Miscellaneous Posters--Post-1975 to Present

Last updated 3/26/2023

NOTE: An asterisk (*) next to a description of an item indicates that more than one copy of that item is available.


Here are some posters from the "new" Bill Graham/Fillmore series for more recent events held at the re-opened Fillmore since 1987. Some of these are offered here at a fraction of the typical mint copy prices. These posters are gradually becoming increasingly popular.

#F-70, Hot Tuna Acoustic, 12/30/1988, Fillmore; black background with red and yellow lettering, a yellow fish at the top, and a flame underneath ("hot tuna" get it??). Actually a rather nice looking poster for a great show (I was there!), NM- $30.

#F-71, Bill Graham Presents Annual Christmas Party, 12/22/88, Fillmore; poster for private event at the Fillmore given out to BGP employees and guests who attended; black with red and green Fillmore logo and list of employee events, including talk by Bill Graham; nice NM $30.

#F-74, Toots & the Maytals, Joe Higgs and his Band, Thaddeus, 2/3/89, Fillmore; nice reggae show poster with pale green borders, purple center and orange lettering. NM copy $32.50.

#F-77, The Pursuit of Happiness, The Proclaimers, The Connells, Slammin' Watusi, 2/17/89, Fillmore; color photo of Lassie-like dog with milkbone-shaped lettering. VG+/VG $6.00.

#F-79, Sugar Minot and Abashanti, Pato Banton and His Band, The Sugarbeats, 3/4/89, Fillmore; "Reggaefest '89"; irregular rectangular blocks of green, red and yellow color form the background; irregular black lettering over that; nice Reggae poster from the Fillmore series, NM condition, $15.00.

#F-250, Hot Tuna, Alvin Youngblood Hart's Garage Band, 12/31/96, Fillmore; woodsy cartoonish scene with owl, redwood trees, forest animals with whoopee hats, confetti, champagne, etc., happy hippies waving at them, another owl carrying off a guy with a chainsaw; a bit too cutesy for me, but a nice item for Hot Tuna fans, NM- $20.

F-548, Los Lobos, John Doe, 12/6-7/2002; great color Jagmo art featuring center image of a woman with a wolf's head brushing her hair, nice multicolor lettering and purple-blue sun ray background. NM-, minor storage wrinkle in lower LH corner, otherwise super clean.


The "Bill Graham Presents" series is a companion to the Fillmore series, covering events BGP produced at locations other than the Fillmore. Also included are some special posters that were produced for in-house or corporate events, or non-music events produced by BGP. Some of these have really nice artwork.

BGP # 52, Steve Miller Band, Joe Satriani, 12/28/1991, Lawlor Events Center, Reno, 12/29/91, Cow Palace, San Francisco, 12/31/1991, Arco Arena, Sacramento, nice color poster by Randy Tuten with image of sailing ship and distant tropical island, with a mermaid swimming in the waves; this image is very reminiscent of the ship image used on the FD #41 poster in 1966 , modernized a bit. Supposedly the first image Tuten designed after Bill Graham's death. Nice NM copy, $40.

BGP #176, David Bowie, 9/15-16/97, Warfield, San Francisco; photo of a woman's face with big piercing blue eyes the pupils of which are two different sizes. 2 nice NM copies, $40 each. (*)

BGP # 287, Grand Re-Opening of the Wiltern Theater, 1-/15 thru 12/13/2002, listing numerous individual acts including Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, Thievery Corporation, Art Garfunkel, The Cult, Ryan Adams, Ann DiFranco, numerous others; center image of a painting of the Wiltern with black and purple ray background and bright yellow orange lettering by Randy Tuten, neat poster with a great listing of artists, NM copy personally signed in silver ink by Randy Tuten, $45.

No #Tom Waits, 6/12-14/1999, Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles; not a Bill Graham poster but similar in appearance to this series with portrait of Tom Waits by Whit Clifton and Great striking image and lettering by Randy TUten, showing Waits under an umbrella with skyu-like scenery in the background; hard to describe but very cool; nice NM copy SIGNED BY RANDY TUTEN in silver sharpie, NM/NM- condition, $45.

No #, Christopher Hitchens, Michael Ignatieff, Mark Danner & Robert Scheer, Debate American Power and the Crisis in Iraq, 3/15/2003, not a BGP event but included here because it is printed in the same manner as the BGP posters and has nice artwork by Randy Tuten featuring a purple background, fasces on either side, and green/orange lettering in the center; nice NM SIGNED BY RANDY TUTEN in silver sharpie, $27.50.

No #, (BG special event), "Sota Fillmore Dance Theatre Arts" event with Sota Jazz Band and Orchestra, Carlos Santana, and Chester Thompson, 4/11/2000, very attractive image by Randy Tuten with purple background and swirly letters in his inimitable style, in red and yellow green shading. Really nice poster, apparently not given a BG number, NM signed in silver ink by Randy Tuten, $30.


This venue started out as the new Family Dog, but was later dissociated from the late Chet Helms and operated as just "Maritime Hall"; they issued numbered posters for several years. Some interesting band lineups on some of these posters, as well as some great art by Jim Phillips, Kelley, and others:

MHP #ID-11, George Clinton & the P-Funk Allstars, 3/9/96, Maritime Hall, SF; great color image by Jim Phillips, featuring a woman who looks like a Mardi Gras dancer with a feathered headdress containing the lettering and surrounded by other psychedelic swirly lettering containing the show info; very colorful and psychedelic. NM/NM- $32.50.

