Miscellaneous Handbills--More Recent Stuff (late '70's to present)

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NOTE: An asterisk (*) next to a description of an item indicates that more than one copy of that item is available.

Randy Newman, "Little Criminals" tour 1977; 6" x 8" postcard with front side showing the same photo as lettering as the "Little Criminals" LP and the reverse listing the tour dates and other information; includes space for addressing and stamping card. 2 copies, NM $7.50 each. ()

Butterfield Blues Band reunion, Country Joe & the Fish, Big Brother & the Holding Co., It Was A Beautiful Day, Canned Heat, Lee Michaels, 10/1/78, Greek Theatre, Berkeley; Family Dog Tribal Stomp; 4/75" x 8.5" handbill; green Randy Tuten lettering on thin cream paper with Family Dog logo at the top; 4 NM copies available, NM $7.00 each (*).

Platters, Coasters, Mary Wells, Bobby Vee, Freddy Cannon, 6/2/1979, Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Sonoma, CA, "A Full Day of 50s Rock and Roll"; postcard by Stanley Mouse with a black background, pink lettering, and drawing of some 50's style performers dressed in tuxedos. NM- card, $7.50.

Blues Brothers, 7/12/80, Hoffheinz Pavilion, Houston, Texas; rare live performance by the legendary blues/comedy duo of Belushi and Ackroyd; great 8.5 x 11 flyer ; B & W with classic caricatures of the two that have been used on buttons and probably elsewhere. Blues Brothers flyers are scarce and very collectible; have 4 NM- copies; all of which have one minor wrinkle in image that occurred when they were shipped to me; nice item, $45 each. (*)

The Sons, Smoke Inc., 7/19/79, Uncle Charlie's, Corte Madera (Marin County), CA; Concrete Foundation of Fine Arts benefit; 8 x 11 brown on light yellow paper; looks like Kelley artwork in CFFA logo, with hand lettering. So-so; NM $3.00 (*)

Grateful Dead, Robert Cray Band, Jimmy Cliff, 8/28/88, Autzen Stadium, University of Oregon, Eugene; 5.5 x 8.5 handbill; black on green paper with photos of band, typeset lettering, NM $15.

San Francisco Mime Troupe, 7/13/88 thru 9/3/88, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, 5 x 8 flyer for the Troupe's production of "Ripped Van Winkle," black on pink paper with Moscoso guru image at the top and typed in show dates at the bottom; NM 7 copies available $3.00 each. (*)

Greg Kihn, Zero, 4/29/89, New George's, San Rafael; Benefit for Marin Humane Society; black lettering on salmon paper; 8 x 11; with drawing of friendly dogs and cats. Art by Hot Tomato Studios; looks a lot like Randy Tuten's style on this one. NM $4.00 (*)

11th Annual Reggae on the River (Music Festival); Inner Circle, Steel Pulse, Sugar Minot, Barrington Levy, King Sunny Ade, Shinehead, U-roy, Africa Fete, Angie Angel, Morgan, Heritage, Angelique Kidjo, Kaasav, Khaled, Ziskakan, Boom Shaka, Skool Band, Ho Aikane, Sattalites, Strictly Roots, Kafo Djun Djun, Dindingolu ye; 8/6-7/1994, French's Camp, Piercy CA -5 15/32" x 8 1/2" - Full color, horizontal card features illustration of lion facing the viewer, surrouned by a green, orange & red bordered six pointed star flanked by typeset lettering against the surrounding black background on each side. NM- $15.00.

Lollapalooza '95: Sonic Youth, Hole, Cypress Hill, Pavement, Sinead O'Connor, Beck, The Jesus Lizard, Mighty Mighty Bosstones; 7/5/95, Thunderbird Stadium,University of British Columbia, postcard size with weird Buddha-like figure with necklace of skulls with a red tye-dye type pattern against a white background; black typeset lettering; sort of cool looking. Reverse has a postcard back. Multiple copies available, NM $4.00 each. (*)

The Tragically Hip, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, Spirits of the West, Blues Traveler, Matthew Sweet, Rheostatics, Eric's Trip, the Inbreds, 7/13/95, Thunderbird Stadium, University of British Columbia; postcard size card for this big festival-style event; front says "Another Roadside Attraction" and has color images around the sides of forest animals, Pan playing a pipe, typest lettering in center. Postcard back with show info. Multiple copies available; NM $4.00 each. (*)

Ozzy Ozbourne, Anthrax, 1/10/ 1989, Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO; "no rest for the wicked" tour; very cool 5.5" x 8.5" handbill on thin paper; great photo of a seated Ozzie surrounded by three evil looking withch-children with skulls etc in background, classic Ozzie Lettering. Copper background, off-black images, red lettering. Apparently this was a generic handbill for the tour with the dates for the specific gig printed in the space at bottom center. For illustration of the image, click here. Nice NM copy; the copper ink seems a little prone to rubbing but other than that it essentially mint. $30.

