Miscellaneous Non-California Handbills (late '60's to early '70's)

Last updated 10/20/2018

NOTE: An asterisk (*) next to a description of an item indicates that more than one copy of that item is available.


Portland Zoo, Turtle Soup, 3/14-15/1969, Beaver Hall, Portland, OR; very nice 5.5" x 8.5" handbill on thin paper in orange-red and pale green; nice center photo of Art-Nouveau era woman with headband, roses around photo and orange-red lettering against a pale green background; unsigned but quite likely Bruce Weber's work, very nice NM copy $30.


The Springer's Hall flyers include some of the most attractive and colorful Pacific Northwest handbills and flyers.

Mike Russo, Melodius Funk, Grimes and Purple, 3/6/71, Springer's; 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" on paper with blank backside handbill; features Cathy Weinstein (signed "Hedda Goldspace", one of her pseudonyms); artwork of stained glass like psychedelic border surrounding exquisite hand lettering; for image, click here ; 4 copies, NM $ 15.00 (reduced price) (*).

Soma, Chooch, Brown Sugar, 4/3/71, Springers, Portland, Oregon; Cathy Weinstein (aka Hedda Goldspace--one of her pseudonyms) artwork features psychedelic / art nouveau flowing filigree design surrounding typeset lettering; for image, click here. 4 3/4" x 6 5/16", printed on paper with blank backside. 3 copies, NM $ 45.00. (*)

Sand, Seymore, Mineral Water, 4/10/71, Springers, 19/32" x 8 1/16" - Artwork by the late, great Cathy Weinstein (aka Hedda Goldspace, one of her favorite pseudonyms) features large psychedelic / carnival type face with mouth open full of the groups' names (hand lettering)., printed on slick cannery stock with blank reverse; for image, click here. 6 NM copies, $45 each.(*)

Mixed Blood, Firemen, Blue Rose, 4/24/71, Springer's, Portland; 5 7/16" x 7 1/2" - Blank back side concert handbill printed at the local cannery on slick stock paper like many of the Crystal Ballroom handbills - Another one of Bruce Weber's fantastic artworks features illustration of woman in long dress holding small tree, psych design on both sides, with Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny at right and left corners below ...psychedelic textured colors in pink and shades of blue along with the usual Weber hand lettering; for image, click here . 3 nice NM copies, 45.00 each. (*)

Charlie Musselwhite, American Frogg, 5/14/71, Springer's, Portland; 4 9/16" x 7 1/2" - Artwork by the late, great Cathy Weinstein (aka Hedda Goldspace, one of her pseudonyms) in full color - Easily one of her mind blowing poster artworks, featuring her supremely mutant Harmonica Billed Bird! - Concert handbill with blank reverse; 2 copies NM $75 each. (*)

Brown Sugar, Sand, Notary Sojac, 6/5/71, Springer's, Portland; 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"; simple dark brown typesetting on white paper, no artwork. This event was a Lawyer Fund Benefit Dance and Auction for Rick Gooch, bass player for Sand, who was awaiting trial for Army desertion. Scarce handbill for the Springer's completist; for image, click here. 3 NM/NM- copies, $45.00 each (*)

Cold Blood, Stoneground, 6/22/1971, Springer's; 10 1/2" x 6"; simple black typeset lettering on white paper with simple graphics consisting of a grid background and what looks sort of like an 8-ball and a baloon; or maybe a tennis ball and a tennis racket, who the hell knows?? Not especially attractive, but another scarce Springer's item for the completist; for image, click here. 2 NM- copies, $45 each. (*)

Jacob's Ladder, Soma, Skiffle, 6/26/71, Springer's in Portland ; 5 3/32" x 8 7/8" on thin paper; beautiful orange and blue Bruce Weber artwork with op-art border design and woman's face in the center; for image, click here. 2 copies, NM $ 25.00 each (*).

