Miscellaneous Non-California Handbills (late '60's to early '70's)

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NOTE: An asterisk (*) next to a description of an item indicates that more than one copy of that item is available.


The Springer's Hall flyers include some of the most attractive and colorful Pacific Northwest handbills and flyers.

Mike Russo, Melodius Funk, Grimes and Purple, 3/6/71, Springer's; 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" on paper with blank backside handbill; features Cathy Weinstein (signed "Hedda Goldspace", one of her pseudonyms); artwork of stained glass like psychedelic 2 copies, NM $ 15.00 (reduced price) (*).

Soma, Chooch, Brown Sugar, 4/3/71, Springers, Portland, Oregon; Cathy Weinstein (aka Hedda Goldspace--one of her pseudonyms) artwork features psychedelic / art nouveau flowing filigree design surrounding typeset lettering; for image, click here. 4 3/4" x 6 5/16", printed on paper with blank backside. 2 copies, NM $ 45.00. (*)

Sand, Seymore, Mineral Water, 4/10/71, Springers, 19/32" x 8 1/16" - Artwork by the late, great Cathy Weinstein (aka Hedda Goldspace, one of her favorite pseudonyms) features large psychedelic / carnival type face with mouth open full of the groups' names (hand lettering)., printed on slick cannery stock with blank reverse; for image, click here. 6 NM copies, $45 each.(*)

Mixed Blood, Firemen, Blue Rose, 4/24/71, Springer's, Portland; 5 7/16" x 7 1/2" - Blank back side concert handbill printed at the local cannery on slick stock paper like many of the Crystal Ballroom handbills - Another one of Bruce Weber's fantastic artworks features illustration of woman in long dress holding small tree, psych design on both sides, with Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny at right and left corners below ...psychedelic textured colors in pink and shades of blue along with the usual Weber hand lettering; for image, click here . 2 nice NM copies, 45.00 each. (*)

Charlie Musselwhite, American Frogg, 5/14/71, Springer's, Portland; 4 9/16" x 7 1/2" - Artwork by the late, great Cathy Weinstein (aka Hedda Goldspace, one of her pseudonyms) in full color - Easily one of her mind blowing poster artworks, featuring her supremely mutant Harmonica Billed Bird! - Concert handbill with blank reverse; 2 copies NM $75 each. (*)

Brown Sugar, Sand, Notary Sojac, 6/5/71, Springer's, Portland; 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"; simple dark brown typesetting on white paper, no artwork. This event was a Lawyer Fund Benefit Dance and Auction for Rick Gooch, bass player for Sand, who was awaiting trial for Army desertion. Scarce handbill for the Springer's completist; for image, click here. 2 NM/NM- copies, $45.00 each (*)

Cold Blood, Stoneground, 6/22/1971, Springer's; 10 1/2" x 6"; simple black typeset lettering on white paper with simple graphics consisting of a grid background and what looks sort of like an 8-ball and a baloon; or maybe a tennis ball and a tennis racket, who the hell knows?? Not especially attractive, but another scarce Springer's item for the completist; for image, click here. NM- $45.

Jacob's Ladder, Soma, Skiffle, 6/26/71, Springer's in Portland ; 5 3/32" x 8 7/8" on thin paper; beautiful orange and blue Bruce Weber artwork with op-art border design and woman's face in the center; for image, click here. NM $ 25.00.

Brewer & Shipley, Kobolden & Keep, 7/10/71, Springer's in Portland; 4 7/8" x 6 1/2"; Concert handbill on thin paper with blazing full colors, illustration by McGuiness; blue background with standing figure surrounded by red and blue swirls,; for image, click here 3 copies, NM $15.00 each. (reduced price) (*)


Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger Trinity, The Nice (Keith Emerson!), 3/30/1969 (+ films on 3/28 and local gig on 3/29); The Rock Pile, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 5.5" x 8.5" on thin faintly lavender-gray paper (comes in other colors) with face at the top, dark border and typset lettering (various fonts) in the middle; not particularly attractive but pretty cool with the Nice playing 2 gigs a night for $3.00 admission. "Nice" NM copy, $40.

Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band, Taj Mahal, 1/31/71, Gardens Aud., Vancouver area, B.C.; 5.5" x 8.5" handbill on thin paper; black background with large center photo of Taj Mahal; orange and blue accents, pale blue and white reverse lettering; looks like Bob Masse artwork but I am not absolutely sure, nice NM copy $25.

