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Last updated 10/22/2018

NOTE: An asterisk (*) next to a description of an item indicates that more than one copy of that item is available.

BG #14, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Big Brother & the Holding Co, Jaywalkers, 7/1/66; Great Society, Sopwith Camel, Charlatans, 7/2/66, Love, Grateful Dead, Group B, 7/3/66, Fillmore; "Independence Ball" design by Wes Wilson; hard-to-find original poster; never reprinted either as a poster or a card. Original poster, VG+/VG; light staple or pinholes in each corner margin, outside image, a little general paper age, very slight browning, not too bad; basically a decent copy with just a bit of wear, $475.

BG #16, Mindbenders, Chocolate Watchband, 7/8-9/66, Fillmore; purple and yellow Wes Wilson image with brain-type shape in center forming lettering. Second printing with no Wes Wilson credit, colors good but has a couple of horizontal creases, plus pinholes in corners; filler copy. VG or so overall, $35.

BG #22, Sam The Sham & the Pharaohs, The Sit-Ins, 8/10/66, Fillmore; blue & red-orange poster with photo of Sam in full regalia, and typical early Wes Wilson lettering. I have 2 FIRST PRINTINGS of this early poster; copy #1 is beautiful and at first glance looks for all the world like a NM poster; however it was folded in quarters back in ancient times and the fold creases are visible on the reverse, although they are very hard to spot on the front of the poster, having been flattened out very effectively over time. Asking $350 for this copy, which on first examination actually looks like the cleanest of the two. Copy #2 is a standard VG+ copy with tiny staple holes in the corners outside the margin, asking $375 for this one. (*)

BG #33, Yardbirds, Country Joe & the Fish, 10/23/66, Fillmore; pink and black poster with classic photo of Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page et al. This is a high-demand image now because of the Led Zeppelin affiliation first printings go for big $$. I'm pleased to offer a beautiful 2d printing of this popular image (on uncoated index approximately .0075" thick, per Eric King), pristine NM, $150.

BG #35, Muddy Waters Blues Band, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Andrew Staples, 11/4- 6/66, Fillmore; red and green Wes Wilson poster with photo of Muddy, typical lettering and background; nice first printing per Eric King, very nice copy with one almost invisible staple hole in upper LH corner, grading it a very strong VG+, $350.

BG #41, Grateful Dead, Big Mama Thornton, Tim Rose, 12/9-11/66, Fillmore; nice Wes Wilson image featuring central face in purple/blue and orange and yellow lettering and colors. 3 copies available: #1 is a beautiful FIRST PRINTING that would be flat out NM except for one minor edge tear at LH center, almost invisible when poster is flattened out, otherwise basically perfect, no pinholes and bold, bright colors. Asking $375 for this copy, good price for a nice copy like this. I also have a second printing, beautiful NM copy, nice item for framing if you don't want to fork out a lot of money for an original, $70. (*)

BG #44, Young Rascals, Sopwith Camel, The Doors, 1/6-7/67, Fillmore; pink and purple Wes Wilson design; with woman's face in the center and typical Wes Wilson lettering; the Doors' first performance in San Francisco. Here is a very nice FIRST PRINTING of this popular and desirable poster, basically NM- with a few minor corner storage marks of no particular concern, and an almost invisible 5/8" margin tear in the bottom margin. Really a nice copy, asking $450 (price reduced). Probably the nicest extra copy of this one I've ever had. Note that I have always had a lot of trouble distinguishing among the various "original" printings of this poster and frankly I am not sure that there is any particular reason to make the effort since all 3 of them are now recognized as pre-show "originals" I will, however, guarantee that this is one of the three original printings and not a post-show reprint. If you want more detailed info on this one and the printing details are of any concern to you, please ask and I'll try to work it out. Also available is what I think is a second printing, 13 7/8" x 23 11/16" and exhibits very minor ink line across the word "tickets" which supposedly means it is a second printing. Nice NM/NM- copy; $57.50. (*)

No Number, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Service, Country Joe & the Fish, Loading Zone, 2/5/67, Fillmore; benefit (not a Bill Graham show); nice color poster by Gut; yellow, blue, red, and pink with scroll-type lettering and "turn on" in the center; for illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 2.87; condition NM-, first copy of this one I've had in a long time, and in very nice shape too, $350.