Grateful Dead, 2/?/1988, Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, CA; 5.5" x 8.5" typeset on light purple paper with "Welcome Deadheads" and Steal Your Face logos at the top; this is a little flyer admonishing Deadheads regarding appropriate behavior during this run of concerts; these handouts were either mailed with the tickets and/or given out at the shows at a number of venues in Northern California in the late 1980s when things started to get out of hand and the Dead were threatened with banishment from some of their most popular venues like Kaiser, the Greek, etc. if their fans didn't behave themselves in the neighborhoods during the shows. I remember being moderately annoyed when I received these kind of handouts, but the parking lot scene at the Kaiser (which was sort of like a larger version of Winterland a funky, old hall where the Dead put on some really good shows) really was pretty crazy. In any case, here's a NM flyer from one of those shows, $25.00; should bring back some memories....

Greg Allman, Iron Butterfly, Zero, 10/27/95, Family Dog @ Maritime Hall, San Francisco; grand opening show; great Jim Phillips design with Family Dog logo and a hippie version of Popeye the Sailor in place of the usual Indian; painting of stormy sea with whitecaps and a sailing ship in the background. Comes in two sizes: 8 x 10, NM $10 each 10 copies available, or 3 x 4 (approx), 8 copies available $3.50 each. (*)

Percy Sledge, Lydia Pense & Cold Blood, 3/29/1996, Maritime Hall, San Francisco; nice little 4" x 6" card; there are quite a number of Maritime Hall cards and as a general rule I don't list them on my website because they are very common in the Bay Area and are easily obtainable here at a bargain price; however, this particular on is cool because it was done by Victor Moscoso and is in the same style as his classic Avalon posters with a red/blue op art lettering background (like FD 61) and a weird design in the middle. Reverse is done in a more modern style with show gig information etc. Printed on very stiff coated stock. 4 NM copies, $5 each. (*)

The Moody Blues, 5/7/1996, America West Arena, in Phoenix, Arizona (Time Traveller Tour 1996, with The World Festival Orchestra; 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" - Black offset printing on light blue paper. Features Stylized "Moody Blues" lettering with light rays emanating from below as if from the sun, the rest of the info being simple typeset lettering - 3 copies NM $20.00 each (*)

Bob Weir, 4/30/19898, Bohemian Club, San Francisco; 8.5" x 11" two sided flyer/program; front cover has a nice brown watercolor-style drawing of Weir superimposed over a guitar, with red typeset lettering; reverse side gives the program for the show and the people playing with him on various segments, inluding Sammy Hagar, Phil Lesh, and others. Neat item for an unusual performance at an exclusive San Francisco social club, only one of these I've seen. VG+; minor handling and wrinkles, $10.

Sons of Champlin, Jefferson Starship members, Country Joe McDonald, John Handy, Narada Michael Walden, Walela w. Rita Coolidge, Michael McClure w. Ray Manzarek (Doors), Jello Biafe (Dead Kennedys), Ken Kesey & the Merry Pranksters, Hamza El Din, Ancient Future, Dr. Loco, Chet Helms, others, 10/12/1997, Beach Chalet Meadows, Golden Gate Part, 30th Anniversary Summer of Love festival, nice card by Jim Phillips with image of hip-looking soman stepping across a miniature panorama of San Francisco, neat image. $3.50 each. (*)

Mickey Hart Band, Steve Kimock Band, Gasoline Cowboys, Clan Dyken, 8/5/2000, Marin Civic Center, annual "Marin Music Festival" color card approx. 4 x 5 on card stock; purple with swirly background and center color image of Mt. Tamalpais and a guitar with the sun peeking out from behind; not bad. 6 NM cards, $3.50 each. (*)

Macy Gray, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Vivendo de Pao, Cheesebalss, Tainted Love, Basement Jaxx, others, 12/31/2000, Bill Graham Civic Aud., San Francisco; incredibly cool die cut flyer for this New Years Eve event, 7.5 x 10.5 die cut in bright dayglo orange pink with central image of silver space suit with Golden Gate Bridge reflected in the visor. Reverse is done in silver, black, and dayglo pink and lists all the bands. Kind of rave-style, super cool, future collectible. 7 nice NM copies, $5.00 each. (*)

Sons of Champlin, Joy of Cooking, Its A Besutiful Day, Sister Soul, Flying Other Brothers, Buffalo Roam, Tree o' Frogs, Taos Hum, Ten Ton Chicken, 8/18/2001, Marin Civic Center, annual "Marin Music Festival," nice lineup of local musicians, 4 x 6 two-sided color card with nice painting of a child pointing up at the Milky Way with a landscape of Marin flowers in the background. 3 copies, $3.00 each. (*)

Dark Star Orchestra, Big Brother & the Holding Co., David Gans, 11/17/2001, Fox Theater, Redwood City, CA; "Raising the Dead" show; very nice color 2 sided 3 x 5 card featuring color psychedelic lettering and a drawing of a peacock. Nice card; 7 NM copies, $3.00 each. (*)

Chemical Brothers, Paul Oakenfold, Sasha & Digweed, 4/26/02, 2/26/02, Cow Palace, San Francisco; "Blue Moon" concert, another very neat recent flyer that is about 4" across but opens 4 ways into a molecule shape that has color photos of space-related themes and very cool multicolor lettering. Nice recent item; some of the art done in the last couple of years is really great, folks. 3 copies, NM $3.50. (*)

Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, 11/9/04, Sunset Center, Carmel, CA, 4.5 x 11" flyer, black on thin goldenrod stock with photos, undistinguished, 3 NM copies, $1.50 each.;

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