Rock and Roll Circus Dances (All Portland Oregon Bands) Portland Zoo, Notary Sojac, Mothers Smuckers Jam, 11/6/70, Pythian Ballroom (Portland). Reverse side of this paper handbill features more lettering and illustration of Mickey Mouse (old style, with pie-cut eyes) illuminated by beautiful split fountain coloring. Artwork on both sides by Bruce Weber. Front side features two American shield designs with a lightly drawn in marijuana leaf, along with the usual great Bruce Weber psych lettering; for image front, click here, and for an image of the other side, click here Rare; NM/NM- $75.

Heart, Commander Cody, Firefall, Seals & Crofts, 8/29/76, Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Oregon (the Seals & Crofts show was 8/27 at the Paramount Theater in Portland); 5 25/64" x 8 1/2" with black offset printing on light blue paper, horizontal design features stylized "Heart" lettering from their LPs / tours etc. with standard block lettering for the other bands, along with a photo of both Seals & Crofts. Nice early flyer for this great Seattle band, playing in their home corner of the country. 3 copies, $25 each. (*)

Grateful Dead, 6/24/1973, Portland Coliseum, Portland, OR, small card approx 3.5" x 5.25", B&W with standard Pacific Presentations logo at the bottom and standard tour photo of the band, with Keith but not Donna, Had a few of these a couple years back but sold them all, now I have one more nice NM copy for Dead collectors, $25.

Buffy Saint-Marie, Richie Havens, 10/21/1977, Paramount Theatre, Portland, OR, 8.5" x 11" block typeset lettering on thin cream/yellow paper, no art, NM $25.

Randy Hansen "The World of Jimi Hendrix", Phoebe Snow & Dan Hill, Van Morrison with Dave Edmunds and Rockpile with Nick Lowe, 11/17-12/1/1978, various separate gigs, Paramount, Portland, OR; 5.5" x 11"; slate blue on white paper; generic calendar type poster but does have photos of the headliners; 2 copies NM $45 each (*).


HINT: If you are interested in vintage Detroit area bands, check out the promotional photos of numerous obscure Detroit groups listed on the "Miscellaneous" section on this website.

The Grande Ballroom and other Russ Gibb items listed below are described using Eric King's date-based description system, which I believe incorporates two other numerical systems used in other listings; thanks to Eric for developing his listing for this series which has been a great help to those of us who are not as familiar with these as we are with the California posters.

G/G-671208, Moby Grape, Rationals, MC5, 12/8-9/1967, Grande Ballroom; fairly early Grande card by Gary Grimshaw featuring a slate blue/gray background, dark red lettering, and a center image of what looks like a woman worshiping a goddesss in the sky who is holding a chalice. Nice card, 2 copies available, VG+ with one teeny pinhole at top and bottom $60.

G/G-671215, Vanilla Fudge, Thyme, Rationals, MC5, 12/15-17/67, nice Carl Lundgren image with split fountain lettering on a white background; photos of people inside the top letters, and other photos in circular ball in center, surrounded by psychedelic lettering with the gig info. Fairly early card and not that easy to find. Front is basically VG+; paper age around edges and one small light discoloration mark at top. 1" tape or glue pull on reverse where it apparently was removed from a scrapbook; decent condition overall, good filler card, $55.

G/G-680417, Cream, Poor Richard's Almanac, Rationals, James Gang, Psychedelic Stooges, 4/17-18/1968, Grande Ballroom; brown on white stock by Gary Grimshaw with the classic photo of Clapton, Bruce & Baker used on many of their other tour posters; 1 beautiful NM copy, $125.

G/G-680816, Country Joe & the Fish, Muff, Pack, Grass Route Movement, 8/16-18/68, Grande Ballroom; nice color design by Carl Lundgren with image of the band sitting on and around a vintage car painted up like an American flag, and a banner in the rear reading "Country Joe Our Next President"; dark red-purple dot matrix background; for ilustration, seeThe Art of Rock, pl. 3.156. 2 copies available, one beautiful NM, $50; a second copy condition VG+ on front, 2 almost invisible pinholes and minor paper age; 1" tape or glue pull residue on reverse where it apparently was removed from a scrapbook; good filler card, $ 35.00. (*)

G/G-680913, Procol Harum, Children, Third Power, Thyme, 9/13-15/68, Grande Ballroom; slightly oversize card by Donnie Dope with with multicolored swirling rows of waves of color with reverse-image lettering and weird distorted multicolored face in the center; very unique and cool card; nothing much quite like it in the Grande series. 2 copies, beautiful NM, $47.50 each. (*).

G/G-681220, New York Rock & Roll Ensemble, Iron Butterfly, SRC, 12/20-22 & 24/68, Grande Ballroom; B & W card by Carl Lundgren with cartoon figure of several buildings dressed up in top hats, playing musical instruments. A nice NM card $30.