Brewer & Shipley, Kobolden & Keep, 7/10/71, Springer's in Portland; 4 7/8" x 6 1/2"; Concert handbill on thin paper with blazing full colors, illustration by McGuiness; blue background with standing figure surrounded by red and blue swirls,; for image, click here 4 copies, NM $15.00 each. (reduced price) (*)


Jefferson Airplane, Collectors, Magic Fern, 5/27/1967, Richmond Arena, Richmond (Vancouver), B.C., VANCOUVER TRIPS FESTIVAL, 5.5" x 7" color handbill on thin paper by noted Vancouver artist Bob Masse; one of Masse's best images (along with his Doors and Grateful Dead posters for the same period); outer low-contrast light green lettering over dark blue background with center image consisting of a photo of the Airplane in blue over a bright pink background. Reverse has the "hydrogen sales" stamp which appears on all originals. Masse reprinted this poster not sure if the card has been reprinted or not but the originals are pretty rare, and super nice art. Offering an excellent copy of this rare handbill, NM-/VG+; minor age but otherwise nice and clean, $325.00.

Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger Trinity, The Nice (Keith Emerson!), 3/30/1969 (+ films on 3/28 and local gig oin 3/29); The Rock Pile, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 5.5" x 8.5" on thin faintly lavender-gray paper (comes in other colors) with face at the top, dark border and typset lettering (various fonts) in the middle; not particularly attractive but pretty cool with the Nice playing 2 gigs a night for $3.00 admission. "Nice" NM copy, $40.

Denny's Music, 1970 Promotional Handbill for Portland music equipment store. First/Only Printing Promotional Handbill - 5" x 7" - Artwork by the late, great Cathy Weinstein (aka Thunderbitch & aka Hedda Goldspace) - Full color handbill, printed on thin stock; really phenomenal full color artwork with stylized version of Rock and Roller with blond hair and amp. Hard to describe--clearly influenced by Griffin and Kelley at their psychedelic best; for image, click here . Very scarce handbill, 2 copies NM/NM-, $65 (*)

Rock and Roll Circus Dances (All Portland Oregon Bands) Portland Zoo, Notary Sojac, Mothers Smuckers Jam, 11/6/70, Pythian Ballroom (Portland). Reverse side of this paper handbill features more lettering and illustration of Mickey Mouse (old style, with pie-cut eyes) illuminated by beautiful split fountain coloring. Artwork on both sides by Bruce Weber. Front side features two American shield designs with a lightly drawn in marijuana leaf, along with the usual great Bruce Weber psych lettering; for image front, click here, and for an image of the other side, click here Rare; 3 NM/NM- copies, $75 each (*)

Delaney and Bonnie & Friends, War, 10/24/71, Salem Armory, Salem, Oregon; 8 5/8" x 5 l/8"; Bruce Weber lettering and border (features MJ leaves at several locations in the border design, as several of his posters from this period did); Dark brown on slick white paper; NM $ 45.00.

Kris Kristofferson, 1/21/72 at Lewis & Clark Pamplin Sports Center (near Portland, Oregon); attractive blue, green, and black handbill on thin slick stock features illustration of KK by Bruce Sorenson, a Portland artist; for image, click here . 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" 3 copies, NM 20.00 each. (*) Joe Walsh & Barnstorm, Mott the Hoople, 9/22/1973 at the Paramount NW (Portland, Oregon) - First .Printing concert handbill on card stock with blank back - 3 1/16" x 7 3/8"; black on white quality card stock. Features standard Pacific Presentations format with high contrast photo / illo of long haired, big sideburned Joe Walsh playing guitar with typeset lettering below; for image, click here . 4 copies, NM $27.00 each. (*)

Pleasure with Special Guest Papa John Creach; 7/18/76, Paramount Theatre in Portland; paper concert handbill, dark brown on white; 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"; features photo of the band in their stage outfits with the band's name in "snake" design lettering above, block lettering below; 3 NM copies, $ 11.00 each. (*)

Heart, Commander Cody, Firefall, Seals & Crofts, 8/29/76, Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Oregon (the Seals & Crofts show was 8/27 at the Paramount Theater in Portland); 5 25/64" x 8 1/2" with black offset printing on light blue paper, horizontal design features stylized "Heart" lettering from their LPs / tours etc. with standard block lettering for the other bands, along with a photo of both Seals & Crofts. Nice early flyer for this great Seattle band, playing in their home corner of the country. 4 copies, $25 each. (*)

