Handbills--Family Dog and Related

Last updated 10/20/2018

NOTE: An asterisk (*) next to a description of an item indicates that more than one copy of that item is available.

A BRIEF NOTE ABOUT FAMILY DOG CARDS: The Family Dog was one of the earliest producers of San Francisco rock and roll dances and is most often associated with the Avalon Ballroom, though shows were produced in a number of other places as well. Chet Helms, the principal figure in the Family Dog, was the direct competitor of Bill Graham in the early days.

The earliest numbered Family Dog handbills (#1 -- #10) were printed on 5 x 7 stock; with a variety of color variants. Most of these handbills are very rare and, in some cases, can command asking prices in the thousands of dollars. Handbills from FD #11 through FD #20 varied between 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 and 8 1/2 x 11 stock. From FD #21 through FD #41, handbills were printed on 8 x 11 stock (except for #28, which is 5 x 7). The later ones (from #26 on) are in color but some have color variations from the corresponding posters. None of these early handbills were ever reprinted, though there are different color and print variants for some numbers among the originals. Bootlegs of several early numbers also exist. The challenge for serious collectors is to assemble a complete set of these first 41 handbills. Beginning with FD#42, all FD cards were printed in postcard size like the Bill Graham cards, and numerous printing variations exist among these, as well as different types of card backs. The standard back is the postcard back with a swirly drawing and place to put a stamp. Bulk rate card backs were also printed and these were intended for mailing to the Family Dog mailing list. Many different reverses exist and these don't have a huge impact on the value at this point in time.

The Family Dog also produced shows in Denver, Colorado, and these shows have a "D" prefix. Some have dual numbers, e.g., FD #84 = FD#D-4. After the Family Dog left the Avalon Ballroom, they continued to produce shows on the Great Highway. While the latter bear the Family Dog logo, they are not part of the numbered series.

FD #13, Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band, Oxford Circle, 6/17-18/66, Avalon; image of steer over heart, by Stanley Mouse. This was Stanley's first rock poster; here is an original plain back 5.5" 8.5" handbill, red-pink on thin white paper. Clean copy restored to strong VG+ $295.00.

FD #14, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Quicksilver Messenger Service, 6/24-25/66, Avalon; Mouse's early classic "Zig-Zag Man"; image like a zig-zag cigarette paper wrapper. I am offering an original copy of this rare handbill, this is the version with the gold FD logo; restoration has brought this up to VG+ appearance on the front; reverse has a priceless penciled note from the original owner about how cool the Avalon is....asking $325; a unique item, very cool. (*)

FD $15, Grass Roots, Daily Flash, Sopwith Camel, 7/1-3/66, Avalon; Wes Wilson's "Wonderland" poster with rays emanating from a jumping figure.....Original 5" x 6.5" handbill, black printing on light green paper (there are several variants of this handbill), this is a mid- condition copy, two old unobtrusive horizontal folds, a black stain on the back that doesn't really show through, and a small staple hole in the margin on each side of the image. Actually fairly decent copy, looks better than the description makes it sound, will grade it VG, almost VG+ but not quite, $100.

FD #17A, Love, Big Brother & the Holding Co., 7/15-16/66, Avalon; canceled concert, first version of the Mouse "snake lady" design with reduced image photo; purple ink on white stock; original 8.5 x 11 handbill, VG or so, tack holes in corners and light overall discoloration, filler copy $50. (*)

FD #19, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Bo Diddley, Oxford Circle, Sons of Adam, 8/5-6/66; Avalon; Mouse's "5 Dollar Bill" poster with Family Dog Indian in center. Back in stock, have 3 nice original NM copies, $125 each (*).

FD #20, Bo Diddley, Sons of Adam, Little Walter, 8/5 & 7/66, Avalon; the scarce "5 Men in A Boat" image; this is the typical 6.25" x 9.5" version in black on dayglo; has one sharp horizontal fold across the center, and squiggle initial in the upper RH border area outside the image; this is basically a decent filler copy for someone who doesn't want to shell out a couple of hundred bucks or whatever for a clean one. Decent looking other than the defects described, $60; a very fair price for this popular handbill.

FD #21, Bo Diddley, Big Brother & the Holding Co., 8/12-13/66, Avalon; "Earthquake" image by Stanley Mouse with central photo of people standing in front of collapsed building. Original 8.5" x 11" handbill, used copy, VG or so with a couple of tape stains on the edges and general age; decent filler copy. $35.00

FD #22, Grateful Dead, Sopwith Camel, 8/19-20/66, Avalon; Mouse's "Frankenstein" poster with misspelled "Greatful Dead" band name,"Frankenstein" image; original 8.5" x 11" handbill, black on thin pale yellow paper, overall condition NM-/VG+, no pinholes, a couple of very minor storage wrinkles that aren't really visible when flattened out, decent copy $175.00; I also have a used copy with minor tape stains in the corner, a vertical fold, and a tape pull in the LH margin outside the image; asking $45 for this one. (*).