G/G 681226, Fleetwood Mac, Rotary Connection, 12/26-27/68, Grande Ballroom, color card with odd esoteric creepy figure in the background and multicolor lettering; another one that is hard to describe. This copy unfortunately is rather badly damaged; intact but with ugly brown tape stains top & bottom edges; a filler copy for someone until a cleaner one comes along, $8.00

G/G-690124B, MC5(1/24&25), Taj Mahal(1/26), Sweetwater (1/26), Spirit(1/31&2/1), 1/24-26/69, Grande Ballroom, Design by Robin Sommers, nice red, white and blue card with radical guy in front of a microphone with a US flag in the background, giving the "V" sign, Grimshaw-influenced lettering, 2 nice NM cards, $30 each (*).

G/G-691031, Black Magic rock & Roll Festival, 10/31/1969, Olympia Stadium, featuring Arthur Brown, Timothy Leary, Frost, Amboy Dukes, Bonzo Dog Band, Stooges, Coven, PINK FLOYD, Savage Grace, Kim Fowley, Alice Cooper, SRC, Frut, Bob Seger, Pleasure Seekers (Suzi Quatro), presented by Mike Quatro (Suzi's brother) and Russ Gibb; very nice 4" x 6.75 card with multicolored lettering on silv er background, weird image in center with skulls, distorted faces, etc. for illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 3.147; uncommon card, NM $150. Eric King notes the existence of a poster for this event but I have never seen one.


Saugatuck Pop Festival, 7/4-5/68, Pottewatamie Beach, Mich., featuring SRC, Procol Harum, MC5, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Amboy Dukes, Rotary Connection, Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Bob Seger, Frost, Stooges, Big Mama Thornton, Savage Grace, Brownsville Station, others, great lineup; half blue/half gray card with psychedelic Griffin-ish (but cruder) lettering, top half shows some kind of a globe in the sky with line drawing of cars, buildings, people, all kinds of stuff going on...grades lower end of VG+ no pinholes but light overall paper age, insignificant scuff mark on back; uncommon card featuring a great Michigan lineup, asking $125.

Kalamazoo Rock Revival, featuring Bob Seger, Frost, Smoke, Plain Brown Rapper, Rationals, Savaage Gracee, others; 6/8/1969; card with pale blue-to-light red split fountain background; lettering reminiscent of Gary Grimshaw (by "Parker") and center collage of what looks like the eye of a chicken or reptile; for image front, click here, and for image of reverse, click here. Scarce card for nice local festival, $88.

Savoy Brown, Virgin Dawn, 2/13/70; SRC, Rationals, 2/13-14/1970, The Palladium, Birmingham, Mich; cream colored card with ohootto of grouchy looking old woman in the center and fairly nondescript B & W art; NM $45.

Jefferson Airplane, Commander Cody, 8/22/72, Cobo Hall, Ann Arbor, MI; nice color handbill by Gary Grimshaw blue-gray background with red lettering and image of a long haired guy with sunglasses and a beanie cap holding a partially peeled banana. for image front, click here NM-/VG+. $75

Butterfield Blues Band, Dr. John, 12/19/1972, Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI, beautiful color image by Gary Grimshaw, orange-to-pink split fountain background with grayish lettering and center panel featuring image of a man in the front and image of the city contrasted with the country, and a setting sun in the background. For image, click here. Attractive and scarce handbill, $65.

Saint Andrews Hall, calendar poster for March-April 1983 featuring the Urbations, Onyx, SLK, Black Market, the Roommates, Buddy Guy & Junior Wells, and other mostly local Detroit Area bands; full color card by Gary Grimshaw; typical lettering and borders; sort of an angular, punkish feel to it, typical of his later 80s-90s stuff. NM $17.00.

Radio King, 8/12; Terraplane Copperfield, 8/13; Detroit (Mitch Ryder band), 8/14; The Rockets, 8/15-16; Sky King and the Heavenly Blues Busters, 8/17-18; pale blue-grey stock with dull red lettering, 2 copies, $20 each (*)


Shiva's Headband, Sherwood, 5/2-3/68(?), Vulcan Gas Company, Austin, TX; 7" x 14" long handbill on thin paper, blue and gray background with white line drawing of angel (?) With raised hands and psychedelic lettering at bottom. For illustration, click here. Scarce handbill, overall condition VG+; no pinholes but has some margin damage and looks a bit fragile, asking $125.00.