Arlo Guthrie, Shenandoah; 10/20/78, Paramount Theatre in Portland, Oregon; 8 1/2" x 11"; black offset printing on thin, light yellow paper. Features small high contrast photo of Arlo in front of a stage mike, guitar strap visible. Minor small, light handling bends. 4 copies, NM $25.00 each; one copy with larger, light bends (barely visible), $20.00 (*)

Arlo Guthrie, Shenandoah, 12/14/79, Paramount Theatre in Portland, Oregon - 5 15/32' x 8 31/64"' black offset printing on thin, light orange paper. Features central photo of Arlo wearing his black sombrero hat and thin moustache. 5 copies, NM $11.00 each. Also have 2 copies with the same image in red on white paper; supposedly harder to find, $25 each. (*)

Arlo Guthrie, Shenandoah, 2/14/1980, Paramount Theater in Portland, Oregon - First/Only Printing Concert Handbill - 5 1/2" x 8 31/64"; brown offset printing on thin, white paper; features nice photo of Arlo wearing a black sombrero and sporting a thin moustache for that "south of the border" look. 3 copies, NM $25.00 each. (*)

Linda Lovelace for President; 1977 or 1978 is the other possible year; handbill for Portland's Baghdad Theater showing of the movie; 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" or so; cartoon work from the official movie poster; black and white, small handbill on paper; 2 copies, NM $ 7.00 each. (*)

Lee Michaels, Crowbar, 12/10/71, Kennedy Pavilion, Spokane, WA; approx 5" x 8.5" handbill, blue on thin white paper with Bruce Weber artwork with Rick Griffin style lettering and a photo of Lee Michaels in the center. Nice image that was used for a couple of different shows. VG+; clean but has 5/8" tear in lower margin and slight paper irregularities along top margin. $25.

Mick Jagger - "Performance" & "Ned Kelly" - Exclusive Double Bill at the Lomabard Theatre in Portland, Oregon - Ca. 1972 - First/Only Printing Movie Handbill - 5 5/16" x 6 11/16" - Features one black and white photo of Jagger from each movie, side by side, surrounded by Art Deco style border, simple typeset lettering -Black on magenta color stock - 4 copies, NM- $50.00 each (*)

The Rolling Stones "Get Your Rocks Off" Movie playing with THE BEATLES "At Shay Stadium" film - January 22, 1975 - Movie Opening flyer for the double bill showing at the Backstage Theater in Portland, Oregon - First/Only printing - 8 1/2" x 9 13/16" - Black gestetner printing on soft, white paper - Features photo of Mick Jagger with headphones on along with a small row of images of the four faces of the Beatles; for image, click here - NM $30.00 each. (*)


The Grande Ballroom and other Russ Gibb items listed below are described using Eric King's date-based description system, which I believe incorporates two other numerical systems used in other publications or databases used by others to reference this series. Thanks to Eric for developing has listings for this series which has been a great help to those of us who are not as familiar with these as the California posters.

G/G-680517, Procol Harum, Nirvana, Nickel Plate Express, others, nice card by Gary Grimshaw with topless woman against red-orange background and stylized skull image superimposed over her chest, nice NM card $40.

G/G-680726 (95) [46], Steve Miller Blues Band, Odds and Ends (7/26), Carousel (7/27), Air Speed Indicator (7/28), 7/26-28/68, Grande Ballroom, Artist: Carl Lundgren; B & W card wih redrawn rendering of the famous cigarette-smoking woman image used on FD-29, psychedelic style lettering. Air Speed Indicator????????--this has to be among the dumbest band names of all time. NM card $25.