BG #56, Moby Grape, Chambers Bros., The Charlatans, 3/24-26/67, Fillmore/Winterland; tiki-like face with typical Wes Wilson lettering and split fountain lettering. Two copies of this one available, both used. Copy #1 has multiple corner tack holes and a couple of very faint round stains where someone set a glass of something on them ages ago sounds worse than it is, I grade it maybe VG overall, asking $45 for this one; Copy #2 would actually be marginally betrter but for 3 1/4" 1/2" tape pulls in the upper black margin just above the lettering. Asking $35 for this one. (*)

BG #97, Tim Buckley, Chambers Bros., Mothers of Invention, 12/14-16/67, Fillmore/Winterland; odd Mouse Studios design with gray border, center collage with skeleton hand; cool image; this is the Version 2 poster with #97, now described by Eric King as a pre- show printing and therefore an original. Nice VG+ printing, minor corner pinholes, otherwise OK. $110.

BG #150, Santana, Grass Roots, Pacific Gas & Electric, 12/19-22/68, Fillmore West; later Wes Wilson design, totally unlike his earlier efforts, blue background with silver-gray face. Nice NM- poster, $55.

BG #172, Albert King, Its a Beautiful Day, 5/8-10/68, Fillmore West brown colored border melts into a column and then a blob like semi-human figure; purple, red, and turquoise background. Artist?--Lee Conklin, of course. NM-/VG+ poster with diagonal storage crease across lower LH corner, $60

BG #179, Iron Butterfly, Cold Blood, Sanpaku, 6/24-26/69; Spirit, Lee Michaels, Pyewacket, 6/27-29/67, Fillmore; the second David Singer design with a dark blue border area and center collage of Christ on the cross in an auto junkyard, with a red/orange sunset behind. Powerful image. Front beautiful NM, number written on ballpoint on reverse (doesn't show through), $120; second copy very nice NM-, $110. (*).

BG #183, Ten Years After, Ike & Tina Turner, The Flock, 7/22-24/69; Steve Miller Band, Albert King, Mountain, 7/25-27/69, Fillmore West; another in the first David Singer collage series, with a gay border and a center collage of a sea blue hood with old ancient columns, the US Capitol building, and a statue of Jesus, all where the face would be. NM- copy, front clean, # written in ink on the back, $100, second copy NM/NM- $110. (*)

BG #184, Canned Heat, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Southwind, 7/29-31/69; Everly Brothers, Sons of Champlin, Baby Huey and the Babysitters, 8/1-3/69; early David Singer collage image with dark purple black color and stone hand reaching out of a lava flow. NM- copy (clean, one tiny mark in image) SIGNED BY DAVID SINGER IN SILVER INK, $125.

BG #189, Ten Years After, Terry Reid, Spirit, Barkays, Savoy Brown, Womb, 8/29-31/69, Fillmore West; very nice David Singer collage with white background, contrasting black lettering, center photo of Michaelangelo's David (2 of them actually) standing on the moon. NM- on front,# written on back in ballpoint, $100.

BG #192, Taj Mahal, Buddy Guy, Spooky Tooth, 9/18-20/69, Fillmore West, dumb B & W Randy Tuten card with Mickey Mouse clock in background and man with Disneyland button and Mickey Mouse cap holding out his hands. Very nice NM copy, $80.00.

BG #199, Led Zeppelin, Bonzo Dog Band, Roland Kirk; 11/6-8/69; Winterland; attractive red, white, and blue poster by Randy Tuten with striking image of huge Zeppelin in hangar; lettering in style of riveted metal. The best Zeppelin poster of the series and one of the best there is, period; scarce and highly sought after. NM- or so with the slightest hint of wear in the upper LH corner; the upper part of the image is about 1/4" or so off register; asking $850 for this copy.

BG #201, Rolling Stones, 11/9/69, Oakland Coliseum, silver & black poster by Randy Tuten with vintage photo of the Stones looking like bad boys; the ultimate Stones poster from this particular period. 2d printing per Eric King with bar in lower silver margin; NM-$200.