Steve Miller, 11/8-9/68; Freddy King, [Johnny] Winter 11/15-16, Vulcan Gas Company, Austin, TX; scarce 9.25" x 11.75" handbill on thin paper with blue and light brick red line drawing of strange swirling shape by Jim Franklin; for illustration, click here. Cool looking handbill, and scarce; VG+ copy clean but with slight edge damage in lower RH corner, asking $165.

Mance Lipscomb, Shiva's Headband, 11/22-23/68, Vulcan Gas Company, Austin, TX; unusual 8.75" x 11.5" handbill on thin paper; 6-sided handbill, rectangular but the long side extends about 1" in the center on each side of the image, so it is kind of hexagonal. Center image is pink with a blue to green horizontal split fountain, shows some colored blocks or angles in the center; I've no idea what they represent. Attractive early Vulcan handbill, nice NM, last copy $ 85.00.

The Children, New Atlantis, 11/28-29/68, Vulcan Gas Co., Austin, approx. 8" x 12" Jim Franklin image with center image of melting pumpkin, pretty cool looking, for illustration, click here. 2 copies, one with dark black center (illustrated), the other more grayish. Asking $125 each (*)

Shiva's Headband, Bubble Puppy, 12/6-7/68, Vulcan Gas Co., Austin, TX; bizarre 9" x 10" handbill with with a blue to green split fountain background and weird image of a cross section of what looks like skin with hair follicles etc. growing out of it. For illustration, click here. Exists only as a handbill, no poster. 2 copies available, beautiful NM $140. (*)

Mississippi Fred McDowell, Texas Rangers, 4/18-19/1969, Vulcan Gas Co., Austin, TX; approx 7" x 8.25" with bright turquoise blue image on bright yellow paper, weird, somewhat crude psychedelic design, unusual and somewhat scarce, very nice NM copy, $65.

Big Joe Williams, Georgetown Medical Band, 5/30-31/69, Vulcan Gas Co., Austin, TX; 8.5" x 11" B & W flyer with Jim Franklin art; repeated photos of Big Joe in sort of a semicircle in the center, odd looking road or something at the bottom going towards the horizon. Hard to describe, but fairly basic nonetheless. Nice NM copy, $65.00.

James Cotton, Mance Lipscomb, 10/7-8/69, Vulcan Gas Co., Austin, TX' 8.5" x 11" B & W 2 sided handbill; front side has a Jim Franklin illustration of harmonicas rising from a crypt in the ground; flip side has a psychedelic, almost Griffin-esque image for a store called "The Store of Changes." For illustration of the images, click here and here. Scarce handbill; I have a pretty good collection of Vulcan stuff and found this on a receent trip to Austin I had never seen a copy before. Asking $250.

Shiva's Headband, Winter (aka Johnny Winter), 10/17-19/69, Vulcan Gas Co., Austin, TX; large 9.75" 9.75" square handbill; pink on bright blue paper with Word "kaleidoscoptic" written across the top and a drawing of a bunch of hippie musicians I believe it is Shiva's Headband across the center. Nice lined border; Jim Franklin art, nice NM copy, $125.

Grand Funk Railroad, 11/1/1969, SMU McFarlin Auditorium, Dallas, TX; 8.5" x 11" red block lettering on thin white paper, no art, just typeset lettering. Basically NM but has small amount of margin wear in lower LH corner so will downgrade it to VG+. Nice early Grand Funk item, $40.

Freddie King, 10/2-3/70; Mance Lipscomb, 10/9-10/70, Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX, "Two Masters of the Blues" postere by Jim Franklin with beautiful cross-hatched line drawings of these two great blues artists. One of Franklin's most compelling images, in my opinion; for illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 4.171. Handbill is about 7" x 10, black & white on thin paper. 2 beautiful NM copies available, $85 each. (*)

Sunnyland Special, Birth, 11/14-15/1969 Vulcan Gas Co, Austin, TX, 6.5" x 10.5" dark blue image on bright orange background by Jim Franklin; a personal favorite of the series, shows a doubled image of a bearded man with a walking stick, and a large mandala in the background. Unfortunately never done in poster size; offered here is a really nice NM handbill, $75.

Winter (Johnny Winter), New Atlantis, 12/20-2969, Vulcan Gas Co, Austin, TX; 8.5"x 8.75" black and red-to-blue split fountain on thin paper with white image of a youthful and rather stoned looking Johnny Winter with intertwined white and black lettering. Looks like Jim Franklin art; handbill-only image, never done as a poster, $75.

Jefferson Airplane, Space Opera, 11/1/70, Daniels-Myers Coliseum (TCU), Ft. Worth, TX; 8.5" x 11" B & W handbill on thin paper with 3 repetitive images of a man's face against a dot screen background, typeset lettering. The poster for this image is kind of neat with the screens done in red and green, but the handbill looks a bit plainer with the lower-contrast colors. Overall condition VG+/VG; minor staple holes in upper margins and just a hint of paper age. Still a very cool handbill, $125.00.