G/G 680830 & 680901, uncut double card, as issued, 680830 is Howlin' Wolf, Chrysalis, Thyme, Rhino; Grande Ballroom; 680901 is Procol Harum, Pink Floyd, Howlin' Wolr, Chrusalis, Rationals, Thyme, MC5, Jagged Edge, Stooges, Frost, Children at Baldwin Pavillion, Oakland University; these cards were issued together as a single double card. Carl Lundgren did both images and both are really great. The Howlin' Wolf card has a mottled green background, orange and blue psychedelic block letters, and a photo of the Wolf in white against a pink and blue swirly background. The festival card shows an image of the earth against a starry blue sky with a multicolored cloud above the globe and a flying butterfly in psychedelic colors, with the lettering in an indistinct black and grey below. These are generally regarded to be among Lundgren's best images and according to Eric King both were reissued a few years ago in poster size; however, the originals appear only as cards, no posters exist. Beautiful NM, machine folded in the center as are all of these cards I've seen, asking $130.

G/G-681025 (111) [60], Procol Harum, Wilson Mower Pursuit (10/25), Dr. Mabuse Carousel (10/26), 10/25&26/68, Grande Ballroom, Artist: Dr. Mabuse; spectacuular color card with blue background changing into bubbles with a pink and orange inner border, and a lime green face- like thing with wings or something. A very striking image with great use of color, nice NM card, $35.

G/G-690124B, MC5(1/24&25), Taj Mahal(1/26), Sweetwater (1/26), Spirit(1/31&2/1), 1/24-26/69, Grande Ballroom, Design by Robin Sommers, nice red, white and blue card with radical guy in front of a microphone with a US flag in the background, giving the "V" sign, Grimshaw-influenced lettering, 3 nice NM cards, $30 each (*).

G/G-690404 (130) [74], MC5, Wicked Religion (4/4&5), The Maxx (4/4&5), Pacific Gas & Electric(4/6), James Gang (4/6), 4/4-6/69, Grande Ballroom, Artist: Gary Grimshaw; red, white and blue card with sort of a parody on the US Eagle with looks like a stars and stripes television set where the stars and stripes shield should be, with a single eye in the center, clouds, lightning bolts, other stuff throughout. Blank reverse. NM card, $35.00

G/G-690516 (136) [80], Sun Ra and his Myth-Science Arkestra, Led Zeppelin (5/16), Golden Earrings, Cartoone, MC5 (5/17&18), 5/16-18/69, Grande Ballroom, Artist: Gary Grimshaw; pink lettering on orange and red background--most of the lettering is almost impossible to read, very hard to read Zeppelin's name against the bright contrasting background, overall looks rather crude in comparison to most of the Grande cards, poorly trimmed on one margin (all the ones I've seen are like this), nevertheless a very rare card for collectors, have one NM copy as described above, $150.


G/G-691031, Arthur Brown, Timothy Leary, Frost, Amboy Dukes, Bonzo Dog Band, Pink Floyd, Stoofges, Savage Grace, Kim Fowley, Alice Cooper, and many others, 10/31/1969, Olympia Stadium, "Black Magic Rock and Roll" presented by Mike Quatro and Russ Gibb, 4.25" x 6.75 card; great color design with black & silver-gray image with hard to describe sky and skulls image, lettering in bright orange, green and blue against bright yellow background; reverse has ads for record store and head shop in Detroit; classic and rare rock festival card, beautiful NM condition, $150.


Mance Lipscomb, Shiva's Headband, 11/22-23/1968, Vulcan Gas Co., Austin, TX, unusual 9" x 11.5" (approximate) handbill trimmed with diagonals on each of the vertical edges, so it is hexagonal, but not evenly so. Double split fountain, one color is blue to green and the other is red to pink, has something that looks like a bit "Y" in block letters in the center; I have absolutely no idea what it represents, NM copy from old stash, $45.

Guess Who, Albert King, Taos, 5/29/70, Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX; very nice and well known image by Randy Tuten; 7.5" x 11" image with center photo of men rolling a huge cask and lettering similar to that on BG219, showing a strong Rick Griffin influence. Nice NM original copy, $45.

Ravi Shankar, 10/8/1971, Austin Music Hall, 8.5" x 11" gray-green and purple mandala design on off white stock by Bill Narum, who executed some really great designs during this period of time in Austin; beautiful NM copy, $30.00.