MHP #23, Gregg Allman, Zero, Chambers Brothers, J.C. Flyer, 10/25/1986, Maritime Hall, San Francisco; B & W on thick poster stock by STANLEY MOUSE, with pair of lips and what looks like a bottoms-up photo of a railroad locomotive in the background; NM-/VG+ (faint storage wear), $27.50.

MHP #27, Unbroken Chain, Third World, Merle Haggard, Michael Rose, Wendy Shaw, Mermen (my favorite current band!); 2/97 (various dates), Maritime Hall, San Francisco, red border with cool watercolor image by Lee Conklin, nice to see him still doing art these days; outer border and lettering appear to be computer generated. Nice NM- $17.


Seva Foundation Presents a Musical Reunion of Old Friends, including David Crosby, Graham Nash, Arlo Guthrie, Richie Havens, Paul Kantner, Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady, Country Joe McDonald, Bob Weir etc., MC Wavy Gravy, 2/13/1994, Masonic Auditorium, San Francisco. This was a SEVA-sponsored reunion of people who played at the original Woodstock; large 19" x 33" silkscreen using the original Woodstock guitar neck and dove logo, with the legend "3 hours of peace and music"; a take-off on the original Woodstock slogan "3 days of peace and music"; for illustration, click here. These posters were all hand-signed and numbered by artist Alton Kelley; this copy is #529/600. They were sold at the show and if there were any left they presumably went to SEVA; beautiful poster, nice NM copy, $175.

Numerous Bay Area artists, including Greg Allman, Peter Coyote, Terry Dolan, Greg Elmore, Mimi Farina, Nick Gravenites, Wavy Gravy, Huey Lewis, Peter Lewis, Country Joe McDonald, Harvey Mandel, Barry Melton, The Monkees, Big Brother & the Holding Company, The Dinosaurs, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Ken Kesey, Lee Michaels, and quite a few more, "Tribute to Chet Helms", 4/30/1994, Sailor's Hall, San Francisco, commemorative poster by Wes Wilson for this well-publicized event; 10.5" x 22", orange-red background with blue center photo of Chet Helms and gold lettering, Famly Dog logo at right; nice NM poster, very attractive $35.00.

The Ramones, 4/11/1980, Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz, CA; 14" x 22" cardboard "boxing style" poster with photo of the band over an orange background, and block lettering. For illustrations, click here, here, here, and here. As you can see, it shows some damage from being posted back in the day, but after all, it is a punk poster! And still super cool! Asking $350.

Split Enz, Robin Lane and the Chartbusters, 5/14/1981; U2, Romeo Void, 5/15/1981; Madness, Mutants, the Hoovers, 5/16/1981, all shows at California Hall, San Francisco; presented by Bill Graham Presents and Groovy Music; very early U2 poster (2d US Tour) at a small venue; California Hall was not a very big place, even compared to the Fillmore. Poster is 11" x 16" on fairly thick poster stock; black and white with three panels, one for each show noted above; typeset lettering but with stark, modernistic design. First one of these I have seen, or encountered; presumably a scarce poster. Two copies available; copy #1 is NM, $250. Copy #2, condition solid VG+; one very minor staple hole in center and a hint of minor wear elsewhere, $200. Interesting early U2 item from their pre-stadium days. (*)

1980 California State Fair featuring Heart, Eddie Money, Firefall, 8/16/1980, Cal. Expo, Sacramento, CA; nice large 17.5" x 23" color poster with big red and green lettering against a brownish background featuring a B & W photo of Heart in the center with lettering identifying the individual band members; nice attractive poster and a great item for Heart fans, NM $50.

Mountain Aire 83 featuring Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Men at Work, Stray Cats, 6/4- 5/83, Calaveras County Fairgrounds, Angel's Camp, CA; 15" x 21" color poster on thin paper featuring color drawing of a racing biplane against a black and green grid pattern; for illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 4.98; nice NM copy, $48.

John Fogerty, 12/7/1986, Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA; cardboard boxing style poster, 14" x 22" on thick stiff cardboard with yellow to white split fountain background and headliner's name in large black block letters; no photo. Bottom says "Eye of the Zombie Now Available Everywhere." 2 copies available; both obviously removed from telephone poles. Copy 1 is intact with staple tears/holes in upper corner, couple bits of missing cardboard in image, $35; copy 2 with torn corner at top left, outside image, image otherwise intact with some staple tears in image, $28. Still an interesting item for CCR/Fogerty collectors. Must be flat packed to ship due to thickness of the cardboard, which will run a bit extra. (*)

Bridge School Concert 1999, featuring Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Billy Corgand & James Iha, Sheryl Crow, Lucinda Williams, Brian Wilson, The Who, Emmylou Harris, Tom Waits, 10/30- 31/1999; amazing lineup for these annual Neil Young - produced shows to benefit the Bridge School. Black background, orange border with Halloween motif, reverse image white lettering; attractive poster. For illustration of the image, click here. Nice NM copy, $60; it was framed when I got it and I can try to ship it with the frame at extra cost if desired, or unframe it and put it in a tube.

#HOB-3, Medeski, Martin & Wood, 4/22-23/2002, Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR, 4/24/2002, Paramount Theatre, Seattle; 4/25/2002, McDonald Theatre, Eugene, OR; presented by the House of Blues, color poster by Randy Tuten, dark cream background with circular line pattern, large photo of the band in the center, yellow, orange, red, and yellow lettering; nice looking poster, NM signed in silver ink by Randy Tuten, $25.

