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Last updated 12/29/2023

Proof Sheet, Journey World Tour 1979, approx 22.5" x 31", one of Kelley & Mouse's fabulous Journey images; some of their very best 1970s-80s work; this one has a black-blue background with the Journey winged globe in the center and an erupting volcano in the center circle; striking and spectacular. Untrimmed with slightly wider margins than the business version, and registration marks on the left margin. Condition NM-/VG+; image clean, but has a slight bit of wear in the margins, not significant but it is there; $50.

Proof Sheet, Neal Schon & Jan Hammer, "Untold Passion" LP, 1981, artwork by Kelley featuring a red heart stabbed by two yellow bolts of lightning; size approx 23" x 36" with image of both sides of the album cover and 3 cassette covers, printed on thick glossy stock. Attractive, unusual, and scarce; for illustration, click here. Nice NM copy, $50.

Stanley Mouse, 2001, "Fink Different"; uncut 14" x 19" sheet of 8 color handbills for what appears to be some kind of a show or advertisement, says "Mouse and Colorspan at Seybold, San Francisco 2001." The image is really cool with this the image of a big disgusting giant mouse with bloodshot eyes (like Big Daddy Roth's "Rat Fink" character) and a big red "M" on his T- Shirt (instead of "RF") seated at a computer eating an apple. Great colors, really cool item; not a common Mouse image. Asking $60.

Proof Sheet, National Music and Hi-Fi Expo 72, 10/6-8, Cow Palace, San Francisco; uncut sheet of 4 handbills by Randy Tuten; performers included Chuck Berry, Charlie Mingus, Lamb, Bo Diddley, others; nice image with red background, typical Tuten lettering; color globe in the center. Nice image, printed 4-up and untrimmed, $60.

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