FD #23, Captain Beefheart, The Charlatans, 8/26-27/66, Avalon; 8.5 x 11" solid blue on yellow paper version, has image of 3 singing friars with typical early Mouse lettering, VG- filler copy; intact but with tape and age stains, decent copy for someone who doesn't want to pay a lot for a clean one, $30.

FD #30, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Sir Douglas Quintet, 10/15-16/66, Avalon; beautiful classic Mouse in red and purple on white background with center photo of actress Gloria Swanson. Original plain back color handbill, this one has some age on it with a little bit of age browning in the paper, and a 1/2" or so brown tape removal stain in each of the corners, other bits of wear and tear but a decent filler copy, putting it out at $30 (price reduced), fair price for a copy in this condition.

FD #31, Daily Flash, Country Joe & the Fish, 10/20-21/66, Avalon; Stanley Mouse's "Edgar Allen Poe" image; two "normal" versions (grey background, black lettering at bottom), NM $100. ; also have 1 all black version with second (correct) dates; filler copy with torn corners, tape stains, etc etc $10.00. (*)

No #, Grateful Dead, Big Brother & the Holding Co, Quicksilver Messenger Service, 11/13/1966, Avalon Ballroom (benfit; not a Family Dog show); "Zenefit" concert benefiting the Marin County Zen Center; what a classic San Francisco lineup this was, and all for $2 at the door! 5.25" x 7.5" B & W handbill with background photo of the Marin hills with the low-lying fog in the distance, beautiful NM copy, $125.00.

FD #37, Buffalo Springfield, Daily Flash, Congress of Wonders, 12/2-3/66, Avalon, San Francisco; pale blue background with yellow lettering, forming 3 stylized mountains (I think), one for each band, with a dancer on tip. Artwork by Ned Lamont. NM-/VG+ original handbill; 1 faint but noticeable crease or paper flaw across image; no pinholes and basically clean, $65.00. Also have a damaged original mailer, folded with stamp, postmark, and address on back, has 3/4" diagonal chunk missing in the lower RH corner, plus general age. Only $15.00 (*)

FD #39, Youngbloods, Sparrow, Sons of Champlin, 12/16-17/66, Avalon; Mouse design with drawing of Indian against red background; yellow accents. VG filler copy, tape stains in corners outside margin and couple of small missing pieces of paper in the upper RH corner (all of this outside the image); couple of ancient folds; would frame up well, $25. Also have a second copy, a damaged original mailer with address and postmark on back, has a big 1" x 2.5" chunk missing along right upper corner, nearly all out of image, and stains & other general wear. Asking only $8.00 for this one. You get what you pay for!

FD #40, Grateful Dead, Steve Miller Band, Moby Grape, 12/23-24/66, Avalon, green and red Moscosco poster featuring an horned Santa Claus against an op-art background; first printing, VG- filler copy; paper missing in 3 corners (all well out of image), some reverse tape stains in corners that show through, basically a filler copy and so I'm putting it out at $25 for someone who doesn't want to plunk down a lot more for a clean one.

FD #42, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Miller Blues Band, The Other Half, 1/6-7/67, Avalon; great early Moscoso image with image of mercury against a khaki and yellow background. First image produced in small-sized postcard format, hard to find card; 2 nice NM cards, $125 each (*).

FD #45, Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, 1/27-28/67, Avalon; gold background with green and red image of woman with flowing hair standing beside a jug or amphora or something; has sort of a Biblical look to it; beautiful image by Stanley Mouse. Scarce card, 4 nice NM/NM- copies, $125. (*).

FD #46, Country Joe & the Fish, Sparrow, Kaleidoscope, 2/3-4/67, Avalon; "Dance of the 5 moons"; beautiful design by Victor Moscoso with blue background & green moon figures surrounded by orange lettering. 3 cards VG/VG+; very minor light residual tape marks in corners, no pinholes; otherwise clean, only $10 each. (*).

FD #47, Miller Blues Band, Lee Michaels, Peanut Butter Conspiracy, 2/10-11/67, Avalon; Sphinxdance card by Moscoso with sphinx head, orange background. VG+; couple very minor staple holes on front, couple tape marks on back, still very attractive with good colors, $32.00.

FD #48, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Quicksilver Messenger Service. Oxford Circle, 2/17-18/67, Avalon; 2d annual Tribal Stomp; classic brown & black poster with lettering by Stanley Mouse and photo of James Gurley with feather in hair in center. 16 NM copies, $20.00 each; 1 VG/V+ card with tape stain on back, $10; 2 VG- cards with tape pull damage, only $5 each. (*)

FD # 49, Moby Grape, The Charlatans, 2/24-25/67, "Neptune's Notion" image by Victor Moscoso in pink, blue and orange with image of King Neptune with a woman on his knees as psychedelic fish swim by. NM card, $18.50.