Jefferson Starship, Santana, Jeff Beck, Journey, Nils Lofgren, 6/5/76, Oakland Coliseum, "Day on the Green #3"; J. Geils Band, Jeff Beck, Blue Oyster Cult, Mahogany Rush, Sammy Hagar, 6/6/1976, Oakland Coliseum, "Day on the Green #4"; size approx 15" x 21" on thin red- pink stock, with black lettering. Looks like Randy Tuten's lettering or the period, but is unsigned. For an image, click here. Nice poster for a couple of these famous summer events that Bill Graham did for several years in the 1970s in this big stadium (I remember seeing the Dead with the Beach Boys there for the first one). Condition solid VG+ with light staple holes in each corner margin outside the image. $50.

Roky Erickson & the Explosives, 9/24/1981, The Stone, SF, with Eye Protection, Elements of Style; 9/25/1981, Keystone Berkeley with VKTMS, Eye Protection; approx. 11" x 17" blue/green/yellow/red vertical split fountain poster, punky block lettering with center photo of some kind of demon. Pretty cool looking, effectively combines punk and psychedelic elements. One of Roky's rare 70s/80s Bay Area appearances. VG+, almost NM but with a hint of age and a couple of insignificant dark spots im image. First time I've offered one of these. Uncommon. $125

Pablo Cruise, 10/28/1978, Cal Poly Main Gym, San Luis Obispo, CA; 12.75" x 25" image, nice blue , brown, and light brown image of a woman's face with a hibiscus flower in her hair, style is sort of a cross between Mucha and David Lance Goines, appears somewhat derivative of the latter's style, very nice poster that would frame up well. Nice, clean copy, has a diagonal corner crease in lower LH image, fairly long but out of the image, and a light horizontal handling crease, more like a wrinkle and probably would mostly press out if framed. Attractive, unusual poster & not common, $75.

The Persuasions, The Beatmongers, 6/1/1981, Old Town Bar & Grill, Eureka, CA; 11" x 14" "tweener" size; horizontal, blue on white stock with photo of the Persuasions and typeset lettering. The cool thing here is that this poster is AUTOGRAPHED by the members of the Persuasions; neat item, has a tack hole in each corner and some paper browning like it was on a wall for some time, overall has a nice vintage appearance, neat item $45.

Moby Grape, What on Earth, MC Bob Broznan, 10/31/1977, Boulder Creek Theater, Boulder Creek (Santa Cruz), CA; Second Annual KFAT Halloween Party; 11" x 17" poster by Jim Phillips in red, yellow, and black, with incredibly cool image of super-ugly old witch stirring a bubbling pot with the neck of a guitar; for illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 4.103. This is almost definitely Jim Phillips' most iconic image and in my opinion one of the coolest posters of the entire 1975-90 period. Not well known before the Art of Rock came out, it was prominently featured therein and became harder and harder to obtain as its popularity spread. Ultimately it was reprinted in a larger size; however, this is the ORIGINAL poster, numbered #251 on the back (apparently all of them were stamp-numbered) and SIGNED BY JIM PHILLIPS in pencil on the front as well. Asking $595 for this copy; yeah it is expensive, but this is the first extra I've had in a long time and the image is just so cool....

Dinosaurs, Wettunes, 12/17/1983, Corte Madera Rec. Center, Corte Madera (Marin County, CA, 12.5" x 16.5" poster on thick stock; red and white lettering by Kelley against a black background; center image of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Triceratops facing off in a medieval swamp; NM- $50.

Dinosaurs, Beau Brummels, Cannibal Dynamo, Hoo Doo Rhythm Devils, 7/15/1984, Marx Meadows, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, "the Dinosaurs Present A Free Concert Music in the Park"; crude B & W 8.5" x 12" "tweener" sized item that was probably intended to function as a poster and therefore will be listed as such; basically just B & W crude hand drawn lettering with a crude dinosaur head at the top holding a lettering banner. Uncommon item since it was a free gig, featuring a good lineup of SF Revival bands; NM $30.

Dinosaurs, 9/16/1984, Golden Bear, Huntington Beach (Orange County), California; 11" x 17" B&W poster; not part of numbered series; just has large block lettering featuring band and listing members, gig sponsored by Fender guitars; nice NM copy, $37.50, not generally available,.

Dinosaurs, Slik, S.F. Ninja Society, 9/20/1984, Wolfgang's (Bill Graham's club), San Francisco; not part of the numbered Dinosaurs series but more or less contemporaneous with that series; 14" x 14" black & white poster by Kelley, with head of a T-Rex or some other equally menacing dinosaur, and crossed samurai swords in the background, with very nice stylized lettering typical of the period. This poster doesn't turn up as often as the numbered series but really belongs with it, and should be an essential item for any Dinosaurs fan. One copy left, NM- , very clean, asking $95.

Dinosaurs, Marty Balin, 6/7/1985, Santa Rosa Vets Auditorium, Santa Rosa, CA; 15 x 21.5; attractive color image with clouds in the background and a red dragon flying in the center; not one of the Kelley series but nevertheless kind of a cool poster; nice NM $55.00.