BG #217, Country Joe & the Fish, the Sons, 2/12-15/70, David Singer design with dark brown border, light cream-brown center and photo of man with rifle, bird and fish. Attractive poster, 3 copies available; 1 NM- $85.00; one NM-/VG+ with one small crease mark in upper RH border leaving slight white mark, $60; one totally destroyed with corners torn, if you want a cheap filler copy, how does $7.50 sound? (*)

BG #214, Steve Miller Band, Sha Na Na, Ten Wheel Drive, 1/29-2/1/70, Fillmore West; powerful David Singer image with gray background, center collage of hand holding cutaway diagram of earth showing its molten interior, scene of earth or field in background. Nice NM- copy, 2d printing per Eric King (almost indistinguishable, small white dot in "V" of "Steve". $75.

BG #224, It's A Beautiful Day, Chuck Berry, Loading Zone, 3/19-22/70, Fillmore West; David Singer poster with angular lettering, center collage of Mona Lisa and some other photos, one rotten apple (?); nice NM copy $75.

BG #232, Lee Michaels, Small Faces with Rod Stewart, Catfish, Shorty; 5/7-10/70, Fillmore West; David Singer design with black background, old engraving of church or similar building with huge purple raindrop coming through hole in roof; printing press inside the raindrop; blue lettering; NM-/VG+ (tape removed on back, doesn't show through) $ 75.

BG #235, B.B. King, Albert King, Mendelbaum. 5/21-24/70, Fillmore West; David Singer collage with old engraving of nude mother and children sitting astride giant sleeping cat; very striking pink to deep yellow split fountain left to right, attractive poster. Very Nice NM copy, $120.

BG #246, The Byrds, Poco, Commander Cody, 8/13-16/70; Van Morrison, John Lee Hooker, 8/30/70 (Berkeley), LED ZEPPELIN (9/2/70 (Oakland), Albert King, Cold Blood, Mason Proffit, 8/20-23/70, Iron Butterfly, Aum, Black Oak Arkansas, 8/24-26/70, Fillmore West except as otherwise noted, very popular (due to the Zeppelin billing_) double sized card by David Singer with gray backround, black lettering on an off-green background, and a center collage with a globe and ancient ruins with a baby and mother. Nice NM- poster, clean, no pinholes, a few minor bits of wear keep it out of the strict NM category, $395.

BG #247, Iron Butterfly, Aum, Black Oak Arkansas 8/24-26/70; John Mayall, Elavin Bishop, Herbie Hancock, 8/27-29/70; Savoy Brown, Fairport Convention, Chicken Shack, 8/30-9/1/70; Johnny Winter, Boz Scaggs, Freddy King, 9/3-6/70, Fillmore West; double-sized poster by Kelley with black background and odd lizard-like animals, center image of woman's face in pink and orange, unreadable nonsense lettering at the top in yellow; bands in typeset lettering. 2 copies, both basically NM-; clean, no pinholes, minor corner and edge wear but overall very clean and attractive, $125 each (*)

BG #248, Santana, Dr. John the Night Tripper, Luther Allison, 9/10-13/70, Fillmore West; one of the best later Fillmore posters with spectacular artwork by Norman Orr, featuring black background, accented by brick red--snarling tiger, elephants and other jungle animals, native drummers, lotsa small symbols and such, the whole thing reeks of voodoo, as it should with this lineup; one of the best Santana posters ever...not a common one , either; nice NM/NM- copy, $125.

BG #252, Leon Russell, Miles Davis, Seatrain, 10/15-18/70, Fillmore West; color design by Norman Orr with image of baby dressed as Uncle Sam in the classic "wants you" pose, odd images abound as is typical for this artist's work; 2 nice NM copies, $60 each. (*)

BG #255, Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention, Boz Scaggs, Ashton, Gardner & Dyke, 11/5- 8/70, Fillmore West; white background, black lettering by David Singer, center collage featuring woman, hummingbird, and snake. Nice later Zappa poster, 1 copies available, NM- (teeny corner bend, not a crease, should press out) $95; 2 copies NM-/VG+ minor foxing/edge discoloration $75. (*)

BG #263, Grateful Dead, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Cold Blood, Elvin Bishop, Stoneground, Boz Scaggs, 12/31/70, Fillmore/Winterland; last Fillmore New Years' Eve show; collage by David Singer. Double-size image with photo of San Francisco Ferry Building. 2 copies available; 1 copy VG+; small 1/4" tear at topcenter in margin; very light stain spot in blue background on RH side, looks much better than it sounds, $125.

BG #264, Cold Blood, Boz Scaggs, Voices of East Harlem, Stoneground, 12/31-1/3/71, Fillmore West; black & red Norman Orr design with images of Indians. NM $65.