FD #50, The Doors, Sparrow, Country Joe & the Fish, 3/3-4/67, Avalon; green background with red/orange lettering, blue accents, photo of upper portion of face with caption "Break On Through to The Other Side"; Moscoso art. 4 NM cards, $25 each. (*)

No #, Moby Grape, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Country Joe & the Fish, The Sparrow, 3/5/1967, Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, benefit for Newstage and the Straight Theatre. (NOTE: This is NOT a Family Dog show, but falls here sequentially in Avalon shows.) Multicolored postcard by B. Kliban (later famous for drawing cats); with a face-like shape in the center, with lettering in a circle around where the head would be; black background; decent art, hard to describe. VG/VG+; front clean with minor evidence of wear; reverse has a tape tear in the center and some general evidence of age. Interesting / unusual Avalon item. $22.00.

FD #51, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Steve Miller Blues Band, Daily Flash, 3/10-11/67, Avalon; Victor Moscoso's "Peacock Dance" poster with pink, blue & green peacock against dark background; 3 NM cards, $18; 2 copies with minor corner tape; $12; 1 copy with tape damage on reverse, $10. (*)

FD #52, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Charles Lloyd, Sir Douglas Quintet, 3/7-8/67, Avalon; brown image of Michelangelo's figure of Adam receiving life from the finger of God; early Rick Griffin lettering in green and pink; 1 copy NM $15; 1 copy NM-/VG+; clean but with one small spot on reverse and a little bit of general age, $10.00; 3 basically NM-/VG+ but have some small bits of tape that might be removable, $8.00. (*)

FD #53, Quicksilver Messenger Service, John Lee Hooker, Steve Miller Blues Band, 3/22- 23/67, orange, pink, and green Moscoso poster; typical early period Moscoso design with circular lettering in the center and photo of Quicksilver Messenger Service. 3 NM $15.00; 1 VG+ ripple in center, otherwise clean $8. (*)

FD #54, Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Johnny Hammond and His Screaming Nighthawks, Robert Baker, 3/24-26/67, Avalon; early Rick Griffin design with photo of Cossacks and western-style lettering; popular early Dead card; 2 NM cards $25 each; 3 VG+ or so, clean but for teeny bit of clear tape and/or tape removal residue in 1/16" of upper corner margins, $10. (*)

FD #56, Charlatans, Sparrow, Canned Heat, 4/7-8/67; early Rick Griffin western-style design with photo of the Charlatans standing on a front porch in cool western garb, drawing of can at bottom (canned heat). 1 card NM on front but with "56" written in ink on reverse, $12; 1 CARD NM but with printing slightly off register, $12; 1 cards with minor bits of clear tape $8.00 (*)

FD #57, The Doors, Steve Miller Blues Band, 4/14-15/67, Avalon; Moscoso design with yellow border. blue diagonal lettering at top and bottom, and swirly center focusing on breast of very faint image of nude dancer in the background. 2 copies clean but with minor corner tape or tape residue $25; 1 copy with big tape pull in ticket block area, $5.00 (*)

FD #58, Quicksilver Messenger Service, John Hammond, Charles Lloyd, 4/21-22/67, Avalon; Rick Griffin's "Gold Rush" card with image of Family Dog Indian's head sticking out of huge kettle with wings. 3 NM/NM- cards, $17 each; 1 mailer with name on back, $25.00. (*)

FD #60, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Sir Douglas Quintet, The Orkustra, 5/5-7/67, "Motherload" dance, Avalon; early Rick Griffin poster with blue background; orange and khaki Western-style lettering, photo of Janis Joplin/Big Brother in the middle. 3 copies, NM $12.50 each. (*).

FD #61, The Doors, The Sparrow, 5/12-13/67, Avalon; typical Moscoso design with image of woman with wings or something, orange & pink fill between letters, Have 6 NM ones left, $25 each. (*)

FD #62, Quicksilver Messenger Service; Country Joe & the Fish, 5/19-21/68, Avalon; "Sutter's Mill" poster; classic Rick Griffin image featuring a hippie prospector panning for a different kind of gold at the corner of Sutter and Van Ness in SF; 4 nice NM cards, $15 each. (*)

FD #64, The Doors, Steve Miller Band, Daily Flash, 7/1-4/67, Avalon; Moscoso image with blue background, central image of cat's eyes and snout in pink and green; a somewhat scarcer card that doesn't turn up as often as those around it; nice VG+ mailer with address on back, has 2 insignificant staple holes at bottom, otherwise attractive and clean, $27.50.