Hot Tuna, Commander Cody & His Band, O.J. Ekemode & the Nigerian Allstars, Joe Louis Walker and the Boss Talkers, Dr. Ross & the Hellhounds, MC Wavy Gravy, 9/4/1988. French's Camp, Eel River, CA; 11" x 17", red & blue on thin white paper with image of a tuna fish with sunglasses and a porkpie hat playing guitar; cool image, cool show. Nice NM- copy, $30.

Grateful Dead, 8/17/1986, Boreal Ridge, Donner Summit (Sierra Nevada), California. Billed as the "The Highest Grateful Dead Concert in the World." Concert was canceled due to Jerry Garcia's ill health. 13 1/8" x 20" on high-gloss stock with image of snowy mountains with a red skull rising above the horizon; Kelley-style lettering at the top but it was not one of his posters. There must have been a lot of posters left over when the show was canceled, which were then retailed commercially1 copy basically NM- (was rolled but otherwise clean), $ 35.00.

Gospel Hummingbirds, Charlie Musselwhite, Junior Kimbrough, Angela Strehli, Red Devils, Johnny Nocturne Band, 9/24/1993, Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Sonoma, CA; Sonoma County Blues Festival 1993, approx. 16" x 20", goldenrod paper, nice logo in the center and typeset lettering for performers and ticket block info; red bar at left, not unattractive; solid VG+, close to NM- with just a hint of wear; $19.99.

Emmylou Harris, 8/24/77, Chumash Auditorium, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, nice large size 17" x 22" poster, blue on off-white paper stock; art-deco lettering and image of ocean liner with photo of Emmylou in bottom left center of image. Nice NM- copy, $35.00

Jokers Motorcycle Club, 8/22/1987, Second Annual Lake County Poker Run, size approximately 17" x 22" orange and black lettering with a hand holding a royal flush with the Joker on top, couple guys on choppers at the side, this isn't usually my thing but it is a cool poster and after all it does offer "live music." Probably a pretty rare item. Lots of damages, folds along the edges where it was squeezed into too small of a frame, 3" rip at the top gives it authenticity. For illustration, clickhere. Color is even, lighting in illustration makes it look darker than life. Asking $45.

Berkeley Jazz Festival 1980, great jazz/fusion lineup including Keith Jarrett, 5/22, Zellerbach Auditorium; Osar Peterson Trio, Art Blakeley, Betty Carter, 5/23, Berkeley Community Theatre; Ronnie Laws, Hubert Laws, Freddie Hubbard, Lee Ritenour, Harvey Mason, Ralph Macdonald, Abe Laboriel, Jorge Dalto, Chick Corea & Friends, Andy Narell Quartet, 5/24, Greek Theatre; Stanley Clark, Herbie Hancock, Jon Lucien, Alphonse Mouzon, Devadip Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin, McCoy Tyner, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Peter Appelbaum & the Hieroglyphics Ensemble, 5/25, Greek Theatre; an all star lineup. Poster is approx. 15" x 22.5, on very thin glossy stock that does not age very well, nice design; for image, click here I have 6 copies available, in varying condition, clean and no pinholes but with storage damage due to the thin, thin paper. 1 fairly nice NM- with very slight storage wear, $27.50; 1 NM-/VG+ clean but for some minor storage wear, $25; 1 VG+ clean, but for 4" diagonal margin crease in lower LH corner outside image, $15, another one similar but with a diagonal crease at LH side of image, also $15; another one similar with some storage ripples and creasing, $15; 1 VG+ with scuff in upper LH corner and a little bit of minor storage wear, $12.50. All of these are probably better than they sound in the description. (*)

Rolling Stones, 1982, Italy; Italian poster stating "ciao 2001, Rolling Stones, Inserto Speciale A Colori"; apparently advertising a color insert to some newspaper or magazine; red-pink dot matrix background, lettering in white, yellow, and blue. An interesting item for some Stones completist, probably hard to find, but unfortunately badly wrinkles with staple pulls in corners; a couple of edge tears. Hard to price something like this, does $8.50 sound right to you?

Sons of Champlin, Pablo Cruise, 11/28/75, Marin Veterans Aud., San Rafael, CA; 11" x 17" (Thanksgiving show), blue on white paper with rendering of the "Sons of Champlin" album cover and lettering that appears to be by Randy Tuten, although not signed. Presented by Bill Graham. Nice local Marin item, NM $40.

Rolling Stones, 1997, Bridges to Babylon Tour, nice 11" x 17" newspaper rack poster on thick stock; this is the type of poster that is stuck in newspaper racks to publicize an upcoming event; this one is advertising the opportunity to "win tickets!" to the San Francisco performance on this tour courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. Nice red, black, and sepia toned poster with smiling photo of the band, large image of Mick at the front, Keith slightly smaller, and the others in the background. 4 of these available, $25 each, all NM, must be shipped flat at modest additional cost due to thickness of the stock. (*)

David Crosby/Graham Nash, 11/21-14/7? (probably '72-76), Zellerbach Auditorium, U.C. Berkeley; 11 x 17 black on thin white paper with Randy Tuten lettering and nice photo of Crosby and Nash, NM $45.

Dave Mason, Kenny Loggins, Charlie, 7/30/77, Greek Theatre, U.C. Berkeley; co-produced by Bill Graham; nice 10 x 12 brown on thin glossy paper with drawings of Mason and Loggins and nice shaded lettering; commercial but nice NM $15.

