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I BUY, SELL, AND TRADE rock and roll-related concert posters, handbills, and related memorabilia. My area of special interest is 1960's psychedelic posters and handbills, but you'll see from this list that "related" is a pretty broad term, and that there are many more recent items, as well as some non-paper stuff, included as well.

If you've found this site, you probably already know about the large commercial poster dealers. My approach is different. Since this is primarily a labor of love, I tend to specialize in original rare and unusual items for serious collectors. My personal interest is in odd and unusual items from interesting and unusual venues, often featuring local groups rather than rock stars, and reflecting the culture of the time at the locale where the events were held. Most of the items listed here are TRUE originals; that is, vintage printings from before or at the time of the event. Generally, I'm not big on reprints, since they are often readily obtainable elsewhere. I do include some later printings from time to time if they are collectible in their own right. When I do include a reprint, or if I'm not sure about what printing I have, I'll include that information in the description.

Many of the items offered on this site were never produced for commercial sale or have been unavailable commercially for many years. Some have been painstakingly rescued from walls, closets, trunks in the garage, etc. Many are one-of-a kind items. And there's simply a lot of oddball stuff that somehow seems to fit in a list like this, even though it isn't strictly related to rock and roll.

A NOTE ABOUT YOURS TRULY: I have been collecting 1960s posters for nearly 50 years, since I was in my late teens. Over the decades I have seen thousands and thousands of posters, handbills, and similar items; certainly enough to have independently formed credible opinions about them, as well as having heard much of the "poster lore" which has been passed down orally over the years. I have experienced much of the evolution of this hobby first hand. I was one of the major contributors to the late Paul Grushkin's book The Art of Rock, which is the bible for rock art collectors. So I guess I qualify as an "old school" poster collector. Today, many scarcer posters go to auction, where the competition can be intense for the most sought after items. I have never felt comfortable doing this, and so I don't run auctions. All the items on this site have set sale prices. Similarly, there is a recent trend among a few newer dealers to commoditize posters by the use of micrograding systems analogous to those that exist in numismatics, comic books, and baseball cards, which stress minuscule differences in condition as a major factor in valuation. Personally, I think this is somewhat silly and have no plans to introduce micrograding to this site, so that's one more thing you won't find here.

A NOTE ABOUT THIS WEBSITE: As you can tell, I've gone pretty lo-tech here. No fancy graphics, dancing figures, mind-blowing psychedelic doodads, etc. There's something almost perversely rebellious (and therefore in the true spirit of the '60's) in keeping it simple, and most of my customers seem to like it that way. Similarly, I haven't included illustrations of most of the posters, in part because of copyright concerns. Illustrations of most of them are now readily available elsewhere on the internet. Since the items in this list aren't illustrated, you're free to ask any questions about them by e-mailing me; just click here. (NOTE: Please indicate in the message title that you're e-mailing about posters...I get numerous spam emails every day, and I don't want to inadvertently delete your inquiry!) I can transmit digital images if you are seriously interested and it is essential that you see them before deciding whether or not to buy. I also recommend the sources listed on the "references" page of this website for illustration and information about rock posters.


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ARE YOU A VINYL RECORD COLLECTOR? If so, feel free to send me your want list of LPs you are looking for. If you're looking for something special, let me know and I'll see what I can do. In particular, I have a good selection of scarce and obscure 60s-early 70s Bay Area items, so if you're looking for something, for example, by the opening act on one of the Fillmore posters, maybe I can help...

UPDATE 5/20/2024: Minor inventory cleanup today; stay tuned.

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Posters--Bill Graham and Miscellaneous Fillmore Auditorium (last updated 6/18/2024)

Posters--Family Dog and Related (last updated 3/12/2024)

Posters--Miscellaneous California (1960's and early '70's) (last updated 6/18/2024)

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Posters --More "Recent" Stuff (late 1970's to the present) (last updated 5/20/2024)

Handbills--Bill Graham and Miscellaneous Fillmore Auditorium (last updated 5/20/2024)

Handbills--Family Dog and Related (last updated 5/29/2024)

Handbills--Miscellaneous California (1960's and early '70's) (last updated 6/18/2024)

Handbills--Miscellaneous Non-California (1960's and early '70's) (last updated 6/18/2024)

Handbills --More Recent Stuff (last updated 3/12/2024)

Original Artwork, Artists' Proofs, and Similar Items (last updated 12/29/2023)

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Buttons and Other Promotional Items (last updated 10/30/2023)

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...And All the Stuff That Wouldn't Fit Anywhere Else. (last updated 5/20/2024)

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