FD #65, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Canned Heat, 6/8-11/67, Avalon; color Rick Griffin "Magic Show" card; great image. 7 copies, NM $12.50 each. (*)

FD #66, The Youngbloods, Siegel-Schwall Band, 6/15-18/67, Avalon Ballroom, Moscoso image with man in leopard skin trunks flexing muscles while female onlooker reclines on a couch or something. 6 copies, NM $10 each; 1 NM addressed mailer $15; 1 VG/VG+ with tape mark on back, $5.00. (*)

FD #67, Charlatans, 13th Floor Elevators, 6/22-25/67, Avalon; 2d poster of the Charlatans trio with the lettering "RLA", brown image by Rick Griffin, with Herb Greene photo; 8 NM cards, $17.50 each; 1 VG+ (diagonal corner crease), $12.00. (*)

FD #68, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Mt. Rushmore, Big Brother & the Holding Co., 6/29-7/2/67, Avalon; Moscoso design with swirly designs and lettering in blue, green and red, almost impossible to read! 6 NM cards, $10.00 each. (*)

FD #69, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Siegel-Schwall, The Phoenix, 7/4/67; Rick Griffin's "Independence" design with old-style US shield topped by an eagle holding lightning bolts, olive branches, and alpha & omega figures, rendered as only Rick could. The eagle holds a ribbon which, instead of the usual patriotic slogan, contains the following quotation from Revelations: "I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the ending." Heavy stuff. 2 NM- cards, $17.50 each; 1 VG+/VG card with tape stain on back; otherwise OK. $13.50. (*)

FD #70, Miller Blues Band, Siegel-Schwall Band, 7/6-9/67, Avalon; typical purple and blue Moscoso design and lettering; central image of dandelion that looks like fireworks and photo of Steve Miller band carrying their instruments. 6 copies NM $6.00 each. (*)

FD #71, Charlatans, Youngbloods, Other Half, 7/13-16/67, Avalon, third and final image in the "Charlatans" series, spells out "TANS" with photo of Richard Olsen. 4 copies NM $17.50 each. 1 mailer with stains on back, snowing through, VG overall, interestingly the addressee is in New York which is higly unusual, $10. (*)

FD #72, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Mount Rushmore, Canned Heat, Mother Earth, 7/20-23/67, Avalon; Dennis Nolan image with goldish ink background; red center circle and drawings of each band member including Janis Joplin, one in each corner and one in the center. Nice popular card, this one is clean on the front but has some age and a tape pull on the back that doesn't show through, $10.

FD #74, Charles Lloyd, West Coast Natural Gas Co., 8/3-6/67, Avalon Ballroom; Moscoso design with red sky, pink and blue border, and image of the Family Dog Indian standing in front of the Taj Mahal. 1 VG+ copy with small bit of removable tape at top, $10.

FD #75, Moby Grape, Canned Heat, Vanilla Fudge, 8/12-13/68, Avalon; Moscoso collage with bikini-clad women and butterfly wings and giant hand; turquoise, khaki & black; 7 NM copies available, only $5.00 each (*)

FD #76, Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Other Half, Melvyn Q, 8/17-20/67, Avalon; odd silver-gray, blue, and red design by Jack Hatfield with sort of a shadow figure design with outstretched arms and what looks like some trees or something in the background; 3 nice NM copies, $15.00; 1 NM- $12.50. (*)

FD #77, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Bo Diddley, Bukka White, 8/24-27/67, Avalon; Bob Fried design with orange and silver/gray background, blue 6-pointed stars in background, photo of disreputable-looking old man in center. 6 NM cards, $12.00 each, 1 NM- addressed mailer $15.00. (*)

FD #78, Steve Miller Blues Band, Mother Earth, Bukka White, 9/1-3/67, Avalon; very attractive Kelly/Mouse design with bright blue background, blue lettering with pink background, and central image of a nude woman with angel's wings in orange and blue. One of the nicer later Avalon images in my opinion. NM- addressed mailer, $20.

FD #79 (#D-1), Big Brother & the Holding Co., Blue Cheer, 9/8-9/67, Denver, CO; opening poster for the Family Dog's Denver operation; Rick Griffin image with blue background, typical lettering, and collage of familiar advertising/hippie images. Better card, 2 basically NM copies $35 each. (*)

FD #80, South Side Sound System, The Phoenix, Freedom Highway, 9/8-10/67, Avalon; black, yellow & pink Greg Irons design with drawing of what looks like a very strange tea party...NM front/tape pull on back $8.00; VG+ with one small bit of removable tape at top, $6.75; VG/VG+ with tape marks on back, $5.00.

FD #83, Charlatans, Buddy Guy, 9/22-24/67, Avalon; interesting art by Bob Fried with background of orange and yellow lines, center yellow circle like a sun, and image of man in old- time ornithopter glider; lettering at bottom in orange on turquoise waves; striking. 3 NM copies, $12.50 each; 2 copies with tape/tape damage on back, $8.00 (*).