Margo St. James' Hookers Ball, 10/29/1979, S.F. Civic Auditorium; approximately 11" x 16.5" poster on poster stock , with Hookers' Ball logo of hands held over a woman's face like opera glasses; black background with pale orange split fountain image and typeset lettering. Featured Linda Tillery (ex-Loading Zone), Queen Ida, other local artists plus "guest stars to be announced." One of the earlier posters for this annual San Francisco event sponsored by the well known prostitute/activist; the wild and crazy ...er, activities... at these events were legendary especially in the early days; have 3 NM copies $32.50; one closer to VG+ $25.00. (*)

Doobie Brothers, Dixie Dregs, 7/17/80, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Baltimore, MD.; 13 X 20" on poster stock., background image of blue sky and clouds with big yellow-red sun on top and Doobie Brothers winged "DB" logo at the top, typeset lettering for show info at bottom. VG+; small pinholes in corner, otherwise clean, $15.

Parliament/Funkadelic, Bootsey's Rubber Band, 6/4/76 or 82 (unable to verify which), Golden Hall, San Diego, CA; 14" x 22" on thick posterboard ("boxing style" poster), large red block lettering on white background, no photo, printed by Colby Poster Co, LA. Minor rippling to bottom part of cardboard and very pale waterstain along lower LH corner margin; original vintage printing, $95.

Huey Lewis & the News, The Romantics, Citadel, 2/19/84, Feaster Center, Fairmont State College (region unknown), black/blue background with technical-schematic type drawing of electric guitar; high quality printing on glossy stock. NM $25.

Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks, "Tangled Tales" promo poster 2009; nice 11" x 17" poster for this LP on Surfdog records with nice blurred artsy photo of Dan wearing a red jacket sitting behind the wheel of a red car; color, attractive poster; Dan's death was a big event here in Marin County, where he was very much a local citizen of Mill Valley. Nice NM- poster, $15.00.

The Band, Jerry Garcia Band, Etta James, Kate Wolf, Norton Buffalo, 7/24/83, Grass Valley, CA; "Sierra Sun" music festival; this is another one of those that I keep thinking is in The Art of Rock, but I guess it isn't 'cause I can't find it now; anyway, I used to have some of these a few years back sold out; now I have a few more copies; features an attractive color central drawing of a Sierra Nevada meadow; lettering below; a bit commercial but has a nice overall look and feel to it. NM $75. (*)

Koko Taylor & Her Blues Machine, George "Harmonica" Smith, Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers, Carey Bell Blues Band, Earl King, Roomful of Blues, Jimmy McCracklin, Sonny Rhodes, Little Milton, others, 9/12-13/1981, Stanyan & Haight Sts, San Francisco, CA, 9th Annual San Francisco Blues Festival, 18.5" x 22.5" beautifully silkscreened poster on very thick posterboard in copper, purple, brown and black with central image of Koko Taylor. This is one of the very nicest posters done in the lengthy series for the longest running blues festival in the US, which went from 1973 to 2009. A spectacular artsy poster, much nice than the thin ones that they did in the 1990s on; it is illustrated on the festival's website but they are long since out of it, but I have two gorgeous NM copies here, asking $135 each. NOTE: This includes an extra shipping charge as these are extremely thick and have to be shipped flat packed, at significant additional cost. (*)

B.B. King, Albert King, Nick Gravenites, Elvin Bishop, Roy Rogers & the Delta Rhythm Kings, Larry Arkansas Davis, many others, 8/27-28/88, Santa Clara County Fairgrounds; "JJ's Second Annual Blues Festival and Barbecue"; nice lineup for this 80's blues event; large 18 x 25 poster on this paper stock featuring nice albeit somewhat commercial airbrush image of bluesman's hands picking an electric guitar; typeset lettering at bottom. VG+; near mint except for some minor corner wrinkles outside of image, due to improper storage. Nice blues festival poster, first one I've seen, $35.00.

Albert King, Nick Gravenites, Elvin Bishop, Roy Rogers & the Delta Rhythm Kings, others, 8/27/88; B.B. King, Larry "Arkansas" Davis, Little John Chrisley, Others, 8/28/88, Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, ""JJ's Second Annual Blues Festival"; 18 x 25" poster, color on thin white glossy paper with upper image of hand playing and electric hollow body guitar with nighttime city buildings in the background, typeset lettering for bands and dates below, nice overall image if a bit commercial, NM-, minor diagonal storage dings in a couple of the corners from the rigors of storage, otherwise very clean, $25.

Chris Isaak, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Psychefunkefus, Buck Naked & the Bare Bottom Boys, 10/27/90, San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Hall, "Exotic-Erotic Halloween Ball'--very cool looking 16" x 23" poster on thin glossy stock with dayglo image of the Wolfman embracing a scantily clad lady. For an image of the poster, click here. Colors are dayglo and much brighter than image appears. I really love this image, commercial though it may be, the dayglo colors and image really jump out at the viewer. I don't think this was ever distributed commercially, but was posted around the area to publicize the shows. 2 NM copies, $35 each. (*)

Henry Miller Centennial Celebration, 10/26 thru 10/31/91, various venues, including Fowler Museum, UCLA; Scottish Rite Temple, San Francisco, and Big Sur. Very nice large 16" 27.75" poster; yellow and black with purplish black photo of Henry Miller on thick white poster stock; art by David Singer; very nice clean style as typical for Singer's art. Nice item for fans of David Singer or Henry Miller; 2 copies available, $25 each. (*)

Bob Weir, Rob Wasserman, 5/19-21/1991, various Texas venues, early full color design by Frank Kozik (litho, not silkscreen), with an atypical Art Nouveau image of a woman carrying a skull, surrounded by more punkish swirly style lettering more typical of Kozik's early stuff. Really nice poster, I really love it. NM $40.