BG #268, Hot Tuna, Allman Brothers Band, Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band, 1/28-31/71, great Norman Orr design in full color with drawings of nude woman, Allman-like musician, very electric looking indeed. Better poster; this was Allman Bros. first appearance in SF. Nice NM- copy, $200.00.

BG #269, B.B. King, Ballinjack, Christian Rapid, 2/4-7/71, Fillmore West; great color Norman Orr image of B.B. King playing guitar; real nice later Fillmore image. 2 copies available; 1 NM; $85; 1 NM- $70.00 (*)

BG #279, Miles Davis, Elvin Bishop Group, Mandrill, 5/6-9/71, Fillmore West; the "moon" half of this David Singer "sun and moon" pair (the other half is #280); beautiful image, nice NM poster, $75.

No #, Eric Burdon & War, Stoneground, the Cockettes, 5/30/1971, Fillmore West; "Goodbye VD" benefit, large 17" x 21" poster in brown and dayglo orange featuring cartoon character labeled as "Captain Clap" (I kid you not), pretty weird to say the least. Bursting with good taste. This was one of the last benefit shows before the Fillmore West shut down and is not easy to find. Here's a pretty decent VG+ copy for someone looking for EVERYTHING from the Fillmore. $165.

BG #287, Boz Scaggs, Cold Blood, Flamin' Grooview, Stoneground, It's a Beautiful Day, Elvin Bishop Group, Grootna, Lamb, Grateful Dead, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Rowan Brothers, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Hot Tuna, Yogi Phlegm (Sons of Champlin), Santana, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Tower of Power, others 6/30-7/4/1971, Fillmore West, San Francisco, concerts for the closing of Fillmore West; large double sized poster in blue, black, and white by David Singer featuring center collage with cat's eyes and cat dancing atop a sleeping dog. Classic poster for these famous concerts. The original is on thick stock like other Fillmore posters, and is very pricy. When the 3-record box set set "Last Days of the Fillmore" was put out in 1972, it included, among other souvenirs, a reprint of the poster, done on thin paper and machine folded to fit in the LP box. For collectors who won't or can't shell out the big bucks for the original, this folded thin paper version is a low cost alternative. Offering one of these here, has light storage wear on the folds, and some minor paper rippling, folded as issued, asking $35. Handbill collectors, note that no card was produced for this image.

FE#3, Butterfield Blues Band, Charles Lloyd Quartet, Tom Rus, 4/12-13/68, color. photo of cat with psychedelic light-show type pattern on it; blue and white lettering, nice clean copy of this poster, NM- $65.

, Boz Scaggs, 3/8-10/1974, Paramount Theatre, Oakland, CA; "Slow Dancer" premiere (I was a volunteer usher at this show, no kidding!). Stylish image of Boz dressed in a tuxedo doing the tango or something with a similarly stylish lady; for illustration, see The Art of Rock, pl. 4.67. This is a Bill Graham show, this poster is a first printing, the reprinted ones have a much lighter pink border instead of the darker color that shows on this image (notwithstanding what one leading overpriced poster website says their illustrations show the differences between the two printings but identify both of them as firsts sorry guys, there are two distinctive printings and the darker ones were the ones were the ones given out at the show which I know for a fact since I was there! The other ones appeared months later.), offering two nice NM copies of the first version, $50 each. (*)

No. #, Boz Scaggs, 12/29-31/1975 (New Years' Eve), Paramount Theater, Oakland, CA; not sure whether or not this was a Bill Graham show or not; quite probably not, since it does not have the "Bill Graham Presents" logo at the top. It is 17.5" x 24" on thick poster stock; features a nice photo of a woman (actually Boz' wife Carmela) looking in a mirror to do the finishing touches on her makeup, while in the mirror reflection a dude with a hairy chest (Boz himself?) fumbles with a cufflink on his unbuttoned tuxedo, with a couple of tix to the show clipped to the mirror these folks are getting ready to go "steppin out." Kind of a nice image from Boz' "high society" period in SF. Nice NM- copy, $60.

Bill Graham Presents, calendar 1979, given out as a gift/promo item by BGP; neat calendar that has photos, important dates and events in the history of BGP, size approximately 8.5" x 11, spiral bound, on standard calendar card stock. A really neat piece of Bill Graham ephemera for the Fillmore poster collector who has almost everything. NM- copy with minor wear, $30.

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