FD #84 (D-4), Lothar & the Hand People, The Doors, Captain Beefheart, 9/29-30/67, Family Dog, Denver, CO.; great classic design by Bob Fried; background in 2 shades of blue, lettering in green and bright red, and center image in bright yellow and orange/red of dancers with tambourines, horn, sort of a Biblical feel to it; combines important groups and great artwork. 1 nice NM card, $40; 4 strong VG+ cards with very small unobtrusive, almost invisible staple holes in upper RH corner, like they were all stapled together at one time or something....virtually mint other than that, $25 each. (*)

FD #89, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Sons of Champlin, Taj Mahal & the Blue Flames, 10/27-29/68, Avalon; Rick Griffin's psychedelic comic strip poster featuring individual panels featuring Griffin's Murphy character intermingled with impossible to decipher psychedelic drawings, all in full color. NM- card $35.00.

FD #95, Jim Kweskin, Sons of Champlin, 12/8-10/67, Avalon; half of the "rainbow" poster (see #D-13 below); great color image by Rick Griffin and Victor Moscoso; 2 copies clean but with a bit of light general age, VG+ $12.50 each; 1 addressed mailer, nice condition for a mailer, NM- $20; another addressed mailer VG $12.50. (*)

FD #96, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Charlatans, Congress of Wonders, 12/15-17/67, Avalon; classic Kelley/Mouse image with purple background, Word "Dance" in pink and blue at top, center photo of an old-time couple dancing, and delicate, intricate lettering in the style of Mouse's 1966 work. 5 copies, NM $15. (*)

FD #97, Siegel-Schwall, Blue Cheer, Soul Survivors, 12/21-23/67, Avalon; ugly collage with background photo of Yosemite Nat'l Park, moon, dressed-up cat, snarling black panther. Real meaningful. Very nice NM mailer, $15.00; NM- card $12.50. (*)

FD #98, Jim Kweskin, Country Joe & the Fish, Lee Michaels, Blue Cheer, 12/28-30/67, Avalon; image by Bob Schnepf featuring photo of nude woman in frog stance; green border, purple center with figure and lettering in orange and yellow. Found a small stash of these recently, 5 copies now available NM $15 each. Also have 1 NM-/VG+ mailing list card with name on back, $12. (*)

FD #100, Youngbloods, Ace of Cups, 1/5-7/66, Avalon; nice color tree/mushroom cloud with photos of the Youngbloods in the center, 1 NM card $13, VG+ card, $10. (*)

FD #102, Dance-Genesis, Siegel-Schwall, Mother Earth, 1/19-21/68, Avalon; nice color Bob Fried image with smiling woman in rocking chair; Family Dog Indian looking though window. 8 copies, NM $10 each (*).

FD #104, Electric Flag, the Fugs, Mad River, 13th Floor Elevators; 2/2-4/68, Avalon; great atypical psychedelic Moscoso poster with eagle in clouds, lightning bolts, and hand giving "the bird" (finger) at the bottom. Colorful, powerful image, with an interesting lineup. Nice NM- VG+ original mailer with name on back, cool item. $20.00.

FD #105, Siegel-Schwall, Buddy Guy, Hourglass, Mance Lipscomb, 2/9-11/68, Avalon; color card in blue, yellow, black, and red; Joel Beck drawing with fantasy drawing of dinosaur etc. NM- mailer with name on back; nice in this condition. 11 NM copies, $10.00 each.(*)

FD #107, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Buddy Guy, Son House, 2/23-25./68; cartoonish drawing of lots of figures in front of mountain, sky and colors in background; so-so design, NM- $12.00.

FD #108, Blues Project, Taj Mahal, Genesis, 3/1-3/68, Avalon; yellow, green, & blue art by Neon Park with floating cloud-like images. 2 NM/NM- copies, $14 each (*).

FD #109, Love, Congress of Wonders, Sons of Champlin, 3/8-10/68, Avalon; green background, purple image of sleeping woman wrapped in her own hair, Stanley Mouse art but very atypical; interesting. NM $13.

FD #112, Jeremy Steig & the Satyrs, Sons of Champlin, Fourth Way, 3/29-31/68, Avalon; brick red background with cherubs in front. 1 NM $10, 1 VG+ (no pinholes/slight edge wrinkle at top) $8.75. (*)

FD #113, Blues Project, It's A Beautiful Day, Nazz-Are Blues Band, 4/5-7/2000; black mandala, fiery orange mandala in center, flower-like letters in orange and yellow; atypical design by Wes Wilson; NM $10.

FD #114, The Fugs, Ace of Cups, Allman Joy, 4/12-14/68, Avalon; odd "heaven and hell theme"; top have with green background and drawing of Jesus holding a rose, lower half yellow background with a purple image of a demon (the devil?) with lots of teeny skull-like faces (presumably, the damned). NM- postcard. $10.