Inner Circle, Dub Congress, 3/8/98, Palookaville, Santa Cruz, CA; 11"x 17" telephone style poster; black on thin yellow stock with photos of the artists; nice reggae poster; VG+; minor removable tape in corners, otherwise clean. $12.50.

The Mermen, Bloom, H-Fi and the Roadburners, 12/21/94 (don't think it could be 2005, too late...) , Paradise Lounge, San Francisco; 8.5" x 14" telephone pole flyer/poster for an early appearance of my favorite local band. Not much art, just printed lettering with the club logo at the top. 2 NM copies, $10 each. (*)

Vida (ex Black Flag), Third Eye Blind, Apple Pork Four, 3/2/95, Preacher Boy & The Natural Blues, Spanking Violets, Elvis Herselvis, 3/3/95, Super Diamond, The Naughty Ones, 3/4/95, Paradise Lounge, San Francisco; 8.5" x 14" telephone flyer;/poster; B & W lettering on thin paper stock, no art to speak of; main attraction here is an early club appearance of Third Eye Blind; NM $7.50.

Los Angelitos, Supernaturals, 54/50, Baby Snufkin, Liar, Mumblin' Jim, other local bands, ?/26-27/96, Paradise Lounge, San Francisco, very nice 11 x 22.5 poster by Gordon & Shirtsleeve on thick glossy stock; image shows a brown very muscular camel smoking a cigarette sitting on a beach with sand and palm trees in the background, a takeoff on the Camel Cigarette ads but very well done. Nice NM poster, $15. May have to be shipped flat at extra shipping charge.

Mirv, Flower SF, Walrus, Giant Robot, Jojo, Cake, other local bands, ?/26-27/06, The Transmission Theater, San Francisco, 10 x 20 poster by Gordon & Shirtsleeve on very thick glossy poster stock, black with multicolored outline head-on photo of a hot rod or dragster. Nice NM poster, $10. May have to be shipped flat at extra shipping charge.

Projekct Two (Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp, Trey Gunn), 3/20/98, Palookaville, Santa Cruz, CA; 11" x 17" telephone-pole style poster; black on thin red paper with photo. Nice oddball King Crimson item; VG+; tape on corners (removable if you want to); otherwise minor wear $15.

Michelle Shocked and the Anointed Earls, 3/22-23/98, Palookaville, Santa Cruz, CA; 11" x 17" telephone-style poster, black on thin green stock with photo of Michelle Shocked. VG+; removable tape in corner and minor wear, $7.50.

Dub Syndicate, 4/3/98, Palookaville, Santa Cruz, 11" x 17" telephone-pole style poster; black on bright pink paper with photo of the artist; VG; minor removable tape in corners, $10.

Ho'Opi Brothers, Ledward Kaapana, 4/11/98, Palookaville, Santa Cruz, "Voices of Old Hawaii" show featuring these highly regarded Hawaiian musicians; 11" x 17 telephone-style poster; black on thin pink paper with photos of the artists; SIGNED BY TWO OF THE ARTISTS (hard to read signatures) to the original owner; VG+; removable tape in the corners; otherwise clean. Very nice Hawaiian music poster, $12.50.

Butthole Surfers, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, 1993 U.S. Tour, super-cool silkscreen poster by Frank Kozik with glowing skull superimposed over a burning cross; two crossed pistons labeled "love" and "hate"; a classic Frank Kozik poster; 2 nice NM copies, $30 each. (*)

Grand Slam Rock Jam, 8/8/93, Golden Gate Park, S.F.; cool 18" x 24.75" poster by Pacific Northwest artist Bob Masse in bright orange and blue with floral borders and center stained glass window shape with caption "Free Concert--lotsa bands, free music, free drugs, free girls-- NOT!!!" Cool, humorous poster in the psychedelic style, typical of Masse's art. For illustration, click here 6 copies available; NM $25 each. (*)

The Denison-Kimball Trio (featuring Duane Denison of the Jesus Lizard), 5/8/95, DNA Lounge, San Francisco; very cool silkscreen poster by Gordon & Shirtsleeve in the Frank Kozik style; 3 panels; one shows fingers on a guitar fretboard, the center a cocktail glass and ashtray with a smoking cigarette butt, and the third 3 hands playing the bongos. Cool poster... NM- (corner ding) signed "Gordon" in pencil, $25.

Stanley Mouse, 2001, "Fink Different"; uncut 14" x 19" sheet of 8 color handbills for what appears to be some kind of a show or advertisement, says "Mouse and Colorspan at Seybold, San Francisco 2001." The image is really cool with this the image of a big disgusting giant mouse with bloodshot eyes (like Big Daddy Roth's "Rat Fink" character) and a big red "M" on his T- Shirt (instead of "RF") seated at a computer eating an apple. Great colors, really cool item; not a common Mouse image. Asking $60.