Doug Sahm Band, Shiva's Headband, 12/20-22/1974 (I think), The Ritz Theatre, Austin, TX; 8.5" x 11" handbill, black on yellow/cream stock, art by Kerry Awn, top shows drawing of Sir Douglas as a child playing a piano, with a third eye pyramid rising from the desert in the background, bottom has Santa Claus caricature with had lettered dates and info; decent art overall. NM $35.00.

Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show, Uranium Savages, 3/11/1975, The Ritz Theatre, Austin, TX; 8.5" x 11" B & W handbill with great cross-hatch drawing of Ray Sawyer (Dr. Hook) by the great Jim Franklin, and lettering by Kerry Awn. Neat handbill, have 2 nice NM copies, $35 each. (*)

Pretty Things, Pete Samson, Roadmap, 4/5/1975, The Ritz Theatre, Austin, TX, 8.5" x 11" B & W handbill by Kerry Awn, great sketch (presumably of the band members) by Awn, hand lettering, cool and RARE flyer for this appearance by a British cult band in a local Austin venue that was usually the home of more local groups. 2 copies available, basically NM-, $45 each. (*)

Steve Miller, Boz Scaggs, 5/10/1974, San Antonio Convention Center Arena, San Antonio, TX; 7.5 x 11 B & W handbill on thin white paper with nice portrait drawings of Steve Miller and Boz Scaggs, by Steven Contreras. Nice NM $35.

Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX, September 1975 calendar gig sheet with an incredible listing of Texas and other Southern artists, virtually a who's who of that corner of the world in those days, including Paul Ray and the Cobras with Stevie Ray Vaughn (listed as "Stevie Vaughn" on the bill); Professor Longhair, Doug Sahm; Roky Erickson; Augie Myers (Sir Douglas Quintet); Marsha Ball, and others. What a month it must have been. This is one of the earliest Stevie Ray Vaughn / Cobras available as he started playing with the Cobras earlier in 1975. Internet sources indicate that the Cobras were the house band at Soap Creek for two years thereafter. This handbill is black on thin paper with a drawing in the upper half by Kerry Awn featuring what must have been the venue itself and a cartoon character that looks like Yosemite Sam holding a bottle of beer in front. Very cool handbill, must have been a great club in those days, asking $195.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, 3/9/89, Austin Opera House, Austin, TX; 3/11/89, The Ensemble, Houston, TX; 8.5" x 11" black on brick red handbill by Frank Kozik with nude woman in the center and neo-psychedelic lettering typical of Kozik's earlier, punkier stuff around the edge. Small spot on the woman's rump, otherwise clean. Scarce as handbill, first copy I've seen. Clean but has some wrinkles and a couple of margin tears at bottom, so asking $35.

Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, David Allan Coe, Billy C, Asleep At the Wheel, Tracy Nelson & Mother Earth, Marcia Ball, Balcones Fault, others, 9/19/1976, Steiner Fanch, Austin, TX; "Bicentennial Outlaw Concert" benefit for Travis County Rescue Unit; 8.5" x 11" B & W handbill with art by Kerry Awn including nice drawings of Waylon and Willie, and a masked outlaw astride a white horse. Map to venue on reverse. 1 copy left, NM-, very minor rippling in the thin paper, $20. Cool early Willie Nelson item.


The Kinks, 1965, original B & W fan club photo on approx. 3.25" x 5.5" card stock, with "The Kinks, Reprise Recording Stars" written below. Reverse has a note from the original owner about going to the show and meeting two members of the Kinks as well as Dennis Wilson of the Beach boys, and how cool it was! One vertical fold and a couple of circles around names by the original owner, totally cool and unique item, $15.00.

Notes From the Underground, United Empire Loyalists, Retinal Circus, Vancouver, BC, Canada; ?/4-6/67/68(?), nice light and dark green card with psychedelic drawings of female figures, swirls, the usual....part of the big stash of Retinal Circus cards that came out a good many years ago, still a nice item to have in a collection, NM card $10.

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