FD #116, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Charlatans, It's A Beautiful Day, 4/26-28/68, Avalon; Kelley's "It's A Gas" image with photo of a bunch of men wearing gas masks; great colors. 2 NM cards $17.50 each. (*)

FD #117, Junior Wells, Canned Heat, Solid Muldoon, 5/3-5/68, Avalon; color Carl Lundgren drawing of nude woman riding small dinosaur. 1 NM- card, $14.

FD #121, Taj Mahal, Dave van Ronk, Family Tree, A.B. Skhy, Creedence Clearwater Revival, 5/31-6/2/68; mirror-image design with doubled photos of male and female nudes. This is the original silver & light pink/purple version, one copy NM but has a several small pale spots in the Rh margin, appears to be a printing irregularity but otherwise very clean, $17.50; 1 VG+ mailer (clean, one corner margin crease), $15.00

FD #122, Iron Butterfly, Velvet Underground, Chrome Cyrcus, 6/7-9/68, Avalon; Bob Schnepf's design featuring purple butterfly with a woman's body against a green background that looks like a photo of a blanket. Lettering appears as part of the pattern in the butterfly's wings. NM- card mailer with name on back, $30.

FD #124, Kaleidoscope, Mother Earth, Country Weather, 6/21-23/68, Avalon; pink & blue lettering against black background, with grey drawing of dancing figures. NM card with bulk rate stamp, $14; NM- mailer with name on back, $15.50. (*)

FD ##125-126, uncut double card; #125 is Youngbloods, Santana Blues Band, Its A Beautiful Day, 6/28-30/68, Avalon; nice color design with drawing of Jesse Colin Young against red background; #126 is Iron Butterfly, Indian Head Band, The Collectors, 7/4-7/68, Avalon; color flowers, little girl, and fantasy creature on white background. VG+; no pinholes but slight corner wrinkles, $15.

FD ##127-128, uncut double card, #127 is Steve Miller Band, Howlin' Wolf, Conqueroo, 7/12-14/68, Avalon; blue, pink, and black photo of bare trees/winter scene superimposed over nude couple making out; western-style typeset lettering; #128 is Tim Buckley, Velvet Underground, Allmen Joy, 7/19-21/68, Avalon; black photo of couple kissing in woods; purple- pink background. Uncut double card, NM $30.

FD #127, Steve Miller Band, Howlin' Wolf, Conqueroo, 7/12-14/68, Avalon; blue, pink, and black photo of bare trees/winter scene superimposed over nude couple making out; western-style typeset lettering; NM/NM- $14.00.

FD #128, Tim Buckley, Velvet Underground, Allmen Joy, 7/19-21/68, Avalon; black photo of couple kissing in woods; purple-pink background. Early Velvet Underground card. 2 copies NM- $20 each. (*)

FD #129, Country Joe & the Fish, Pacific Gas & Electric, Boogie, 7/23-25/68, Avalon; appealing B & W design with photo of nude woman in lotus position, with strategically placed rose. NM card, $15.00.

FD #130, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Howlin Wolf, Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, 7/26- 28/68, Avalon, B & W card featuring a negative-image photo of a hippie dude havin' a smoke; VG/VG+ mailer with name on back, $10.00. Also have a NM card with black postcard back, $15 (*).

FD ##131-132, uncut double card, #131 is Pink Floyd, Holy Modal Rounders, Chrome Syrcus, 8/2-4/68; B & W with collage of finger and spiraling sequence of globes; #132 is Steppenwolf, Siegel-Schwall, Santana, 8/9-11/68, Avalon; yucko B & W image with photo of cross in graveyard. Card is mailer with name on back; has one horizontal wrinkle across image and come corner wrinkling, but no pinholes; VG overall, $15. (*)

FD #131, Pink Floyd, Holy Modal Rounders, Chrome Syrcus, 8/2-4/68; B & W with collage of finger and spiraling sequence of globes. Early Pink Floyd card!. 5 copies, card back NM $25 each; 1 also have 2 NM- plain back copies, also $25 each, and 1 VG/VG+ copy with tack hole top center, $12.00 (*).

FD #132, Steppenwolf, Siegel-Schwall, Santana, 8/9-11/68, Avalon; yucko B & W poster with photo of cross in graveyard. 4 copies "place stamp here" back NM $10.00 each; 1 copy with bulk rate back NM $11.00; 1 NM-/VG+ mailer with name on back, $12.00; 3 NM-VG+ (minor paper age/reverse side smudges) $6.00 (*).