Hog Farm "Pig-Nic" 9/2-3/95, Laytonville, CA; featuring Taj Mahal, Pele Juju, Linda Tillery, Dr. Loco & the Rockin' Jalapeno Band, Ratdog Review, Leftover Salmon, Second Sight, and others, with special guests Wavy Gravy and KEN KESEY. I went to one of these events early on and they were big fun; outdoors in the woods listening to some fine music and swimming in the river when things got too hot...this poster was co-produced by Bill Graham and the Hog Farm, features a design of a hog standing atop a stage that looks a little like Rick Griffin's early Hog Farm design based on the Royal Baking Powder can, only this one is set in the middle of the woods, and a bit crudely done, but still nice red/orange/yellow split fountain border with blue and green accents and typeset lettering. A nice souvenir of what was no doubt a fine event. NM-/VG+; basically mint except for a small light drip or stain spot at the top. Might be removable but I haven't tried it; not a big deal. Asking $25 for this nice Kesey-related item.

Mirv, Flower SF, Walrus, Giant Robot, Jojo, Cake, Her Majesty the Baby, Train, Sunfur, Katharine Chase, 3(?) 27/96, Transmission Theater, S.F.; cool image by Gordon & Shirtsleeve wit black background, outline of car in wavy green and red, and yellow & blue lettering; has some paper stuck on the margin, probably removable, overall condition as is VG+; $10.

Tribal Disco Noise, Spike 1000, Much, 96 Decibel Freaks, 6/29/96, Berkeley Square, nice silkscreen by Gordon & Shirtsleeve with red background, dancing Shiva or Buddha holding microphone, NM $15. Kai Kln, Spike 1000, Smitten, 7/25/96, Bottom of the Hill, S.F.; nice black, blue-gray and green silkscreen with photo of woman whom I don't recognize; nice art by Gordon & Shirtsleeve, 2 copies NM $10 each. (*)

Heavy Into Jeff, Van Gogh's Daughter, Gun and Doll show, 10/11/96(?); Transmission Theatre, S.F.; nice silkscreen by Gordon & Shirtsleeve in the Frank Kozik style, orange background with black and red photo of John Travolta and some girl from one of his early disco movies, doctored up to show devil horns coming out of his head. 3 copies, NM $20 each. (*)

Summer of Love 30th Anniversary Celebration, Golden Gate Park, S.F.; 10/12/97; various commemorative posters were done for this event but this one was the free one that was posted around and handed out at the show; blue background and red/orange lettering and art marred only by one beer bottle and the slogan "it's Miller time" commemorating the corporate sponsor....well, it is the '90's after all. I have a bunch of NM copies of this poster; good souvenir, only $5.00 each. (*)

Summer of Love 30th Anniversary Celebration, Golden Gate Park, S.F.; 10/12/97; another commemorative poster for this event; this one is a beautiful color 12" x 18" image by DAVID SINGER with a blue patterned background and the words "summer of love" in heart shaped lettering in the center in yellow to dark red graded color, and red lettering with the event info at the bottom. Very colorful. I have 2 copies, both NM and PERSONALLY SIGNED IN GOLD INK BY DAVID SINGER; very nice signature, $35 each. (*)

Hootie & the Blowfish, Speech, 11/25/9? (recent); Rose Garden, Portland, OR; commercial Bill Graham poster of the type typically put up on telephone poles these days to publicize upcoming shows; black on bright orange stock with photo of band. 2 copies, NM $35 each. (*)

Dave Matthews Band, 11/25/94 (seems early but that's what it dates out to), Roseland Theater, I think that's Roseland, Wash. 11 x 17 commercial telephone-pole poster, black ink on orange dayglo stock; VERY bright, Photo of Matthews band, but mainly lettering. Nice NM copy, $10. Most of these get put up on telephone poles and don't turn up in this condition.

26th Annual San Francisco Blues Festival, 9/19-20/98, Ft. Mason, SF; featuring Robert Cray, Little Charlie & the Nightcats, Mavis Staples, Jimmy McCracklin, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Barbara Dane, Taj Mahal, Irma Thomas, Tommy Castro, Magic Slim, Walter "Wolfman" Washington, Roy Rogers, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, many others; green background with photo image of man wearing turban playing guitar (sorry, slipped my mind who he is at the moment..) Nice poster in this very collectible series, NM $25.00.

Burning Spear, Pato Benton, Third World, The Skatelites, Shinehead, Mutabaruka, others, 10/7-8/2000. Golden Gate Park, S.F.; nice color lettering and photo of rastaman pounding on a drum; commercial but cool poster. NM $10.

Steel Pulse, Sizzla, Barrington Levy, Lucky Dube, Michael Rose, Prezident Brown, Groundation, Pacific Vibrations, 10/4-5/2003, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, "Reggae in the Park," 13" x 17.5"; thin stock; color with center image of stylized rastaman pounding on a drum, green & red background with angular orange and red sun in the background; nice image; typeset white lettering at bottom with gig info. One copy, would be NM- but for some clear tape in each upper corner where it was apparently posted to advertise the show; probably removable but I haven't tried it. Attractive poster, $20.

