" on thin glossy paper with a nice rendering of the Alligator logo as used on the CD release; nice, and uncommon record store promo, NM- $25.00.

Lou Reed, 2006, Live in Brooklyn CD, 19" x 21" promotional poster for release of this CD, printed on quality slick stock, has great color photo of a hard-ass looking Lou playing guitar. Nice NM copy, folded in quarters for distribution, as issued, probably an uncommon promo poster, $ 25.

Grateful Dead, "Pacific Northwest Tour 73-74: Believe it If You Need It", record store promotional poster for this 2018 archival LP/CD release; size is 18" x 18" and is the same as the album cover (illustrated on the internet) with a Pacific Northwest Native American motif. Very attractive on high quality uncoated poster stock. Very nice item, NM $25.00.

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