FD #133, Bill Haley & the Comets, the Drifters, Flamin' Groovies, 8/16-18/68, Avalon; photo of DJ Tom Donahue standing by an old gramophone with a poster on it showing the show info. 9 NM/NM- copies, $15.00 each. (*)

FD #134, Spirit, Sir Douglas Quintet + 2, Notes From the Underground, 8/23-25/68, Avalon; Stanley Mouse design with light brown paper, art-nouveau type photo of woman holding up lettering reading "Spirit"; 2 NM cards $17.50 each; 1 NM- minor age $14. (*)

FD ##135-136, uncut double card; #135 is Youngbloods, It's A Beautiful Day, Initial Shock, 8/29-31/68, Avalon; #136 is James Cotton Blues Band, Sir Douglas Quintet + 2, Pulse, Womb, 9/6-8/68, Avalon; B & W photo card with hard-to-figure-out photo collage in center. NM-/VG+ $15.

FD #136, James Cotton Blues Band, Sir Douglas Quintet + 2, Pulse, Womb, 9/6-8/68, Avalon; B & W photo card with hard-to-figure-out photo collage in center, 5 NM cards, $10; 1 VG+/VG card, $ 5.50 (*)

FD ## 137-138, uncut double card; #137 is John Mayall, Big Mama Thornton, Black Pearl, 9/13-15/68, Avalon; B & W photo of old-time steam locomotive; #138 is Steve Miller Band, Muddy Waters, A.B. Sky Blues Band, 9/20-22/68, Avalon; B & W horizontal image with distorted photo of face, slightly off centered, a lot of white in the borders and typeset lettering in the upper corner. Mailer with name on back, irregular folds across card as is typical for these mailers; pinholes in corners and moderate overall paper age, VG $10.00.

FD #137, John Mayall, Big Mama Thornton, Black Pearl, 9/13-15/68, Avalon; B & W photo of old-time steam locomotive. Stashes of this one apparently have been depleted and it is now harder to get, though it does come up with some frequency in older stashes and collections. 13 NM/NM- copies with "place stamp here" back, $20; 1 NM bulk rate stamp stamp on back $20. (*)

FD #138, Steve Miller Band, Muddy Waters, A.B. Sky Blues Band, 9/20-22/68, Avalon; B & W horizontal image with distorted photo of face, slightly off centered, a lot of white in the bordersn and typeset lettering in the upper corner. 4 NM- copies $15 each; 2 VG+ copies (minor paper age), $12 each. (*)

FD ## 139-140, uncut double card, #139 is Flatt & Scruggs, Jack Elliot, Sons of Champlin, Country Weather, 9/27-29/68, Avalon; B & W photo of old dilapidated gas station; #140 is Quicksilver Messenger Service, Black Pearl, Ace of Cups, 10/4-6/68, Avalon; B & W photo of old TV set cabinet sitting in on a bare patch of dirt. This is a mailer with name on back, folded between the cards, minor pinholes in corners, otherwise clean. $12.00.

FD #139, Flatt & Scruggs, Jack Elliot, Sons of Champlin, Country Weather, 9/27-29/68, Avalon; B & W photo of old dilapidated gas station. 1 VG+ copy (slight paper rippling), $7.50.

FD #142, Velvet Underground, Charlie Musselwhite, Initial Shock, 10/18-20/68, Avalon; B & W card with artsy photo of beautiful woman's face. 2 NM cards, one card back, one bulk rate back. Your choice $25.00 each. (*)

FD #143, Buddy Miles, Dino Valente, Country Weather, 10/25-27/68, Avalon; reverse image photos of dancing nude and bowl of apples and bananas; hmmmm. NM card $12.00

FD #145, Mother Earth, Kaleidoscope, A.B. Skhy, 11/8-10/68, Avalon; silly B & W card with photo of Chicken Hirsch from Country Joe & the Fish in the same pose as an Army recruiting poster and looking totally ridiculous, with flags, statue of liberty etc. NM card, $12; cut double $5.00. (*)

FD #W-1, John Mayall, Canned Heat, Sir Douglas Quintet +2, 10/31/68, Winterland; bright orange & black poster by Randy Tuten that has sort of Dali-esque effect; very nice; I believe this was Tuten's first poster, 3 copies NM $25 each. (*)

No #, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Mt. Rushmore, 11/23/67, Avalon, Rick Griffin's "Turkey Trot" card wherein the Family Dog Indian has a funky feast; dark brown ink on pale brown stock; 3 NM copies, $15 each; 1 VG+ $10. (*)

FD #D-2, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Charlatans, Superband, 9/15-16/67, Denver, CO; brown antique textured type paper with Quicksilver "Happy Trails" cowboy, drawing of the Charlatans by Michael Ferguson, blue and yellow accents. 3 nice NM copies, $25 each. (*)

FD #D-6, Van Morrison, Daily Flash, 1-/13-14/67, Denver, CO; Kelley-Mouse design with orange-red background design and center photo of Indian wearing medals. 4 NM copies available, $8.50 each. (*)

FD #D-7, Canned Heat, Allmen Joy, 10/20-21/67, Denver, CO; Kelley-Mouse design with pink background, red & yellow shadowed face in center, olive drab lettering. 6 copies purple "place stamp here" back, NM $10.00 each.(*)

FD #D-8, Allmen Joy, Lothar & the Hand People, 10/27-28/67, Denver, CO; brown poster with ankh-like symbol in the center, Stanley Mouse art, 8 copies, NM $10 each; 1 VG/VG+ copy, $4.00 (*)

FD #D-10, Blue Cheer, Superfine Dandelion, 11/3-4/67, Denver, CO; Bob Fried image with dark blue sky background, orange moon, and naked woman riding owl. 7 copies NM $10 each (*).