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (7th Annual), 10/5-7/2007, Speeedway Meadows, Marx Meadows, and Lindley Meadows, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco; 16" x 19.5" poster for this premiere annual San Francisco event featuring a host of stars including (partial list only) T. Bone Burnett, Austin Lounge Lizards, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Boz Scaggs, Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, John Prine, Los Lobos, Michelle Shocked, New Lost City Ramblers, The Subdudes, Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men, David Grisman, Earl Scruggs, Emmylou Harris, Jorma Kaukonen, Moonalice, Railroad Earth, and many many others too numerous to mention (but all listed on the poster); sort of an old-timey motif with typeset lettering in a vertical column on the right; 3 NM copies available, $17.50 each. (*)

"South Bay Surf Band Reunion 1986" with The Bel-Airs, Eddie & the Showmen, P.J. & the Galaxies, Dave Marks & the Marksmen, Paul Johnson & the Packards, The Halibuts, 10/25/86, Alpine Village Clubhouse, Torrance, CA, 11 x 17 dark blue on thin glossy stock, poster is a collaboration by Rick Griffin and Randy Tuten, cool center image by Griffin a guitar playing surfer noseriding through the tube, nice lettering by Tuten. Obscure poster that doesn't show up often, nice item for fans of surf music or Rick Griffin's art, NM $55.

2d Annual Surf Stomp with The Worm Farm Band, Highway 84, Murphy's Planet, plus special guests, 9/10/93, Miramar Beach Restaurant, Half Moon Bay, CA, benefit for the Surfrider Foundation; 10.25" x 16" on thick poster stock with blue-brick red split fountain printing; checkerboard background on white with typeset lettering and logos of various sponsors, mostly local surf shops including Jeff Clark's Maverick's surf shop. Many of you who know me personally are aware that I am a big fan of instrumental surf-type music, especially the Mermen, so how could I resist picking up a small stash of these when they turned up at a local flea market? I have 3 for sale, including 2 that are basically NM/NM-, asking $15 each, and one that is similar but for a small unobtrusive 1/8" poke hole in the lower portion of the image, asking $10 for that one. (*).

Tom Heavy Band, Drifting Sands, Bustin' Boards, SURFRIDER BASH, 5/20/2000, Half Moon Bay Yacht Club; cool ocean blue & black design by Randy Tuten showing Rick Griffin cartoon character in the middle of a stylized wave tube; 13" x 16.5" on glossy poster stock; very nice image, not easy to find. Nice NM/NM- copy $27.00.

Brian Setzer Orchestra, 4/4/2000, Playboy Mansion, Beverly Hills, CA, poster for the Internet Film and Music Awards, nice color poster by Randy Tuten with blue sky background, image of a large house radiating bright light, and large colorful yellow and red band lettering, nice NM copy signed by Randy Tuten in silver ink, $30.

"The Flight of the Jefferson Airplane," 1998 poster for this Ravin' Films video; really nice horizontal format color poster by Randy Tuten; yellow background with green sun rays and a frontal view of an old biplane airliner superimposed over a cavorting woman, and beautiful orange-red lettering. NM- condition, a hint of corner wear, otherwise clean $35.

"Soulsville" film poster for Ravin' Films, featuring photos of Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Booker T & the MGs, Rufus and Carla Thomas, Isaac Hayes, the Staple Singers, and Al Green; this 2003 poster was done by Randy Tuten in the style of a 1950s "boxing style" soul revue poster, yellow background with B & W photos and red lettering, nice item for soul music fans, NM signed by Randy Tuten in silver ink, $35.00.

Phish, 8/29/2012, Zoo Amphitheatre, Oklahoma City, OK; 12" x 18" advertising poster, with color photo of band in the center and Zoo Amphitheatre zebra logo at the bottom; nice NM copy $25.

Moonalice, 12/28/2013, 19 Broadway, Fairfax, CA (Moonalice #663); really nice art nouveau design by Alexandra Fischer, green and gold against muted orange background, Mucha- style lettering. Couple of wrinkles and minor corner ding, still very attractive, $10.

The Tear Jerkers, 2/20/2015, Kensington Circus Pub, Kensington (East Bay), CA; 11" x 17" color poster for this very local East Bay show, artwork by John Seabury of Psychotic Pineapple fame; nice color image showing line drawing of a kneeling woman dressed in old-time clothes waiving her handkerchief in a sad farewell.....for illustration, click here. 2 copies, NM/NM- $12 each (*).

The Tear Jerkers, 4/17/2015, Kensington Circus Pub, Kensington (East Bay), CA; 11" x 17" color poster for this very local East Bay show, artwork by none other than John Seabury of Psychotic Pineapple fame; shows a cowgirl with a whip astride a human brain with eyeballs; for illustration, click here. NM $12.


Spring paddleboard surf races, 5/19/1985, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii; nice 12" x 16.5" poster, blue and green silkscreen on pale pink-brick red art stock, image of paddleboarder, taken from the top, NM $10.

Memorial Day Paddleboard race, 5/27/1990, Turtle Bay Hilton, Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii; 17 x 23" poster, silkscreened red and blue on white art stock, with a muscular paddleboarder in front of a paddleboard, with crossed Hawaiian and American flags, rather attractive, nice NM poster, $17.50.

Memorial Day Paddleboard race, 1991, Turtle Bay Hilton, Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii; 16 x 22.5" poster, silkscreened white on dark slate blue, with rear-view image of a paddleboarder paddling across the ocean; nice image, NM poster, $15

Shoreline challenge Kayak or Paddleboard paddling competition, 4/6/1991. Healini Canoe Club, Oahu, Hawaii, 19 x 24.5" blue, turquoise, and green silkscreen poster on nice art stock, featuring the image of a Hawaiian paddling an open surf kayak or paddleboard against a turquoise blue ocean, with a border of leaves. Nice, very attractive poster, NM-/VG+ slight corner age outside margins, $25.

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