Buck Owens & the Buckaroos, Susan Raye, The Hagers, 1/17/1971, State Fair Music Hall, Dallas, TX; 8.5" x 11", blue on thin white glossy paper with good photo of Buck Owens and publicity type photos of the other 2 acts; typeset lettering, NM $40.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer, 4/22/1972(?), Will Rogers Memorial Auditorium, Ft. Worth, TX; 8.5" x 11" B & W handbill by Narum, nice abstract design in the center, nice hand drawn lettering and graphics; this is part of a series by this artist the full sized posters are very nice and some of them are quite collectible. VG+; very minor corner staple holes and a wee bit of wear, $65; nice fairly early ELP item.

Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show, Uranium Savages, 3/11/1975, The Ritz Theatre, Austin, TX; 8.5" x 11" B & W handbill with great cross-hatch drawing of Ray Sawyer (Dr. Hook) by the great Jim Franklin, and lettering by Kerry Awn. Neat handbill, have one NM copy, $35.

Muddy Waters, 4/7/75, Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX; 8.5" x 11" simple looking handbill with great image of Muddy; classic handbill for one of the most famous bluesmen of them all. VG/VG+; click here for illustration, $125.00.

Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX, September 1975 calendar gig sheet with an incredible listing of Texas and other Southern artists, virtually a who's who of that corner of the world in those days, including Paul Ray and the Cobras with Stevie Ray Vaughn (listed as "Stevie Vaughn" on the bill); Professor Longhair, Doug Sahm; Roky Erickson; Augie Myers (Sir Douglas Quintet); Marsha Ball, and others. What a month it must have been. This is one of the earliest Stevie Ray Vaughn / Cobras available as he started playing with the Cobras earlier in 1975. Internet sources indicate that the Cobras were the house band at Soap Creek for two years thereafter. This handbill is black on thin paper with a drawing in the upper half by Kerry Awn featuring what must have been the venue itself and a cartoon character that looks like Yosemite Sam holding a bottle of beer in front. Very cool handbill, must have been a great club in those days, asking $175.


Notes From the Underground, United Empire Loyalists, Retinal Circus, Vancouver, BC, Canada; ?/4-6/67/68(?), nice light and dark green card with psychedelic drawings of female figures, swirls, the usual....part of the big stash of Retinal Circus cards that came out a good many years ago, still a nice item to have in a collection, NM card $10.

Mike Bloomfield and band, Spirit East, 9/11/1973, Peace Palace, Woodburned, NY; 6.75" x 11" black on thin pink paper with background image taken from a David Byrd image and typeset lettering; commercial looking but I have never seen another one. Has some dirt smudges like maybe someone stepped on it possibly removable to some extent but I haven't the patience to try it., VG- overall, $25.

The Supremes, 12/6/1970, Kleinhan's Music Hall, Buffalo, NY; 5.5" x 9" B & W on blue paper with nice photo of the Supremes and typeset lettering; sort of has a boxing poster-type feel to it. Nice item, front is NM-; small note on back that notes a couple of other bands, kinda interesting. Asking $65.00 <

Ray Charles with The Raeletts and the Ray Charles Orchestra, 5/14/72, Kleinhan's Music Hall, Buffalo; 5.5" x 8" flyer on thin yellow paper; nice line drawing of Ray in the center with commercial typeset lettering and the caption "A Great Gift for Mother's Day," has one minor staple tear at top center, and someone scribbled a bunch of addition on the back which fortunately doesn't show through. Nice vintage Ray Charles Item, $26.00

Ray Charles, 12/16-17/1978, Nanuet Star Theatre, Nanuet, NY; nice 8 x 10 handbill with great vintage photo of Ray; B & W with partial yellow background; typeset lettering; nice appearance overall. Great vintage Ray Charles handbill; NM/NM- $25.00.

Chambers Brothers, Spirit, the Kinks, The American Dream, 12/5/1969, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA; 4.25" x 7", black on thin pink paper; mostly typeset lettering with photo of Chambers Brothers at the bottom; there is also a green paper version. Must be a stash of these out there somewhere since they turn up with some frequency; I sold a couple a while back, just found another one, beautiful NM $25.

Moody Blues, 5/27/1996, America West Arena, Phoenix, AZ (Time Traveler tour); 5.25" x 8.5"; black type on blue lettering with typeset lettering over sort of a sunset motif; commercial but not bad; 3 copies, NM $20 each. (*)

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