FD #D-11, The Other Half, Sons of Champlin, 11/10-11/67, Denver, CO; Stanley Mouse poster with central portrait of Alfred E. Newman flanked by a mushroom on one side and a mushroom cloud on the other. 4 NM "place stamp here" cards, $12.50 each. (*)

FD #D-12, Chuck Berry, Sons of Champlin, 11/17-18/67, Denver; great Rick Griffin-Victor Moscoso collaboration with face full of stars in the center and fake intentionally illegible nonsense lettering around the border; real show info is in a tiny balloon at the bottom of the image; very attractive image. 9 NM cards, $12.50 each. (*)

FD #D-13, Jim Kweskin, Solid Muldoon, 12/1-2/67; Denver, CO; the other half of the "rainbow" posters (see FD #95, above); beautiful Griffin/Moscoso image. 5 cards NM $17.50 each; 1 VG+ $12. (has card # written in small letters on back) (*)

FD #D-14, Canned Heat, Siegel-Schwall, 12/8-9/67, Denver; beautiful Bob Fried drawing of two women being pulled through the waves in a chariot pulled by dolphins; 3 NM cards, $10 each (*).

FD #D-15, Soul Survivors, Box Tops, 12/15-16/68, Avalon; Kelley design featuring photo of giant supercharged motorcycle labeled "truth"; 7 nice NM copies, $15 each; 1 NM-/VG+ (very minor smudges), $12.(*)

FD #D-18, The Doors, Allmen Joy, 12/29-31/67, Denver; the classic Rick Griffin poster wherein a strange alien monster offers you a large white pill labeled "Pay Attention." 2 copies NM-, $25; NM/NM- card slightly off center but otherwise OK, partially addressed on reverse, $15. p>No # (Eric King's # FD-670002), 1967, small bumper-sticker sized poster for Thursday nights at the Avalon; approx 5" x 14"; art by John H. Myers; brown stock with lettering in brown, red, and gray reading "Tribal Gathering Sunday Nights at the Avalon." 4 aged but clean copies, mainly discoloration, odd marks on the back, etc. Two copies about the same are $10 each, third one a bit more aged, $8. (*)

No # (Eric King's #FD-700320), Big Brother & the Holding Co., Kaleidoscope, Devil's Kitchen, 3/20-22/70, Family Dog, Great Highway, San Francisco; 11 x 8.5" handbill by Randy Tuten; black on thin white paper, horizontal image with very nice lettering and old photo of a bunch of uniformed children. Nice, attractive Great Highway handbill, this copy is clean except for a jagged rip in the upper margin, doesn't show badly when flattened out, could be repaired, framed, or used as a filler copy. $30.

No # (Eric King's #FD-700821), Quicksilver Messenger Service, Robert Savage Group, Backyard Mamas, Deadly Nightshade, 8/21-22/1970, 8.5" x 10 5/8"; light blue with large background image of Family Dog Logo, with the Indian sinking into the Ocean and the words "Direct Productions Present" instead of the usual "The Family Dog Presents." According to Eric King, this was the very last Family Dog show on the Great Highway. Not common. This is a used copy, VG/VG- a small chunk in the upper LH margin torn out was stapled and someone carelessly ripped it off of a wall or something. Also a couple of pieces of scotch tape in the back corners that could probably be removed without great difficulty, just haven't tried it. Asking $45 for this copy.

FD # P-3, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Nazz-Are Blues Band, Dr. P.H. Martins Magic Medicine Show, 3/1-2/1968, Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR. 4" x 6.5" handbill on thin glossy stock. This is a very rare and sought-after handbill for one of the Family Dog shows in Portland; has a great light blue and orange image of John Cipollina; for image, click here. This copy is my former collection copy that I originally pried out of some guy's scrapbook back in the 1970s and later had extensively restored to repair a tear in the image and missing paper in the corners. It looks pretty good now but the restoration is apparent. Asking $345 for this copy, restoration and all I paid substantially more than this recently for a NM replacement. Again, this handbill is next to impossible to find (the poster usually sells for well over $1000), so this copy might help an advanced collector fill in a rare Family Dog item, as it did for me decades ago.

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